How is Augmented Reality Getting Blend with Social Media in 2020?

By James Tredwell on January 29, 2020

After a huge and widespread success, Augmented Reality is on the way to tailor social media. Definitely! It was quite important to set a trend of Augmented Reality among the common people who are not always sitting with AR Glasses or some other gadgets.

The trends of Augmented reality is extremely surprising as it is no more focused only on developing games and manufacturing heavy gadgets but the present includes social apps too.

On the first mass execution of AR in the Pokémon Go, the feature with Pokémon characters popping around surroundings went exclusively viral among millions of consumers in 2016.

This was a great kick-start for Augmented Reality app developers, in order to discover more applications like this – allowing users to tap inside a completely new realm.

To make Augmented Reality a part of life, developers worldwide experimented with AR using regular applications and including famous brands like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Coca-cola, Zara, Apple, etc. Undeniably, we can see this happening and the future of social media is becoming AR shaped.

In the race of technologies, Augmented reality app developers have wonderfully explored the digital areas using four key components – cameras, sensors, displays, and communication and processing systems, contributing the users with creative, memorable, and out of the box experience.

Now with this incredible technology, we all are visualizing filters, maps, icons, emoticons, tags, and so on into the screen frames. But do you know AR has got much more than these for marketers and brands? How? Let’s dig that out from the upcoming section of this article.

How is Social Media App Boosting up with Augmented Reality in 2020?

Slowly, we have entered into a time where social media content will get empowered by AR. While the gaming industry has been enjoying various benefits in this regard, business marketing has started to carry over through the advanced technology of Augmented Reality.

Several companies like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram deliver fresh and efficient ways to advertise their products.

Trade names have managed to adopt both AR & VR and boosting their audience engagement enormously at a global level.

Augmented reality is transforming the technique brands interact with customers on social media by linking it in our physical and digital creations. And in this section, we will search out to read in what manner.

#1. Perking up Brand Promotion by Custom-made Cameras with Filters

Instagram, Tik-Tok, and Snapchat have been trending these days with n-number of filters getting update every day. From common people to celebrities are going gaga about these social media platforms, and they are using them in the form of event, product or any category of brand promotions.

The filters are not limited to clicking pictures, but also to create videos. The videos are created in 360 degrees in order to increase popularity, sales, and ROI. Also, when connected to the internet, one can go online via camera to yield a real-time promotion.

#2. Urging towards Impulsive Shopping with Sensors & GPS

The Internet is flourishing with too many brands these days. Consumers find it easy to surf the products, which makes them easy to plan before shopping. This is another social media trend, brands will be able to attract the consumers by VR adverts to ensure and fit the “Seeing is believing” phrase into shopping.

It is true that advertisements are the strongest source of branding, but this will only be possible when buyers will be able to explore the products through images and videos on social media.

Sensors and GPS plays a vital role, as it bridges the real and imaginary world in which buyers have presented the look that they would like to view.

This definitely turns consumers’ interest in the brand once advertisements start to run on social media. With AR, it becomes really possible to grab the consumers’ attention and take social media to the real environment through which one can get additional data like location, texture, color, sound-effects, temperature and other properties of any product.

GPS specifically has been enabled in the maps, that will enable customers to navigate the distance and location of any place and get a 360-degree view of the spot before the visit.

The audience will be able to mark the places which they would like to set out, and one more interesting social media thing is that AI will spot the visiting places of the same interest. Isn’t it really fascinating, how you will be able to witness every location before you visit?

#3. Enhancing Ways of Product Engagement with Attractive displays

Social media has offered the most independent way to reach customers. Whether it’s a smartphone or wearable headset system, displays are the source that connects the real with the digital content.

For the customer engagement on any product, visuals and information are placed on the real world using displays or projection in order to create seamless AR experiences.

#4. Allows to Take Quick Decision via Communication & Processing Systems

Are you a person who doesn’t want to stand in the crowd, and get trial to decide whether the outfit is suiting you or not? If yes, then you need not worry now.

Now that customers can try and view products virtually, AR has optimized the apps via communication and processing systems.

These systems will process and interpret every small data to create the perfect AR experiences. Through real-time support, buyers will be able to receive suggestions in order to buy the product which will match the interest.

This high-volume feature will enable customers to take quick decisions and drive customer engagement for the brands too.

On Summing Up

The demand of smart technology is real and social media is at a fast pace to adopt more integrated, cross-platform presence, and machine-learning enhanced eye-catching marketing software.

Augmented reality app development companies have buckled up in 2020 to come up with novel and innovative solutions for social media applications.

This could be a wake-up call for brands this year to customize their apps with AR technologies to run their marketing campaigns on social media platforms.

Author Bio: Vimal Shah is the Co-Founder of Agile Infoways Pvt Ltd, a web and mobile app development company. He has 15+ years of hands-on experience in design and development and heads the key technical and management operations at Agile Infoways.

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