14 Steps For Facebook Business Page Creation Which Improve The Business Growth

By James Tredwell on December 5, 2019

Your business growth reflects your growth without social media like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook Business Page. When you have lots of consumers to connect, that means you are having a progressive business to share. Your business tactics, strong planning, and unique strategies help you to provide heights to your business. If you want to get the attention of more users, you require to create a strong vision that will reflect your business objective strongly and vigorously. In this technological world where an individual spends his average 5 to 6 hours on social media, then you must focus on these platforms that could be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. For that, you need to make a robust plan and create a dynamic business page.

In this article, you will find 14 tips to create a business page on Facebook. Because there are about 2.3 billion people log onto their Facebook account daily. Thus, it will be good for every business thinker to have their business profile on this platform. It is the right place to expand your services by grabbing the attention of millions of people at one shot. By following a comprehensive strategy to create a Facebook Page, you will enhance your chances to generate great leads and customers. So, time to build a strong business page and allow consumers to understand your products or services.

14 Steps to craft an appealing Facebook Business Page

1. Create a different profile for your Facebook Business Page

Create a different and unique business profile for your business page. If you choose a personal profile, you can’t access some advantages of some tools required for content creation, business insights, and paid promotions. Your personal profile describes your details instead of your business services that create more personal engagement. So, if you want to create a business page, make a separate business profile and make sure that you do not have an additional public or professional profile linked with that business page.

2. Try to avoid publishing misadventure on your page

Sometimes, it happens that people accidentally published personal content to their client’s social media accounts which totally change the story in seconds. Try to avoid these kinds of mishaps on your business page. For that, you can assign someone to check your Facebook Business page updates or do it yourself. When you have plenty of things to do, you require someone to handle your account precisely.

Ensure that you have provided proper training to those who are new to social media management. While sharing content for your brand, ensure that you will post it as your brand, and not as yourself.

3. Choose an appealing and engaging profile image for the page

While adding an image to your business profile, note two things are familiarity and scalability. When you want to glorify your business, you need to create a long-lasting and alluring visual impression on people’s minds. This is only possible with your choice for your profile image.

A profile picture visible at the left side of your Facebook Page and the thumbnail picture next to your posts in user’s feeds.  Facebook frequently changes dimensions of its pictures so work as per current requirements. The dimension of the image must be 170×170 pixels on desktop and 128×128 pixels on phones.

4. Select an attractive cover image or video to grab the attention

You must have to choose something attractive to engage your users and stick their attention to the page. Thus, use this space wisely. Ensure your cover photo is in 820×312 for desktops and 640×360 for smartphones. Video is another good option but keeps it between 20 to 90 seconds. Whether you choose videos or images, make it more interesting but avoid clutter. Make your element is interesting, appealing, and something funny so that people make more engagement.

5. Fill your “About” section carefully

“About” section of your page makes your profile more informative and vibrating. Explain your company profile and milestones in this section so that visitors will understand what your business is about when they land on your home page. Many options are available on the About section to add content and to optimize it for getting the best alignment with your brand. This section should reveal your company information, general description, and your story.

6. Add call-to-action (CTA) button

Use some advanced features to make your page more creative like CTA buttons such as “Book Now” or “Contact Us.” This will help you to understand the audience’s actions. Customize your buttons by linking them with the destination URL. CTA buttons allow more data traffic to your websites or more visits on your page that you want to promote.

7. Make your timeline interesting with photos and videos

Indeed, visual communication is more powerful and long-lasting than other interactions. And, visual interaction works like magic for business growth. Today, most people use various social media platforms to satisfy the hunger of knowing everything. If you want to show the actual look of your brand, then play with amazing photos and use some kind of video promotion. Another interesting feature of Facebook is live video. So, you should be bold for what you are going to show your users through live videos on your page.

8. Maintain proper timing and frequency of your post

Your time and frequency of your posts keep you in business. It is important how frequently you post on your Facebook page and what time you choose. Don’t be late for positing and making yourself updated because people wait for more feeds if they find them interesting. Use a social media editorial calendar to make your work easy and adjust it as per your requirements. Once you know the popularity of your posts, make a plan to handle your feed frequency and content more seriously for keeping yourself in business

9. Use promotional alternatives for more business

Sometimes, you get less engagement even completing all required steps. If so, don’t get panic. Because you can’t depend on content and posts only when you want to get more business.  Once you have done with all essential features, emerge your business using promotional services. Spend some amount and expand your reach so the more people know about your business. Use Facebook Ads to expand your business services and products.

10. Keep your vital posts at the top

While uploading new posts or videos on your Facebook page, your older feeds get dropped down in your Timeline. It doesn’t mean that your older posts are not important. If you want to keep the older post on the top for a long time, use Facebook “pin” feature to keep one post at the top of your page. Go with this strategy to promote other important things too like upcoming events, sale promotion, product launch, discount, etc. To apply this feature, open drop-down box in the top-right corner of your post on Facebook page and click on ‘Pin to Top.’ Note that you can apply this tactic on a post at a time.

11. Control targeting tools of your Facebook Business Page

Facebook helps you to choose your target audience using specific criteria such as gender, educational status, location, age, language, interests, and many more. Select small bulls eye mark at the end of the post and you can set metrics for the preferred audience. This technique allows you to choose to whom you are going to show your content.

12. Choose if Facebook users message you privately

Enable the message feature if you want your Facebook users to message you directly through your page. To activate this feature, select tab “General” on the left-hand column and seek “Messages” on the list of results. If you enable messaging feature on your page, it will help you to make better communication with your audience.

13. Respond to comments on the Facebook Business Page properly

Don’t forget about the comments if you want better communication with your audience. Make sure that you monitor and respond to comments timely and properly. Check your ‘Notifications’ tab (at the very top of your page) to get the daily updates. It is not necessary that you need to reply to every single comment but you will get what is happening on your page.

14. Check your Facebook insights

To get an understanding of where are you standing, analyze your effort for a better impression. You can use various techniques to examine your user interaction with your page and their diversion to your websites. Check your business page’s Insights to track the Facebook-specific engagement metrics and also the demographics of your Page audience. This will help you to make useful changes to your Facebook content strategy.


I hope you understand how to make your Facebook business page more effective and appealing. Make an interesting Facebook Business page and boost your business reach.

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