10 Best Paid Themes To Use For Websites in 2020!

By James Tredwell on October 10, 2019

What is the one prominent change that you have noticed over the years? Take your time and think about it, and also, the fact that you are here means you know what websites are and you are probably thinking about making one for yourself. Which also means that you have seen the great evolvement that has taken place in our lives from our day to day schedule to big concerns like profession and business?

Now, coming back to the initial question, the biggest change that people went through over the period was technological development which affected almost every part of our life. Everything became smart, our cars, our watches, our phones, and even our houses! This era is run by technology and being online is a requirement.

So how does it concern with having a website? The answer is simple if you want to have an online presence and be connected to the world apart from social media; a website is your one-stop solution. Even if you are someone who has a traditional 9-5 job this is important for you because learning about websites can help you in glorifying your resumes.

How can you have a website and how will it benefit you? 

This is not a big issue having a website is now an easy task, there are multiple videos available that you can learn from and above that there are thousands of websites online that will guide you in making a website for yourself.

All you have to do is search and look for the right website builder and even if you aren’t aware of the technical terms still you will be able to make one for yourself. This will relatively save your cost of hiring a web design agency for your work and will benefit your knowledge.

Moreover, having a website will help you professionally by identifying your presence in front of customers, competitors, and the rest of the market. No matter what your job is your website will help you build proper links that can benefit your career greatly. (Look at how bloggers have made proper earning source for themselves through websites.)

As we have developed the value of web sites so let’s move ahead and see what are the trending web templates for the upcoming year.

1. Wunderkind

The investment that you will do in any web design company could be saved when you will put a very little amount in this web developing template. It is based on ‘Bootstrap’ and gives quite an efficient look to your websites. If you are a beginner then it is a great way to start as this web developing site will help you design a website that will look smooth and up-to-date.

Besides, it gives the touch that is good for you especially if you are a business owner and has templates that can be used for a different niche. It has a video playing display and everything that you would want at first glance.

2. Gillion

Powered by WordPress it is a web template that is especially focused on writers. As WordPress itself is a writing and blogging site, thus, this web template is a boost for the bloggers and e-magazines who want to take their venture a step ahead. Being easy to understand it also helps the beginners to start, so for those who have a passion for writing and want to have a blogging career can use this.

It also has vast options for customization which you can do without worrying about technical jargon or steps. It has several colorful themes that you can choose from and it will help you create what any affordable web design company would promise.

3. Porto

One of the most prominent web templates for 2020 is Proto designed Okler Themes it is one of those which all sorts of web design agencies use as well. It is best for HTML and has a variety of styles and designs that you can use according to your needs. Porto also favors customization, hence, the money you will pay to a web design company would be saved with little effort and time invested in this template.

4. FinWin

Moving ahead if you are looking for just the starting page and don’t want to get into the hassle of a web design agency then FinWin is just the right option. This is a one-page web template that is the best pick especially for beginners whether they are looking to create a portfolio for themselves or launch a website for their business.

It comes with all the necessary coding that you need to design a web page and moreover, the variety of templates gives you the option to choose and work from. The best part about this web template is it is easily accessible on all the devices, hence, no issues whether you are working from a phone or a computer.

5. The Na

Another WordPress programmed web template that we have on the list in The Na, now as unique as the name is so is the programming character of this website. It helps in generating horizontally scrolled templates that will help you in getting the attention to your target market.

Therefore, if you are planning to start a career as a web designer and want to join a web design company this will help you build a creative portfolio. Otherwise, if you are trying to build a website for your business this template will help you attract customers and you can also generate more leads. It may look costly but it’s a good investment.

6. Jevelin

This one on our list is the jack of all trades or better to say of all web designs if you ask, this is probably chosen by best web development companies as well. The reason being it works extremely well for all sorts of market demands, so if you are looking to launch a website for your cake shop or your tech blogging this is for you!

The efficiency that this web designing template would give will give the pro web designers a run for their money (no kidding!) It has multiple pre-designed templates and multiple options for customization that you can use to create a web site that will amaze others.

7. Canvas

Programmed by semicolon web another web template that could be used for one-page web designs or even multiple page web design is Canvas. It is programmed to cater to the need of businesses and blogs with demos and templates designed specifically for each.

If you are someone who wants to begin their website regarding their business can go and search up their templates regarding your niche and you can even use it to start a blog. It will do the work that any affordable web design company would do, hence, it will save you the money you can invest somewhere else.

8. Shield

For all those who want to start a web design agency but are hesitant in paying hefty amounts to professional by hiring them should look out for shield. As the name suggests it will shield you against various costs. It is one of the best one-page web site templates, which caters to all the current trends and provides a very efficient result.

Furthermore, the user-friendly experience will let beginners do the task what experienced web designers charge good money for. It has a variety of themes and colors for the single pages websites and as it can be operated on different devices and programs it is surely the best bet to work on.

9. Benri

What is greater than a web template that will make your work look like one of those done by the best web development companies? It may look expensive but it certainly isn’t as it saves the cost of your time and approaching those expensive web design companies.

With its array of features that you can enjoy like visual composers and hundreds of already made demos, it becomes your one-stop solution to all your web designing problems. Moreover, at its rather affordable cost, it gives you quite a greater experience.

10. Divi

This one on our list is a favorite of many web designers and not many web design companies will confess but they also use this web development template. It is what brings benefit to not only the beginners who are hoping to initiate their web development career but is also used by various professionals at multiple web design agencies.

It has a variety of themes that a designer and any business owner can use to develop a distinctive and artistic website. Moreover, it can be considered as your ultimate problem solver as it provides a fast and efficient result that you might have been looking for all along.


These are ten out of multiple web design templates that are going to make hype in 2020, as the last year of the decade approaches you should be well-aware of the trends that are about to make it big in the web designing industry. Each of these templates offers all the qualities that well keep you updated with the latest development and will help you in designing a praiseworthy web site.

So, now the time that you will spend searching for a web design agency is gone it’s time to make one!

Author Bio:– Bryan Fernandez is a professional brand enthusiast. She also love’s to write blog niches related to brand marketing and design, currently working as a brand manager at a web design company in USA!

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