Top 10 Productivity Time-Saving Apps for Your Business

By James Tredwell on October 30, 2019

Mobile phones have become an integral element and owing to its omnipresence, it has come far off to aid us in induce productivity in our daily life. What’s more essential is the types of smartphone applications you install and use from application marketplaces like Google Play Store and Apple Store. 

Several mobile app development firms are launching productivity apps that skyrocket the efficiency of the day to day tasks we perform. These smartphone productivity apps do not only make our daily chores easy to manage but also provide ways to enhance productivity at work. No wonder, every business owner seeks to get more work done from the staff every single day. Owning and operating a business is no different from a monumental task that demands to shoulder challenging responsibilities and managing resources efficiently.

But a question that lingers is – How and which mobile applications can help to boost business productivity? While one cannot add more work hours to a day and thus, the only alternative is to ensure that each hour is more productive. The applications you employ for your business play a vital role in ascertaining your team productivity. There is a multitude of free and premium productivity apps available in the marketplace to enable you to enhance your business productivity. 

But choosing the right set of applications for productivity is a daunting task. It is imperative to understand which applications are right for your business and how will they help in accomplishing your tasks faster. 

Before plunging into exploring and experimenting with wide-ranging productivity apps, analyze how your business and the employees’ function, the processes and policies you have implemented, and identify the roadblocks. Every business is distinct to the other and so are its processes and productivity requirements.

There isn’t any one solution that fits all to boost productivity for all kinds of businesses. The right choice of application will maximize productivity and optimum resource utilization. It will enable you to break down and simplify a plethora of the routine tasks and objectives a business must achieve.

By evaluating the fundamental needs of your employees and business, you will be able to make a precise choice of productivity tools for your business. In this article, we have outlined a list of best productivity mobile applications for different business activities such as team communication & collaboration, file management, time management, project management, and more. 


Slack is one of the most popular applications out there for team collaboration and communication. It is a simple yet powerful team communication tool primarily aimed towards small & large enterprise businesses. Right from its inception, business users have lauded the way Slack makes remote working and collaborating with teams easier, reduces the frequency of back n forth emails, & modernizing the way co-workers converse & collaborate.

It offers some stellar features such as cross-functional communication, real-time team chats, and timely notifications. Slack is highly efficient when it comes to receiving all your vital notifications in once place and getting real-time responses & views on the work the team members share.


Evernote is one of the best tools in the market to track down your notes. There’s nothing better than jotting down your best ideas quickly and having them handy every time you need it. This application lets you note both your work-specific as well as personal drafts on your mobile phone.

You can keep as many notes, drafts, and to-do lists as you want on Evernote. These notes can be further kept as long as you want to and without fretting about losing even single information stored within this comprehensive note-taking app.


Dropbox is a renowned smartphone tool among business application consumers. The app offers numerous benefits to small and large businesses through its file-sharing capabilities.

Dropbox allows you to easily sync work documents across several devices and view, access, and edit them seamlessly from anywhere. If document storing and sharing is what you need for your business, then Dropbox should have a special place in your collection. It not only makes collaboration easy but also lets you create shared folders and provide team members access to confidential links or folders, as need be.


Do you know that with DocuSign one does not have to be physically present on the spot to sign a very important document? All it takes to sign a document is to click a link in your email to access the document, follow the signing instructions and lastly, click on “confirm signature”.

Once you have clicked “confirm signature”, you receive a notification about signing the document along with everyone else involved in the activity. Isn’t signing documents without moving an inch from your desk breezy with DocuSign?


Trello is another popular team communication and project management application every app development company recommends. It makes collaboration swifter and more effective. Business teams can get the work done in no time. Trello is easy to customize to suit business requirements. It comes with easy to create boards, lists, and cards that let you organize your tasks on the move.

The best part about this productivity application is that it eliminates the need for email to collaborate within teams while keeping everyone updated on the progress of the project. Moreover, it also allows share notes with other team members and distributes tasks to employees over your very own Trello application.


Camscanner is one of the ideal examples of the productivity application done right. This tool helps with creating PDF documents on the go. You can use Camscanner to scan, store, sync and share files or a variety of content across mobile phones, iPads, tablets, and personal computers.

Cam-scanner also aids with optimizing the file quality, extract text from images, and more importantly, smart editing. It offers a premium subscription for a monthly charge of $ 4.99 and $ 49.99 for a year to business users.


Want to keep distractions at bay and monitor your work time effectively? Well, think of it and Toggl does it. This is one powerful time management application with features such as simple time tracking, monitoring, and reporting on the time required to accomplish important tasks & sharing time logs or time sheets with your leads.

Besides, it also has a few advanced features including automated time sheets, actionable business intelligence insights, and swift reporting which enables you to make the most of your time. Keep a track of and evaluate the time spend on the activities and utilize it to better prioritize your routine by having a bird’s eye of view with Toggl.

Which one is your favorite business productivity mobile application? Did it aid in boosting the productivity of your employees and business? Share it with us using the comments area below.

Author Bio :- Nasrullah Patel Co-founder Peerbits, one of the leading Top mobile app development company the USA, in 2011 which provides Blockchain app development services. His visionary leadership and flamboyant management style have yield fruitful results for the company. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with a learned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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