9 Alternative Ways to Level Up Your SEO Skills

By James Tredwell on October 30, 2019

Competition in digital marketing is growing day by day, so you must keep yourself updated with the right skill set.

In this article, I am going to discuss the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and what are the skills that are needed to become an SEO expert. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or profession list; you can become an expert in SEO if you follow and practically implement the given tips.

Many of the people don’t get the desired results because they don’t have the right skill set, or they have those skills, but they don’t use or are unfamiliar with those skills. It takes lots of practice and hard work to become an SEO expert.

Before diving into the SEO, you should have the proper knowledge and right skills; otherwise, you don’t get the desired results.

What is SEO skills?

SEO skills are the knowledge of many basics elements that are required to do the SEO of a website. The main role of an SEO expert is to improve the ranking of a website by proper strategies and to use proper tools. The SEO is subdivided into two categories; these are Off-page and On-page. On-page includes optimizing the tags like title tag, Meta tag, Meta descriptions, using user-friendly URLs, etc. Off-page includes link building, social media marketing, directory submission, etc.

Let us discuss the skills set that you need to master to level up your SEO

  1. Ability to think strategically

Accurately analyze the condition of a website and find the bugs and issues on the websites.

An SEO specialist should be a critical thinker and he/she should have the ability to examine the problems from the different angles and to suggest creative and unique solutions to overcome those problems.

He/she should critically examine their competitors and their strategies.

  1. Ability to critically think and research

Critical analyses and research mind is essential. Research is very important when it comes to an SEO campaign. An SEO professional should be research-minded, especially when it comes to keyword selection. He/she should suggest the keywords that are relevant and good for the website and avoiding embedding irrelevant keywords. Many people use black hat SEO techniques to impress their colleague’s but remember black hat SEO is not suitable for the long term, and Google can penalize your website.

An SEO expert should have a good knowledge of SEO tools and should constantly perform research and analysis to find new methods to optimize the website better. One should have knowledge of the latest Google algorithm.

  1. Ability to think technically

An SEO expert should have major technical knowledge of SEO. He/she should be familiar with the coding, especially HTML because all the tags are embedded in the HTML language. It is a very important part of on-page SEO.

  1. Ability to prioritize things

One should have strong knowledge prioritization and should be familiar with the steps that are to be taken to improve the visibility of a website.

A properly prioritize, and well-planned SEO campaign can provide better results. One should analyze the weak aspects first like faulty tags, weak content, etc. and then move on the things that are time-consuming like backlinking.

  1. Ability to analyze

An SEO expert has good analytical skills; he/she should analyze the weak points of a website quickly and also suggest the decision. They should not only analyze the result but also make necessary changes and avoiding the strategies that are not working. If you don’t have good analytical skills, then you cannot go very far in SEO.

  1. Ability to write quality content

Apart from the research and analytical skills, an SEO expert should have strong writing skills because SEO is a content-driven strategy. He/she should have good knowledge of SEO writing.

SEO writing includes avoiding irrelevant keywords embedding the keywords relevant keywords at the proper position and should have good knowledge of blog and article writing.

An SEO expert should have a good knowledge of content types like which type of content can drive more sales and conversions. He/she should have a good knowledge of links like which sites are more relevant for linking. An SEO expert should be excellent in writing web pages, writing relevant Metadata and descriptions, and should make creative titles.

  1. Ability to analyze and use SEO tools

One should have the proper knowledge of SEO tools and plugins. Not every tool gives the desired result so, an SEO expert should have the ability to analyze which tool is the best for the website. Apart from the tools, they should have a good knowledge of WordPress plugins is the site is made by WordPress.

  1. Ability to think from the user perspective

The SEO specialist should have the ability to think from the user perspective. He should analyze the keywords that are more relevant and more searched by the users. By looking at the most searched keywords they should try to use those keywords in the website content.

  1. Ability to be patience

Since SEO is not a speedy process it takes time to rank the website. So, an SEO expert should have patience when they apply the strategies and should monitor their progress.

Author’s Bio

Hitesh Khurana is a Digital marketing executive at Quantum IT innovation, a reputed Seo company Indianapolis in the USA. Along with writing for the company he is an admirer of classic literature, drama, and a true cinephile. You can find him writing meaningful poetry when he is not busy with his dog.

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