Top 5 Usability Testing Tools For WordPress To Improve Website UX

By James Tredwell on October 11, 2019

What is the biggest factor that guarantees a website’s success? Most of you will say it is functionality. It is not an incorrect answer but what if the visitors are not able to use the functions.

This means that a website needs to be usable in order to be successful. Usability can be affected by numerous other factors.

You need to assess an interface on various parameters to ensure it is optimized for usage. Here we are presenting a list of some of the best usability testing tools for WordPress websites.

These solutions will help in effectively evaluating your website and ensuring it provides a good user experience to visitors.

Deploying these tools will help you understand how the audience is perceiving your interface and allow you to know the necessary enhancements that must be made.

1. Optimizely

One of the best services that you can use to effectively analyze your WordPress interface is Optimizely. It is a leading experimentation platform that offers solutions for a wide range of industries. The service provides a dedicated product for web experimentation.

You can use the service to run A/B tests on the frontend to identify the best option for a page. It has a handy feature called Exclusion Groups that lets users run multiple experiments on the same page.

Optimizely has a dedicated plugin for WordPress users that helps them test headlines. They can run A/B tests to find the best headline for a post or page. The plugin allows them to conduct the experiment right from their admin dashboard.

They do not need to separately log in to their Optimizely account and check a headline’s effectiveness right in the Edit screen itself. The service offers a range of useful features like cross-browser testing, mobile testing, and user segmentation.

2. Crazy Egg

Are you looking for an easy-to-use solution to evaluate your freshly-created interface? New website owners who do not possess in-depth technical knowledge can find it difficult to evaluate their interfaces on different metrics.

Such users can try Crazy Egg which is a well-known UX assessment tool. The service offers a 30-day free trial and you only need to enter your URL to generate a heatmap. This chart uses color-coding to signify how users are interacting with a website.

The visual representation helps in easily identifying the locations that are witnessing high levels of activity.

Like Optimizely, Crazy Egg also offers you a plugin that will add the service’s tracking code to your website.

This allows the service to analyze your traffic and provide you with valuable results. The product has an A/B testing feature and an editing tool.

This means that you do not need any other solution for making modifications to elements like fonts and color.

3. LambdaTest

Today’s users are not dependent only on desktops for surfing the internet. There is a wide variety of handheld devices that are being used for accessing the internet.

Moreover, visitors are using different browsers to access and view websites on different devices. The next entry on our list of the top usability testing tools for WordPress websites will help you in evaluating the cross-browser compatibility quotient of your interface.

LambdaTest enables webmasters to run live tests of websites and web applications on the latest versions of various mobile and desktop browsers.

It is available to WordPress users in the form of a plugin so that they can make the evaluations from their installation’s dashboard.

The tool takes full-page screenshots of posts or pages on the different browsers. This helps users in viewing and comparing the results and identifying the areas which need improvement.

4. Usersnap

Usersnap is an effective service that helps in tracking bugs in different kinds of digital products and websites. Its classic version allows teams to collaborate on the same platform where they can view, share, and discuss bug-related issues.

All reports are generated along with screenshots right in a browser. Visual indicators like star ratings, NPS scores, and smileys help in easily understanding customer behavior. The product offers a 15-day free trial after which users will have to choose a monthly or annual paid subscription plan.

Usersnap provides a dedicated plugin to WordPress website owners. They can add the service’s widget to their website and then view the bug reports and get feedback related to website issues.

Every report is accompanied by annotated screenshots that can be used by designers as well as developers to make improvements. The product also provides some extra details like browser version and device screen size.

5. UsabilityHub

Website design is important not only for creating an attractive layout but also because an efficient design always supports effective functionality.

UsabilityHub is a powerful remote testing platform that can help WordPress users identify design issues in their projects.

The service offers an extensive suite of tools to understand how people are using a website. Webmasters can run click analysis to know how visitors are interacting with a layout to complete tasks.

The service creates an innovative click cluster heat map so that you know the areas which see heightened activity on a page.

You can generate valuable feedback from your audience by running design surveys and knowing exactly what they want.

Combining this input with analytics reports will help improve website UX by quickly identifying the changes that need to be carried out to align the interface with users’ requirements.


Website owners need to constantly assess their interfaces on a variety of parameters to ensure their optimum performance.

These usability testing tools for WordPress websites will help webmasters in evaluating their properties and running experiments to discover new strategies.

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Brandon Graves is a senior web developer at HireWPGeeks, a renowned WordPress web development company. He is a website migration specialist and is master at converting HTML to WordPress. Brandon keeps experimenting with new UX tools and shares his thoughts on various blogs.

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