How to Implement Latest E-commerce using WordPress To Increase Online Growth

By James Tredwell on June 21, 2019

A convenient and attractive online store attract frequent online shoppers. A well-thought-out strategy allows entrepreneurs to sell products in bulk over the WWW. For example- Amazon. It is a global E-commerce company that sells different products all across the world.

If you also want to sell products online, get in touch with a WordPress expert to create a feature-rich online store. WordPress allows you to use customized design and plugins to increase the functions of the online shopping portal and make it more convenient for users. So, how to implement the latest E-commerce using WordPress to increase online growth:

1. Make Your Online Shopping Site More Attractive

An E-commerce website must have a presentable appearance and be easy to use. On several occasions, the success of a website depends on the first impression that it makes on visitors. Website design and map, regardless of its business, largely determine the attitude of users and search bots. So, pay attention to the website design and its pages.

Each page of the site should have unique content. Background colors, fonts, images, links of product pages, navigation, etc, must be arranged in a proper manner.

You can use several page design templates as per your needs. Always keep in mind that dazzling pages with scattered images scare off visitors.

So, create WordPress powered E-commerce websites with a minimalistic approach. Clear off all unnecessary design elements from your website with the help of a WordPress Website Development Company.

2. AMP Pages for Mobile Users

When the AMP (accelerated mobile pages) was launched, its use was limited to news sites and blogs. Nevertheless, the ultimate goal of AMP pages has always been to accelerate the delivery of content for mobile devices. Because of the growing use of mobile devices for online shopping, you should create AMP pages for your WordPress powered E-commerce website.

It speeds up page loading, which leads to an increase in conversion. So, analyze the performance of your website and implement AMP for all important pages such as home page, product pages, landing pages, navigation, reviews, etc.

3. A Search Bar

According to a study conducted by a digital agency ThanxMedia, the site search system plays an important role in 40% of all online purchases. However, according to the analysis of the 50 most successful online stores conducted by Baymard Institute research agency, half of the sites reviewed do not have any noticeable and easily found search bar.

It becomes clear that the search string on these resources simply merges with the overall design of the site. A well-designed search bar is important for those visitors who already know exactly what they want to buy.

A good number of visitors will leave your E-commerce website if it doesn’t have a well-designed search bar. According to reports from SLI systems, about 25% of all online shoppers use the search bar to refine their search query. It happens because of many reasons such as incorrect spelling of the product name, regional differences in the name, inaccurate search results. So, design a search bar and add it to your E-commerce website ASAP.

4. Autofilling Option on Website

Many users often have to spend a lot of time on the Internet to register online for product purchasing. Impatient shoppers don’t like to a lot of time on filling out various web forms such as Logins, passwords, names, addresses, index, etc. Endless waiting for the completion of registration on an E-commerce website can force visitors to drop their purchasing plan and go away.

To simplify this routine work, autofilling option on the website. It facilitates autocomplete electronic forms in which personal user data previously stored by the user on any of the available independent external systems. This system helps customers to place orders easily.

5. Unique & Easy-to-understand Content

Want to know how can you make an online store float on the first page of Google and encourage people to buy from your store? It’s content marketing.

By updating its search algorithms from time-to-time, Google guarantees high-quality websites a higher place in its SERP than low-quality ones. So, you can say that unique, high-quality content is a source of conversion for your online store.

Therefore, create a useful, information-rich E-commerce with WordPress and fill it with accurate content. The site must contain exclusive information that cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet.

Unique and SEO-friendly content attracts the attention of visitors and creates interest in your site. Always keep in mind that people are more willing to buy products on sites with unique content.

Filling an online store with quality content is a profitable investment. It brings new customers and business opportunities. So, get your content written by professional content writers. Make sure they are free from errors or outdated information.

Final Words

A well-designed E-commerce website powered by WordPress can give you limitless business opportunities. All you need to make it fast, trendy, and attractive. Use these tips to make your website stand out of the crowd. You will be able to sell more products/services every day.

This article is contributed by Emily, expert WordPress developer at WordSuccor Ltd.

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