How Emerging AI Technologies Impact Our Daily Life Routines?

By James Tredwell on October 14, 2019

Artificial intelligence is influencing our lives in all the areas where we use technology. While it is difficult to understand the exact potential and impact of Artificial intelligence (AI), it is already making our lives easy in many ways. From searching the web to using smartphone apps and automatic cars, AI is making our lives more comfortable than ever.

Our homes, businesses, and schools could be entirely different in the future with Artificial intelligence on the scene. Artificial intelligence makes use of hardware as well as software that learns from our habits and daily actions. Let us learn more about how AI technologies are impacting our daily life routine.

AI helps in home management

Artificial intelligence will enable the automatic functions in our homes. Combined with our home appliances, it could make our housework and home management a lot easier than the present. People will be able to use AI enables apps to communicate with their refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, and other appliances.

The cleaning appliances, like robotic cleaners, would also make use of AI technologies to clean our house without the need for our interference. Robotic cleaners would wipe the floor and other spaces as soon as they become dirty due to any reason.

Social Media and Video Streaming

When we use social media on computers or smartphones, the newsfeed that we see are a result of Artificial intelligence in social media apps. Even the notifications we receive on our smartphones are in accordance with our activities that AI notices in these apps.

The video streaming services like Youtube and Netflix analyze our tastes and preferences while browsing and watching the videos and show us the videos accordingly. When we open the YouTube app, it automatically displays the videos of our interest using artificial intelligence.

Finding locations

When we use Google maps or Apple maps for navigation or finding an Uber cab, these apps make use of AI technology to show us the results. AI helps Google, Apple, and GPS services to show us our location and the routes to any destination. Moreover, they show us the available cabs, buses and other modes of transportation. In this way, AI helps users find locations and available transportation services to reach our destination.

Finance industry

The banking and finance organizations depend on artificial intelligence to offer customer services, protection from frauds, chatbots, and other investment services to customers. When we use netbanking and other financial apps on our devices, the AI studies our activities and preferences to show us the relevant options every time. The chatbots use AI to answer the queries of customers of banks and financial investment organizations.

Selection of a dating partner

AI could quickly evaluate and access the array of data from our apps and show us the most relevant dating partners matching with our interests and preferences. AI uses algorithms that consider our social media activities, interests, dislikes, communication styles, medical records, and relationship history. These systems help us find the right physical, intellectual, and emotional match for dating and marriage. Some AI algorithms can also estimate how long a marriage might last and advise on whether we should consider a match for a short or long term relationship.

Mental health management

The artificial intelligence also helps in managing the mental health of people. From daily stress of work to entire breakdowns, people struggle to cope with the stress and pressure in everyday life. The AI tools on our smartphones and computers are capable of monitoring our health conditions. They can note our keyboard strokes and speech pattern to an array of other medical symptoms through body-worn devices and other sensors.

The AI systems could detect possible mental health issues early and provide guidance for stressful conditions. Some advanced AI systems can shut down our computers and smartphones and not reactivate them until the stress reduces to a safe level.

Driverless cars

It is now possible to use driverless vehicles without the need to interact with a human. Artificial intelligence has made it possible to use a vehicle without a driver. The car makes use of AI technology to find the routes to help you reach your destination at the right time. In addition to homes and office AI will help us travel on the road in the comfort of our cars. The driverless cars also communicate with the users to take instruction and help us reach any destination using Google or Apple maps.

Decision making

AI technology can also help us in making the right decisions. It helps us in both the decisions at an individual level as well as at the organizational level. AI can help detect the truth in most situations and also verify the data for accuracy. AI would also make crimes more difficult and help in reducing crimes to much extent. The police and law enforcement agencies are making use of AI technologies to stop crimes and catch criminals.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The AI technology in personal assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri helps use control of our home appliances enabled with IoT. The home appliances are now enabled with IoT technology due to which the AI assistants are able to control them. While you are busy doing your office work, your personal assistant can make the washing machine wash your clothes, and microwave cooks your meal. It can turn on the lights automatically in the dark and play the music at your command. However, you need to keep all your appliances turned on all the time. For example, an AI-enabled assistant can play the music only when your music system is turned on and connected to speaker cable and music source.

Final Words

Artificial Intelligence has made our lives easier than ever. It continues to make our gadgets, appliances, and cars more and more functional by studying our habits and activities. In the future years, people would need to focus only on core activities. AI devices will manage most of our daily tasks with high accuracy without our interference.

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