Grocery Delivery App Development: Must Have Features and Cost Estimation

By James Tredwell on February 25, 2019

Grocery App is becoming extremely popular in today’s world. People just love ordering food from the comforts of their home and the number of such users is increasing like a wildfire. Shopping for groceries in supermarkets is a tedious task as you need to wait for hours in long queues. That is why people are turning to grocery apps as the products get delivered easily at their doorsteps.

But today there are hundreds of Grocery delivery app available on the App store and if you want your app to stand out from the rest, you need to make it better than others in terms of performance. The interface of the app should be user-friendly and the application must work perfectly. But the most important reason behind the success of any grocery app is its features.

Here are some of the essential features which your Grocery Delivery app must not lack.


Registration is a crucial part of any Grocery Delivery App. You must ask your user to register using their phone number and email ID. After successful registration, the users should fill and submit the personal information page. This will ultimately result in creating personal data of the users which you use in the future.
For streamlined registration, you can allow your users to register using their social media accounts.

Search and Filter

Search and Filter option is another must-have feature of any such kind of app. You must provide a search option using which your customers can search for a particular product. Then there must be sort and filter feature which can help the users to filter the search results according to their preferences. It means the user must be able to filter the search list based on brand, quantity, price, etc.

Add to cart

Add to cart feature makes the shopping very easy. A user can simply add products to their card while browsing the app. They can then order it anytime easily from the cart. Overall it makes shopping really convenient and easy.

Order Status and Tracking

Order status and tracking option help the user to easily track their orders. This feature allows your users to manage their orders and they can know when it will get delivered.

Push Notifications

Push notifications keep the users informed and updated with the latest happenings. Using this option you can also notify the users about the latest discounts. So ultimately push notification keeps the users engaged.


A grocery app must have various payment options like online banking, cash on delivery, card payment at the time of delivery, etc.

Estimated cost of Grocery app development

For developing a streamlined and efficient app which can handle various users and their orders effortlessly, you need to hire a professional app development team. Then you need a delivery partner for delivering the product and you need to collaborate with various supermarkets or manufacturers. Therefore a Grocery Delivery app would roughly cost you $2000 to $3000.

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