18 Google SEO White Hat Techniques For E-Commerce Website – A Rule of Thumb

By James Tredwell on April 8, 2020

The SEO process is a great avenue to improve e-commerce websites in its performance online. It’s a powerful tool used and creates to provide innovative measures in making sure that these sites are convenient and accessible for online users.

The procedure of optimizing websites is generally influenced by SEO trends. Many SEO experts and specialists are likewise giving quality services which are an advantage. Like any other company, some lots offer SEO services that guarantee quality results.

With the global emergence of digital marketing, it is undeniable that the online market is now the trend. More people are leaning towards buying goods and services through the Internet.

Also, it’s not that hefty at all which is one of the factors being considered. Now, if you plan to establish your e-commerce website, then you have to know how to develop it through SEO.

To give you some thoughts, here are some techniques that are useful for you to use. Let this serve as your guide as well. Know more here.

#1. Do Some Blogging

If you’re thinking of what kind of content is useful to gain an online audience on your site, it’s safe to say that blogging is helpful for a starter. You write stuff about your site and what you aim to market online.

Generally, you discuss relevant information on your website. It’s great content and could generate higher search ranking as well.

Doing some blogs is beneficial for the optimization process. To give you a hand, you may want to consider to hire remote SEO specialist for the meantime for some tips and tricks.

#2. Make Use Of Header Tags For Sectioning 

For the purpose of staying organized, the use of header tags is advised for e-commerce sites that have tons of content. These tags are for various subsections within one article or page.

It’s a helpful way to keep your online audience or users go with the flow of your articles or any content for that matter. Also, header tags are beneficial when you have long write-ups. Keep your site organized and creative too.

#3. Image Optimization

You should put videos or images on your e-commerce site. Rather than solely focusing on articles alone, keeping your users interested is also through images or audio-visuals.

Make sure they’re relevant and organized as well. Go for the highest quality to ensure that your online users get the best details and experience while accessing your website.

#4. Catchy Titles For Web Content

Be creative. Go for the catchy titles. Opt to input something that could spark the interest of many people online. Since you’re an e-commerce site, look for creative ways to promote your name or the brand itself.

It’s an excellent tool for forming your online presence on the Internet or search engines. There’s a freelance SEO specialist that can help you know more.

#5. Keywords Are Important

The use of keywords is relatively essential in your site’s search ranking. These are used within contents or write-ups. For an e-commerce site, make sure it’s highly relevant in the article you are publishing. Better use your brand name, services or products, and location as a tip.

#6. Unique Write-Ups

Since you have to be creative in writing, don’t focus on one topic alone. As a way to promote, go for more. Know your users or target audience. Spark their interests by putting the common ideas in mind of a consumer.

It’s something that they can highly relate themselves to, so it’s an excellent opportunity to do. Look for SEO consultant home based for more information too.

#7. Speed Up

Always check whether your e-commerce site is running slow or not. It might affect your performance for online users. Avoid lags at all times. Since you are on a business, make sure it’s efficient and accessible anywhere and anytime. Seek for help if necessary.

#8. Video Optimization

As soon as you put images in your e-commerce site, it’s much better that you also use videos. In publishing video content, make it with high quality and use it as a promotional tool. It significantly contributes to the process of optimization. Know the current trends as well in video editing to make sure you’re in the flow.

#9. The Outbound Links

Use different links for your web content. It includes outbound links that increase or boost your search visibility. Don’t forget to use these for a better search ranking as well. As an e-commerce site, it’s best to hire online marketing expert on this one to help you.

#10. Avoid Broken Links 

The main goal of links is to help your target online audience to arrive on your website. As soon as they click the link, it increases the search visibility of your e-commerce site. So, it’s best to check whether the links are working. Avoid broken links as much as possible.

#11. Go For The Standard Format

In making or designing your e-commerce site, you should use the standard size or format of your page in terms of font and other details. It will help your online audience to have better user experience as well. Also, it’s an excellent tool for optimization.

#12. Opt For Increased Engagements

Make sure your e-commerce site is engaging. Let your online users comment or give suggestions. Provide sections for interaction as well. It helps your search ranking to increase and make it visible in various search engines, such as Google.

#13. No False Information

Don’t put any false details about your website. Use factual information only. It will add credibility to your e-commerce site. And once you gain the trust of your online audience, the easier it will be for your website to learn more visitors and increase search ranking as well.

#14. Safety And Security Of Your Site

Make sure that your URLs are all good to go. Before launching an e-commerce site, ensure that it’s all safe for your online users as well.

#15. Promote Through Infographics

In a digital age, use infographics. These are pictures digitally formatted to help inform your users online of the goods or services you provide.

#16. Use Social Media

Apart from links, you can also use social media sites to promote your e-commerce site. It’s a great opportunity and avenue as there are tons of users who access it online. You may outsource SEO expert to help you out.

#17. Put An Area For FAQ’s

It will help your online audience to get to know more about your e-commerce site and what you offer. It’s also the best form of engagement. Again, it increases your search visibility and ranking.

#18. Be Mobile-Friendly

Make sure that your e-commerce site is formatted with mobile features. It will help develop the level of accessibility of your page.

Final Word

These are great techniques that you may use for better e-commerce website performance. Use this as your tools as well.

Author’s Bio :- Cyrel Nicolas has been passionate in online marketing and been an SEO Specialist in the Philippines for almost 10 years. He is the owner of and helped hundreds of businesses across the globe to increase online brand awareness and organic traffic using effective white-labelled strategies.

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