Best 13 Tips & Tricks for Oracle SQL Developer

By James Tredwell on April 23, 2019

Oracle has propelled the most recent version of SQL Developer. How about we look at a portion of the top inclinations as a SQL developer you must know about it to shine your skill.

#1. Fonts

We have to compose such vast numbers of codes in the program. So the look and feel of the product likewise matter. SQL Developer has presented a vast number of new fonts in this version, and one of the fascinating among them is Droid fonts from Google, which is portable well disposed of. Merely pick your most loved text style and size, to have a better view and experience.

#2. Improved Backup

It’s been excessively simple currently to spare your work in the SQL. Some time ago we were permitted to save 100 articulations as a matter of course. Presently you can set aside to 500 explanations; in addition to the new feature of Oracle Database, Cloud Service has improved the transferring knowledge. As cited in Oracle’s site, you can duplicate your work on the cloud and can even screen them.

#3. License

We as a whole use SQL for various reason and a large number of us use lower versions. There are times when we coincidentally decided on licensed version, and we wished there was a feature that stayed away from these troublesome offers. The new version has the alternative for you to cripple the Tuning &Diagnostic Packs. Remember to look at this alternative at the association level itself.

#4. The “single click” Concept

We generally search for the choices where we have to invest less energy and need to move least of our appendages! The new “single click” feature of the SQL developer will open your items with the first click. It’s intriguing and a good time for the new clients, however, can be chafing for experts.

#5. Shortcut Key for Everything

Alternate route keys are a developer’s closest companion! There’s one astounding feature presented by Oracle in the SQL Developer 4.1.1 version which enables you to set shortcut keys as indicated by your own need. You can customize it as shown by your inclinations! Be that as it may, ensure you don’t dole out same for two. Just go to “Category,” locate the “Other’s Category,” and you’ll get the rundown of the considerable number of shortcuts.

#6. Conceal the Things you don’t utilize

The vast majority of us don’t utilize each feature in Oracle. So a perfect and void dashboard to work can make us feel glad, isn’t that so? So for what reason don’t you conceal database object types in association trees, you would prefer not to work with? Checkmark the “Enable Navigation Tree Filtering” alternative, and you can choose the trees you need to stow away.

#7. Appearing in a new tab

This is our most loved as it will unquestionably demonstrate valuable while investigating. Enable the “Show Query Results” feature, and you can now move the pointer over your inquiry to the SQL explanation being spent in it.

#8. New Editors

Opening the documents in the SQL Editor is troublesome. In SQL Developer we can open every one of our records utilizing an External Editor? Truly, presently we can. You mostly need to characterize document type and set the way in the External Editor under the “Debugger” choice.

#9. Improved Debugging

This new feature with “Venture Over” alternative has facilitated the work when in troubleshooting mode. You would now be able to set this choice, and it will stop the execution at the principal line. This will enable you to run the troubleshoot session at the breakpoints.

#10. Set your default association script just once

Presently you can set your default worldwide startup association script in the database for every one of the gatherings of records in the yield.

#11. SQLDeveloper Cart

SQL Developer 4 has a Cart feature that permits database object to drop and drag, just as continuous outcomes in database comparisons and organization script age.

#12. Source Control

Spare time if you complete a great deal of Subversion, CVS or Git, use File History nearby Source Control to oversee neighborhood document following.

#13. Question Results

On the off chance that you mouse over the Query Result marks, you get to a feature that keeps inquiry results accessible as you execute new ones. This is a correlation feature that gives you a chance to see several versions of your work progressively. Consider this feature gobbles up memory.


We trust each client looks to this rundown as a venturing stone. These are a few changes that will upgrade your experience when utilizing SQL Developer version. There would be numerous other cool new features as well. Just invest some energy to find them and offer them with others.

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