11 Myths About Certified Magento Developer

By James Tredwell on June 21, 2019

Magento is the most popular platform for building eCommerce websites. It is an open source and economical, most brands prefer to get their store developed in Magento. With thousands of users and hundreds of stores are getting good results all because of this powerful CMS. W

hile most people find Magento developers the best resource to build up the online store, some talk negative about them, as they are unaware of the facts. There are some people who have got misconceptions regarding Magento developers.

In this blog post, we have discussed them so that all misconceptions are removed and people know the reality. A lot of myths are spreading in the market so, let us discuss some of the most important myths about developers.

1. Magento Developers Are Slow

The first myth in our list is developers are slow. The person who floated this misconception initially may have chosen an unskilled and beginner developer. The situation is not the same with someone who is experienced and has worked on multiple projects. It wouldn’t be possible for Adidas and Nike to have an e-commerce store in Magento if developers were slow.

2. Magento Developers Doesn’t Provide Customer Support

This is completely wrong, Magento has a huge community base and if you hire a developer for your project, reliable support is always available. Store owners can contact the developers round-the-clock if they experience any issue with store performance in terms of sales, security and ROI.

3. Magento Developers Work On Big Projects Only

This is the most popular myth that has been spread all over the globe within the E-commerce industry; which we will clarify right now. This is completely wrong! The reality is Magento developers are perfect for all types of stores of any size; whether it is small or large stores.

4. Magento Developers Compromises Quality

Well, Magento developers don’t compromise with website quality; it completely depends upon the developer and company from which you hire for developing the online store. If you hire a skilled, reliable, trustworthy and experienced developer, you will not have to face any compromise quality, as they build quality websites.

5. Magento Developers Can Build Store In One Day

This development myth regarding developers appeared due to the plenty of advertising headlines like “Build E-commerce store in 24 hours”. In most cases, this is wrong and impossible. Even if a developer builds a store in 24 hrs, it will not perform appropriately as it will lack proper testing. Integrating products, setup of hosting and security standards is hard work that takes time. Usually, the whole process takes more than a week. So, be realistic when you hear such a myth.

6. Magento Developers Drives Visitors Immediately Stores Starts Working

Unfortunately, this myth is believed by many people. Building a store and simply hosting it on the server is not enough to start an online business. Buyers don’t know anything about the new store if it is not appearing in search engine results.

7. Magento Developers Are Responsible For Store Promotion

Any new online store requires promotions in order to reach the potential audience. The role of Magento developers is to build a store and integrate all the SEO features that can help them in the store promotion. But for complete promotion they are not proficient as for promotion different techniques are used like SEO, PPC, and SMM. This is done by the marketing team to generate traffic at the beginning, as the store is completely new. All these activities need time and money investment for effective results.

8. Magento Developers Service Is Expensive

In most cases, prices of the Magento developers can’t be revealed in the starting. The pricing completely depends on the complexity and scalability of the project. Magento developers from renowned firms can build engaging and smooth stores, and people usually think it will cost them very high. It is a huge myth among the people regarding developers.

9. Magento Developers Delays Project Delivery

This myth is completely unexpectable regarding the Magento developers. Project is delayed in situations where regular customization and modifications are made. Developers before starting a project sign an agreement to deliver the project within a specific deadline. So this myth is completely wrong and not expectable.

10. Magento Developer Compromise on Security Standards

A Magento developer respects clients project and is committed to keeping the data of client secured. If they compromise with security, their own reputation and popularity will suffer. E-commerce store saves a large number of user details, their credentials and taking its security casually is not feasible. Hence, this myth about them is completely wrong as a lot of reputation is on stake about them.

11. Magento Developer Lacks Communication Skills

It is assumed that the Magento developer you hired lacks in communication skills in comparison to those present in your workplace buildings. It is believed that it is difficult to get in touch with them anytime you want. But in reality, a developer who knows that his/her customer is located at a far-away location may become impatient if they are not replied promptly to any query. Furthermore, with the advancement in technology, all reports regarding project development are shared on an immediate basis with the client.

Now that you are clear of some of the most popular myths regarding Magento developer, make sure you discuss with others as well to remove these misconceptions. So, just debunk these Magento myths and spread reality across the globe.


Every technology and people associated with them have some limitations. The Magento developers myths that we have talked about above in the blog are the few ones which are really popular. If you thought any of these misconceptions are having any sense, you must clear your doubt right now, as now you know the exact reality.

So, if you are planning to take your business to an online platform, don’t hesitate to hire Magento developer for your E-commerce store development. We have debunked all the myths regarding Magento developers. And we hope that it helped you get out of all the unnecessary thoughts you had about Magento developers.

This article is contributed by Sneha Rawat — developer at OrangeMantra, a leading Magento development company known for translating ideas into reality. If you are looking for a quality ecommerce store, simply hire Magento developer from OrangeMantra to get optimised solution.

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