Real Estate App Development: Must Have Features and Cost Estimation

By James Tredwell on February 21, 2019

Real estate apps make the hectic task of searching for houses and properties fairly easy. But for the success of any real estate, it must be loaded with some essential feature. In this episode, I am going to tell you some of the must-have features of a modern real estate app which make it a huge hit. So let’s start.

Essential features of a Real Estate App


A customization app is much more like by users. This is because a user can change the look and feel of the app interface the way they like. It doesn’t matter how easy and well designed the interface of your app is. It is the customization feature which always makes it better. In customization, you can allow the user to change the colour, font size, etc. Therefore make sure you add this feature to your app.


A map is another extremely important feature for a real estate app. A map makes things a lot easier as the user can easily find listed properties. With map feature, anyone can easily find the houses or flats they are interested to purchase. In order to add the map feature, you can take the help of Google map and navigation.


List feature makes searching for the desired property really easy. I mean viewing desired properties in the list makes the property hunting very efficient. Overall this is something which you just can’t miss.


Saving is another great feature which is very beneficial for the users. Saving feature allows the users to save their favourite properties in a separate list which can be referred to later. A user can click on the save button while searching for properties in a list. This saves that particular house or property in the favourite tab. Many real estate apps are adding a heart button for this task.

Push notification

Push notification is a crucial part of the entire modern app and it is a great idea to implement this in your real estate app as well. Push notification keeps the users informed and updated with the latest happenings. This option also allows you to inform the users about the latest deals and discounts.

Lead Generations

Lead generation may not be of any use to the clients, but it is a great feature for agents and brokers. Thus you can add this to your app and can make it better.

Cost estimation

Now let’s talk about the estimated cost of real estate app development. First of all for developing any mobile app you need to hire a team of app developers who will help you design a great app which performs better than your expectations. A professional app development team charges a really high price.

For adding maps and navigation feature, you need to take the help of Google Maps. Then there are several other charges. Now coming to estimated figures real estate app development can cost you anywhere between $1500 to $2500. The cost of app development largely depends on your location.

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