5 Reasons Why SEO Is Not Working For Your Medical Website

By James Tredwell on December 5, 2019

Before you jump into the complete article, what is important for you is to understand the basic concept about the word SEO. In the past few years digital marketing has been on the rise and since then there’s a great importance for SEO for every sort of business. This strategy is important for medical practices to be able to take on this world without the constant struggle.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the strategy that makes the content that you put on internet quite relevant to what people desire to see. Understanding the mixture of their search and needs with the words they put on google search bar and implementing that in your content will let you begin with it. SEO for Medical practices are also created and implemented in the same exact manner.

To stabilize and grow the business for a medical practice the SEO experts who understand search engines and work along the strategies that will lend you in the first page. However, at times the investments on SEO don’t work for longer and the pages start losing their traffic.

This is why we have compiled some reason because of which SEO might not be working as planned. Here’s why:

1. It isn’t done properly.

Isn’t it obvious? SEO may seem easy from the outside but in the inside it isn’t really a piece of cake. It’s not about stuffing your content with keywords and putting up tons of pictures. Actually this is one of the things that will drag you down greatly! By meaning SEO keywords it means keywords that are relevant to the line of work and target audience.

For example; a dermatologist website can’t just have keywords like  best doctor available or best female doctor in town. As these may be regarding medical field but it never put emphasis on the main message i.e. the dermatologist!

Secondly, you might not be giving it proper time, as an online marketer you must have many project going along, however, it doesn’t mean that by spending few minutes on each you will be successful. You would need to dedicate goo amount of time to be able to achieve the results you want.

2. Client and agency aren’t on the same page:

Medical SEO services will only become fruitful if the medical practices are clear about their objectives and goals in front of their agency. Obviously, when you would contact an agency they will have some of their ideas and previous work which they will show you. Similarly, you would also have some of your motives.

Hence, when both the parties get in touch it is important that the needs and requirement of the clients are put forward. This will let the agency understand and work on the task in a better way. Any sort of ambiguity can create long term hurdles and unsatisfactory results.

3.Goals are fantasized:

Being realistic is the basic approach, whenever you decide to work fantasizing about goals and going overboard with them will only disappoint. So no matter on what side of the table you are. Whether you are a client or an agent you need to make sure that the person on the opposite end is aware of the technicalities and isn’t day dreaming.

As a client it is very important to know that their agency isn’t over promising anything! If they set unrealistic goals then it is a red flag for you. This is because unlike other fields the behavioral pattern of audience (patients) isn’t similar to others. Hence, both the parties should agree and be on the same age.

4.The web design has become a grandma

Seriously though! An old web design isn’t anything but a serious let down. SEO for medical practices will show more efficient result especially when they are implemented on a website that run on any platform at a fast speed.

As a designer, keep yourself at the user’s place, would you enjoy or stay on the website which last updated 10 years ago? No, you would definitely leave the page. Hence, when you start implementing SEO make sure that your website is up to the mark, fast running, and is designed as classy and modern as possible.

5. Poor Quality of the content:

You may have a great and expensive built website and sorted out your SEO, even have money to bring your content on to first page but if the quality of the content isn’t as good as the top ones then SEO will not work as you want it.

Quality will always be superior to quantity, it is because it’s mainly patient that will come on your website and when they will not find relevant information chances are they will leave. If you have long lengths of article but it doesn’t deliver the message in right and relevant way then all your medical seo services will go in vain.

By Quality it also means the design, fonts, and colors that you use. Keep in mind the website is for critical health. So, dull or too bright colors are a big NO! Similarly, only having images will not help either. You should also pay attention on ‘call to attention’ to gain more patients.


SEO from the outside may seem easy but as we have seen, it is not. There are various things that needs to be considered and one of it are the use of relatable keywords in moderate amount. You need to do thorough research about the patients that you want to join your patients’ base. Use the keywords that patients relatively search queries with and you will get an idea about seo keywords. SEOs which are used and implemented in medical field need more detailing and attention than others. So, when a practice hire an agency should make sure that all intentions are clear and try not to save all your money from it. Have some faith in return on investments!

Author Bio: Emilie Burstein is a passionate content writer who loves to write about everything from the modern era. She’s currently employed at a healthcare marketing agency in USA as content marketing analyst!

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