How Augmented Reality (AR) will Influence Digital Marketing?

By James Tredwell on July 24, 2020

Presently, Augmented Reality (AR) is the most favourite subject in the web world. Social media platforms are being applauded with the overwhelming audience reaction of AR usage.

Since social media platforms have evolved as the popular marketplace of this era, they have occupied a major portion of our lives in a day.

Likewise, meeting customer expectation has become challenging for marketers. Credit goes to the technical advancement customers these days crave for ‘newness’ every day on digital podiums. Thus, pleasing customers is no longer a picnic.

Since AR is the latest tool in the block, businesses are increasingly using for an enhanced sales conversion that too within a short period. AR makes people glued to their smartphone and explore what marketers have to offer them in the best possible customized way.

Before we dig deeper about Augmented Reality, we need to understand what AR is and how it works for further business development.

In most of the cases, we have found that people between VR and AR. Let us disclose it in the first place that both of these terms signifies two completely different subjects.

However, they have some common set of features and functionalities. VR is the technique used to design an artificial environment thereby driving people towards a fictional world.

This is more like a time travel powered by an enhanced visual experience where you can experience either forward or backward time. VR presents a whole new world before you.

AR allows you to view the real world virtually which is projected using computer technologies for an augmented real-time experience. AR projections are meant to let viewers have an all-in-one experience.

Here are some key reasons why businesses should include AR in their marketing strategies? 

  1. Client Satisfaction

For any business there was, there is and there will be nothing beyond customer acquisition and customer satisfaction. However, customers’ requisites and their purchase behaviour have evolved a lot over the years.

Presently, there are multiple aspects in a product that grabs peoples’ attention in the first place such as product potential, product promotion, online reviews and after-sales service.

Alongside the sales, strategies are designed to attest maximum client satisfaction such as offering test drive, samples of mobile device, dress changing trial rooms, virtual property tour etc. An augmented shopping experience offering has become a modern trend.

From trying a dress to applying make-up AR has enhanced the entire shopping experience to a different level. It’s no longer required to be physically present while you shop.

You can try out many things online with the help of the latest AR technology. Let us have a glance at how AR implementation have been performing various business sectors like beauty & cosmetics, real estate, investment, clothing and other myriads of business sectors.

Social media platforms are no behind. Many big brands are using Facebook’s and Apple’s AR apps for their brand promotion. Myntra, Lenskart, Asian Paints and other big brands have been experimenting with AR technology to initiate next-level shopping experience. Virtual shopping has transformed the marketing game in a big way.

  1. Social Media

Social media has emerged as one of the most popular market places for both the sellers and buyers. Utilizing AR shopping application has taken the shopping experience to a new height. With the presence of multiple e-commerce sites, people largely shop online rather than visiting malls. Trying multiple products online and placing an order online has become fun.

  1. Event participation

Attending live events from home is the new cool. No one would decide or judge your dress code anyway. This is one technology that many brands are using to reach and grab their customers. Download the respective AR application to zoom on your target group.

  1. Videos

Event participation has a close association with videos. AR videos are a great means of targeting potential customers. Mainly these videos are used as a step-by-step demo guide for product manual. In some cases, they are used to demonstrate product usage experience.

  1. AR impacts the target pattern

For advanced SEO purpose, experts use different marketing tools to rank pages higher as soon as possible. However, bidding for the keywords play a crucial role in page ranking and traffic acquisition which indicates you have to maintain a clear strategy for keyword selection and bidding.

After AR inclusion searches will have to be more on image-centric than just being keyword based. Accordingly, search engines have to work on the same line.

  1. Change in web design

Thanks to stunning designing effort these days’ websites too can arrest a viewer with its rich visual content. We have already seen many 2D and 3D websites. But the future has some of the biggest surprises in its store where we might get to witness AR and VR tech-driven web designs in the scene. Certainly, there will be a revolutionary shift in content in future based on the AR and VR changes. Customers will be introduced with a whole-new web world.

Marketers’ job is going to be more challenging in the coming days.


Since marketers are exploring many strategies, developers too have to embrace AR and implement it for advanced sales strategies and targets in the coming days.

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