7 Convincing Reasons Why Multilingual Websites Get Greater Traffic

By James Tredwell on October 15, 2019

Language is an elementary medium that allows us to connect with each other, and express our thoughts, emotions, knowledge, ideas, etc. It flows through the very makeup of this world, as a fundamental living property. Different regions have different languages. However, the language which supersedes all as a definite global lingua is English. It has a large online audience, which you as an online business have been targeting for years. Now, with the competition heating up, you need an extra edge and a different push. How can you get that? By making your business website multilingual. By multilingual, I mean expanding the avenues of exposure and making your site available to peoples of more than one linguistic strata. The following reasons will convince you of its importance.

Target Peripheral Communities

Let me tell you a rule of thumb: If you focus too hard one aspect, all the other prospects will become blurred. Similarly, if you cater only to your English speaking audience, for instance, you’ll be missing out on a potential non-English audience, which is significantly large, mind you, and which might end up actually boosting your business. So, expand your venture’s boundary by making your website multilingual during the developmental stage, and allow commercial growth to settle in. Think outside the box!

Appear on Native Search Engines

The importance of search engine optimization for online business websites can never be undermined. It is a core marketing technique to gain more followers, to drive user traffic towards your portal, to close in sales and to earn profits. But you’ve never really been able to pay attention to search engines other than Google, Bing etc., right? This fact constrains your possibilities. What’s your way out? Making your website multilingual, and getting a place on search engines of non-English speaking communities. Thereby, tapping into a whole new market and diversifying your outreach.

Cater to Multilingual Tastes

A business that cares is a business that grows. The more you make your website interactive, functional and easy for online consumers, the more they’ll get attracted to you and what you’re selling. If you show disregard and complicate the website’s interface, then you’ll just be driving the audience away. A fact to keep in mind is that online users have incredibly short attention spans. They don’t have the time to sort through a jumbled site. Ease and convenience are all they want, which is what you’ll be giving them if you make your website multilingual. People want to gain an online experience that is in their own native tongue. They feel more comfortable this way. So, if you cater to this individual need, you’ll end up getting more traffic on your site.

Acquire Professional Credibility

Let me throw another practical fact at you: If you speak to people in their own language, then they’d know that they can trust you. Trust is the building block on which a buyer-seller relation is based. Usually, people think of it as a hassle to visit a foreign language website and buy something which might seem appealing. This is where they get second thoughts. But if a business website communicates with them in their own tongue, explaining stuff to them in their individualistic jargon, then wouldn’t this increase lead conversion? It sure will. Thereby, establishing an international credibility of the business.

Gain a Competitive Edge

While everyone else looks in one direction, why not go the other way and choose the road less taken? It would be a major risk, granted, but it could also propel your business venture way ahead of others, giving you a major tactical competitive advantage. Making your website multilingual is a game-changing strategy. It is cost effective and has less backfiring chances. While your competitor only caters to a single-language audience, you’d be managing traffic from all sorts of language backgrounds. Not only that, consumers would also prefer your website above others, because no one else would explain to them the features of a product in their own tongue. Thus, they’d be driven more to you.

Envelop Cultural Diversity

Targeting online communities rich in diverse cultures is actually a pretty good maneuver for gaining more traffic. But how are you going to do that? Cultures are enclosed in their own respective bubbles. How can you permeate them? By having a multi-language option on your website, that’s how. Your website could be the unified and centralized forum on which people from different cultures unite. You can cater to their individual preferences and show cultural sensitivity, or make homogenized products, an aesthetic amalgamation of all. No matter which way you decide to go, more traffic is indeed coming your way.

Views Beget Views

One day, you have four views on your website. You add a multi-language extension, so people from all across the world can comfortably see and view your website content, without much difficulty. The next day, you have fifty views. How did this happen? People with divergent languages saw your website, liked it and shared the word. This is how more people from their same community came to your site and increased its views. More audience equals more sales. Get ready to cash in the profits!

Thus, as the aforementioned reasons show, a multilingual website can only prove as a blessing in disguise to your overall marketing strategy.

Author Bio

Rimsha Ather is a professional writer with two years’ worth of practical experience in content creation, curation, and marketing. Her blogging interests range from technology to travel, with the latter gaining special attention from the readers. On the side, she is a metal-enthusiast, an occasional painter and a culinary freak with flavorsome stories up her sleeve, which she occasionally pens for LCD, popular for its Spectrum Silver package.

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