How Augmented Reality Transforms Customer Service

By James Tredwell on March 13, 2019

Augmented reality solutions are offering brands the power to create immersive customer experiences. Such solutions deploy user’s view of reality with computer-generated 3D images.

Brands are always being looked forward in order to integrate more appealing ways to communicate and connect with existing customers.

Augmented Reality is there with interactive methods that are technologically-fueled experiences that foster higher levels of engagement.

AR is creating and spearheading a revolution in terms of making the whole process more interactive, real and life-like for customers.

We live in a world that is ever-changing and evolving the ways we communicate and share information.

One of the advanced ways to communicate and learn is through augmented reality (AR) solutions that are instantaneous and can become extremely immersive in every sense.

Augmented reality and customer services

Augmented Reality (AR) is revolutionizing the customer experience with the ability to overlay physical objects and images on a user’s view of the real world.

AR has emerged as a pioneering tool that allows brands to interact spontaneously with consumers on their mobile devices.

AR solutions have created imperative and limitless opportunities, that transformed the customer journey into an immersive visual interactive experience. Hence we can say that customer experience is now a new digital experience.

Advance AR apps enrich the relationship between consumer and brand and serve as a powerful solution for companies. It adds value at every stage of the customer journey while dealing with the brands and their services.

Customer Service Transformation

Gamification experience

AR has offered such popular apps that have become a widespread example of augmented reality. It lets the users feel unreal transforming into reality. Hence brands are taking advantage by incorporating it into their product.

Such gamification experience is helping the brands to engage the user by offerings realistic experiences.

Hence, by tuning game-like experience makes strong relationships between customers by creating their shopping into interactive gamification.

Engaging experience

AR solutions are a perfect source of capitalizing on the connection between technology and human engagement.

These AR apps are appealing the way they act as storytelling of the sight while connecting to users. The user creates an emotional level while interacting with the app.

This helps the brands to develop their own space and standout in a crowded marketplace. This technology is helping the businesses to go beyond the actual product itself while broadcasting the services.

Interactive packaging experience

These days’ brands are integrating AR as the medium to attract the users, allowing them to scan their packaging. This is the best way to broadcast more information within the possible interactions of the user.

Different brands of various industries have incorporated a variety of augmented reality experiences into their packaging.

Their aim is to offer the consumer an interactive and practical visual experience. This experience is helpful in the demonstrations of information related to using products and its role in user life.

Self-service experience

The concept of engaging users during post-sale support is important for the brands. This helps to solidify the relationship and drive customer loyalty to ensure customer satisfaction.

For this reason, a number of brands are coming up with post-sales service integrated with AR technology. As a result, AR-based self-service support solutions, has proven itself in a wide range of applications worldwide. As part of these services, the customers can access the product’s knowledge base using a smartphone.

Such an AR solution is helpful in the offering training material displayed in an AR overlay. Moreover, this allows users to know step-by-step instructions virtually by enabling into powerful AR-based self-service.

Bottom line

AR utilizes technology to improve the experience of how our senses perceive things in the real world while modifying the vision of reality. This involves creating an entirely new immersive reality for our senses. Therefore, businesses are utilizing this feature of AR in this crowded consumer marketplace.

This article is contributed by Colleen Jansen, Business Marketing Specialist at Quytech — Augmented Reality App Development Company.

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