How the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Is Affecting Small Businesses & Marketers

By James Tredwell on April 2, 2020

Coronavirus or popularly known as COVID-19 has been considered as Pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). The sad part is we get to hear about the new cases every day.

According to Google reports, the search interest has increased in coronavirus by +260% globally. The virus is immensely affecting the businesses with stock markets going down, there is a time for downfall in the economy.

So, what does this all mean? Well, there are a number of ways how coronavirus is affecting the businesses today.

Let’s discuss what all is happening in the market because of COVID-19 and how it is affecting the small businesses and marketers.

Real-Time Struggle For Businesses

The Coronavirus started off in China and ever since then, it has had a huge impact on the businesses. The number of cases has dropped in China, but nations across the globe are facing problems because of the virus. It will take the whole year for businesses to make up for the losses.

Companies are taking various initiatives to cope up with the situation. Many companies like – Apple and Google are temporarily shut down to avoid spread. Small businesses are getting affected the most because they don’t have that much capital to bear the expenses of the company.

It’s a situation of a big crisis! Although, many of them are taking precautionary methods to prevent the spread like – providing sanitizers and offering work from home options to the employees. Still, business is affecting at an increasing rate.

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, it has become the most searched keyword on various search engines. COVID-19 is shaking consumer behavior and businesses on a massive scale.

Online platforms like – Facebook and Google are banning all the content containing irrelevant and false data on coronavirus. The running ads and any data which are exploiting the situation are being removed from the platform.

Now, the question arises – Will it affect your online business? Well, Not Really! As long as you are not posting ad copies claiming to provide information on how to prevent, cure, or treat COVID-19, these changes will have minimal effect on your business. But, the changing markets may affect your paid social accounts.

Organic Market Will Go Down

Well,  there will be low organic traffic for many industries out there, and the reason is obvious. Coronavirus is the Global Health Issue which has alarmed the audiences and made them cautious about their surroundings. This is the reason why people would be more inclined to know more about the virus. This will affect the event and travel industry the most.

However, the e-commerce industry will get mixed bag results. People are avoiding stepping out of their houses, so they tend to shop online more. If you are selling household needs or other essentials online, then you won’t see much effect on your business. People are more likely to shop online. You can actually get impressive traffic on search engines. So, it depends on what you are selling and if it will be worth buying considering the current situation matters the most.

Yes, it’s a downfall time for the marketers, but we can take some measures to cope up with the situation. Here are a few recommendations.

Time To Review Your Accounts

From the changing impression volumes to changing clicks, there will be ample changes taking over your online strategies. With the outrage of Coronavirus, the people’s search trends have started shifting. This may drop your traffic, click, and impressions in the Google Ads and Google Analytics.

The current search clearly indicates that COVID-19 is the biggest concern for everyone. But, this doesn’t mean you need to flood your social media pages with any misinformation because negative comments on your post may directly affect your account.

Not just that, you should also start monitoring the comments you are getting on your social media posts. There has been a lot of wrong information being spread across various channels and it can affect your audiences.

Keep Your Customers Informed

Well, interacting with your audiences is really important if you want your business to stay strong in the market. Experts say that marketers and advertisers should stay connected with audiences via emails, messages, or social media. In the advent of  Coronavirus, many businesses have been affected. Companies are changing their work schedules and working hard to meet their business requirements.

In case your business hours are affecting because of the current scenario, then make sure you take a moment to update your description and business hours on Google My Business Profile.

Google is one of the top-ranking search engines where people search to gain information. By updating the business hours people can stay informed. These changes will also update your information on Google Maps. Additionally, you must also update your ad copies.

By constantly updating your customers from time to time, you keep up to their expectations.

Adjust Your Market Strategy With the Current Trends

Coronavirus has affected the market in a lot of direct and indirect ways. People are being encouraged to wash their hands and maintain their hygiene. The demand for products like – hand sanitizers, cleaning wipes, and other products have started skyrocketing. Work culture is changing, travel/tour bans have been imposed on various countries.

The best thing we can do to cope up with such a nerve-wracking situation is to calm the customers by staying clear in our messages. It is best to pause unnecessary live campaigns and maintain low budgets.

Instead, one should focus on strategies that naturally yield high traffic. It is time to change your business approach and implement strategies that work best in this scenario. We all know how the virus is affecting the market, so we all need to take the right measures to keep our business intact.

Yes, it is downtime for almost every industry, but we need to act wisely and manage our resources accordingly to get the best results.

Wrapping Up

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has taken the health and well-being of many people across the globe, so it should be our main concern. In the coming days,  marketers will begin to witness changes in consumer behavior and business. The market is continuously being monitored and we expect more data and analysis as we move forward.

Author’s Bio:- Diksha is associated with Softuvo Solutions as a Content Writer, and she keeps herself well-read with the changing trends of the web world. She loves to pen down her knowledge in an engaging and simplified way, thus adding value to the organization. Apart from technical writing, she is fond of reading books.

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