5 big and latest technology innovations of 2019

By James Tredwell on June 7, 2019

Like every year, 2019 also arrived with major technology innovations. The year has not only brought major upheaval in tech space but also in the culture and infrastructure around us.

The plans on which highly learned people were working on since long are finally on the list of the big and latest technology innovations of 2019. Have a look at some of the new technology inventions:

#1. Robot dexterity

When Bill Gates was asked about the inventions that would change the world in 2019, the number one on his list was robot dexterity.

Till date robots have been performing tasks like picking up a component on an assembly line with precision but on replacing the object with the other, the machine would fumble.

While robots could not yet be programmed the way human brain works, now it can learn to manipulate the objects on their own via virtual trial and error method.

Robot dexterity matters because if robots could learn to deal with the real world, it will be able to perform many more tasks as well.

#2. Predicting preemies

Not just the IT will benefit with the changes in technology but also the medical sector will experience the mind boggling innovations.

You will be surprised to know that a simple blood test can predict if a pregnant woman is at risk of giving birth prematurely or not.

A bioengineer at Stanford, Stephen Quake has found a way to tackle one of the most intractable medical problems of one in 10 babies born prematurely.

Unlike before when information was gathered by taking biopsy of a tumour or puncturing pregnant women’s belly for amniocentesis, free-floating DNA and RNA can help in yielding information.

#3. Custom cancer vaccines

This treatment would help in destroying one of the most deadly cells that are cancer cells. The vaccine will help in identifying mutations unique to each tumour.

Unlike chemotherapies that damage the healthy cells, this vaccine will limit the damage to healthy cells by using the body’s natural defences to kill only tumour cells.

Given that cancer kills around 600,000 people every year, such customised cancer vaccines would turn out to be the best technological invention of 2019.

#4. Artificial intelligence (AI) assistants

AI assistants like Siri, Alexa have simplified our lives but not to a larger extent as these can recognize only a narrow range of directives. But few advances in AI assistants will expand its repertoire.

For instance few months ago a team at Google had come up with a system called BERT that learned the prediction of missing words from millions of sentences. Also, in a multiple choice test, it did fairly well just as humans could have done.

Improvements of such kind will help us in moving ahead from just giving commands to having conversations with the AI assistants. Also AI assistants will be able to meet activities like searching information, shopping online and taking notes.

Some AI assistants like Google Duplex can pick up the calls and even schedule reservations at restaurants or make salon appointments. Although with all the above, AI assistants have got better in figuring out what a human want, it still cannot understand a sentence.

Every line has to be imbibed into the machines. Karen Hao says if this hurdle is also removed, maybe we will be able to see a teacher or a friend?

#5. CO2 catcher

To prevent the rise of carbon dioxide emission, the UN concluded that around 1 trillion tons of CO2 needs to be removed from the atmosphere in this century.

Even a Harvard climate scientist named David Keith said that through the direct air capture machines could pull this off for less than $100 a ton. But the issue is that even if you capture the carbon dioxide, what you would do with it.

The Canadian start up Keith co-founded in 2009, plans to expand its plant to increase production of synthetic fuels by using the captured carbon dioxide as a main ingredient.

So, above are some of the new technology inventions of 2019. Such inventions are not just bringing a revolution in the tech world but also helping in solving some of the grave issues that the world is combating today.

This article is contributed by Pallvi Gautam, Sr. Marketing Executive at Volumetree — Mobile and Web app development compan

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