How Voice Search Is Going To Be The Future Of Search Engine Marketing

By James Tredwell on October 11, 2019

The current days have evidenced that the people are showing interest in looking for some information in different manners. After the inception of voice assistant, people are showing interest in these areas and so voice search has become inevitable. It is also a fact to state that people who use mobile phones are large in number when compared to desktops or tablets. So obviously, it becomes easy for the people to easily search for the information through the voice search medium. Continue reading to know more about the future of voice search in the new age Smartphone.

What is a voice search?

Voice search is a new phenomenon that allows the users to use their voice to give some commands to their mobile phones. This was offered to the internet users a few years back but now the technology has made it be used in quite some of the most useful aspects. If you have worked in some of the areas like a program that converts speech to text or features that lies on hearing your voice, you have already into the voice search technology.

When you are building a website, it is better to offer such an option and it encourages people to use your site with more comfort and that is what your audience is expecting nowadays. This will also be the source to grab more audience and enhance traffic.

Impact of voice search over SEO

If your customer uses the voice search for search related to your business, your site will put forth. In particular, when you have killer SEO over your site, automatically your site will be top in ranking. If the user asks for digital assistance, there are possibilities for two differences in the response. The result might be too short and the user may not be able to see more options as their answers. When you need to achieve in this technology, the content needs to be clear and in such a way that people ask for in the pronunciation. It should be easy to use and mobile-friendly. Some of the statistics over the technology are,

  • About 27% of the people visit the local business in their area through the option of voice search.
  • Around 46% of the voice search user thinks of such local business daily and they become regular and potential customers.
  • Around 76% of the smart home seekers use the voice search option to look for the business in a week and 53% of them do this daily.
  • As far the last year is concerned, around 58% of the consumers visited the shop and become their customer through the means of the voice search.
  • The recognition of the market through the voice search is expected to hit over $601 million in the industry by the end of the year 2019.

Optimize your voice search for better results 

  • Enhance page speed

Regardless of the strength and quality of the content, your site can’t top in the results page if your rate of bounce is high. It is important to optimize the page speed to stay at the top ranking. As per the report possessed by Google, it is found that the bounce rate of the mobile rate is 9.56% higher when compared to the desktop. Also, remember that people use a mobile phone in the recent serving more when compared to the desktops. If your website does not load fast, then it is the instance where you lose several customers. So, concentrate more on optimizing the speed of your website for better ranking.

  • Focus on keywords

Keywords are the king in case of both traditional SEO and voice search. It is better to concentrate on some of the long-tail keywords. Keyword phrases containing more than two or three words are likely to face less difficulty and they will result in increasing the chance of ranking at the better place in the Search Engine Result Page. When speaking about the voice search, people tend to act as if they talk to other humans and in those instances, you may go to for more keywords. Therefore it is recommended to pay more attention to the importance of your keywords and present in the long tail array.

  • The intention of the user

When you are creating the web content, it is better to understand and enact based on the intention of the user you are creating for your users. If the person searches for your website, how would know what is there in their mind? There might be different intent like looking for something on your site or gaining more knowledge over your business, etc. Sometimes you will have a clear intention and focus on some words like purchase, buy, how much, etc. but this is not the only case for your audience to reach your site. Make a different perspective and try to help them appropriately. Remember that only when the person is satisfied with your service; they can become your customer.

Final thoughts

If you need to sustain and become successful in the heavily competitive world, it is important to get updated with the technology and work in some areas like the future of search marketing. This helps you in inviting more customers and you might land on their minds. Keep making researching and reach success with the help of technology!

Author’s Bio: 

Ritesh Patil is the co-founder of Mobisoft Infotech that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology. He loves technology, especially mobile technology. He’s an avid blogger and writes on the mobile application which includes taxi app development solution, on-demand app development solution, etc. 

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