A Guide to Outsourcing iOS and Android App Development

By James Tredwell on July 4, 2019

One of the biggest decisions a business has to make is whether the app development should be done in-house or outsourced to an app development company. Each of these options comes with its own set of decisions.

If you pick in-house, do you have enough time and money to hire a team, invest in infrastructure and monitor the project?

If you choose to outsource, it is more about which company to work with, what are your deliverable and of course, the level of expertise the tech and management team possesses.

In this post, we will take you through the perks of your app development to an IT outsourcing company, offshore or nearshore as well as give you a little bit of intel on how to outsource and choose the right company for your business. Read on.

Pros of Outsourcing iOS and Android App Development:

You might have excellent ideas for improving your business and scaling up rapidly with the help of an app. You might have great concepts to create an effective app.

You might also have all the basics jotted down. But what next? If you are not aware of how you can go about implementing your ideas into a full-fledged app, your concepts will remain concepts.

Putting the strain of handling an entire app development project to your team can lead to the unexpected expectations on your in house team.. Therefore, the best solution for app development is to hire an efficient mobile app development company which will do this job for you in a shorter period of time and with better efficiency.

Here are some reasons on why you should consider outsourcing:

1). You get to work with highly skilled app developers: Most app development teams comprise of members who are trained in app development. Thus, they are very familiar with the process and will take the project to the finish line without much intervention from your end. Of course, as the client, you will have to be involved to make sure that your instructions and concepts are being accurately translated into the features of the app. Here, it would make sense to adopt the agile methodology to stay in the loop.

2). When you decide to work with a software outsourcing company, you get a variety of options in the pricing spectrum. Your task here is to evaluate which company’s proposal has the best price-quality ratio. IT outsourcing companies offer you with startup packages, reduced prices and quick turnaround time.

3). Outsourcing your app work can help you focus on building your business. The development team takes up the responsibility of managing the project, reviewing progress, staying organized and providing optimal support to you. Therefore, you are relieved of this task completely. All you have to do is spend some time each day with the team to stay updated on the progress and how to improve the development process of your iOS and Android app.

How to Outsource iOS and Android App Development?

1). Know your product correctly: Before you hand over your app development to an offshore team, make sure you understand what your product is all about. Your app development will be far from being a success if you do not convey the right instructions and expectations you have from the project. Take time to understand your product well-enough to explain it to the developers.

2). Risk mitigation: The two major risks are leaking of data and mismatch in expectations and app delivered. To mitigate these risks, you have to take the right measures. For the former, signing an NDA can work whereas for the latter, communicate throughout the process of app development is the answer.

3). Effective planning and communication: Chalk out all the details and set a project plan so that everyone is on the same page. Always be available for the team to receive feedback and suggestions from your end.

Choosing the Right iOS and App Development Company

1). Hiring remote freelancers: If you don’t feel comfortable with working with a team of developers or if you feel that your requirement is not too huge and can be managed by a remote freelancer, go for it. However, we would recommend that you choose an agency.

2). Consider their tech expertise: This is a no-brainer. Your app development team needs to have the skills to pull off a project that involves developing an app from scratch based on your specifications. Always look for an agency that can effectively focus on both Android and iOS app development. Talk to them in detail about how their backend and frontend work with apps, to get a general understanding of their working style.

3). Ask about security: Your business will be collecting data from your customers and all of it, including your trade secrets and confidential information, should be well-secured and protected from any cyber threats and malware. Your app development team should be comfortable with enforcing all these security measures to prevent any kind of mishaps that can happen once the app is live.

4). Releasing the iOS and Android App: The app development partner you choose should stick with you until the very end. This means that once the app is complete, they do not simply back off. They have to spend time analyzing the effectiveness of the app and in the case of bugs and glitches, they should help you resolve them when the app is released. It would be preferable if they also take up the maintenance of your app.

5). Match agency cost vs value: Once an agency sends across a quotation, evaluate if the cost they are quoting is worth the work they will be putting in. Several agencies provide an illusion that they are giving you a good deal but they might not be clear on the tasks they will be undertaking as a part of their services.

6). Ask for previous client testimonials and references: Never collaborate with any agency without ensuring that they are credible. Search for reviews of them online, see what their former clients have said about them and don’t shy away from asking for references.

There you have it, a quick and crystal clear guide to outsourcing your Android and iOS app development. The trick to successful outsourcing is in choosing the right IT partner from you. It is a task similar to picking a needle from a hay sack but, that is why we are here to help! Hopinfirst offers quality app development for businesses worldwide. Find out more about it here.

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