How Much Does It Cost to Build a eCommerce Website ?

By James Tredwell on April 27, 2019

Are you curious about Magento 2 pricing? Well, anyone who is planning to take their retail business online to expand their global reach is worried about how much it takes to develop and maintain an eCommerce website.

So, what could be the nearly precise cost of an eCommerce site using Magento? Sadly, it is a little difficult task to predict and estimate the cost of a Magento eCommerce website due to frequent changes introduced every now and then by Magento.

If you are into Magento 2 Development, you probably would like to see more accurate price tags to charge for your services. If you are an entrepreneur, you must be finding the best deals you can get. But in both ways, you have to figure out the best price for your Magento development. So, what would be the price estimation for the Magento eCommerce site?

Magento Community or Magento Enterprise — The Basic Cost Hampering Factor!

Unlike other eCommerce platforms, Magento has limited offerings when it comes to setting up the storefront. Either you can opt for Magento Community edition or Magento Enterprise edition.

  • Implementation Cost — Considering the implementation cost, Magento community edition costs approximately $3K to $55K whereas Magento enterprise edition costs greater than $50K.
  • License Cost — Magento community edition costs 0, whereas enterprise edition costs more than $22K.
  • Hosting Cost — For Magento community edition, the hosting cost could be less than $300. On the other hand, the cost of hosting for enterprise edition would range from $700 to $5K.

What about the cost of developing the site using Magento Community Edition?

When it comes to developing the website, developing a website using Magento community edition could range from $2500 to $45000. If you want to have a basic eCommerce website, you don’t have to pay more than $2500. However, if you want to get some customization done, you may have to pay for the following things:

  • Custom themes
  • Integrating back office systems with the customized site
  • Integrating with a social media platform
  • Shipping functionality
  • Custom scripts and business specific features to cater the business requirements

Maintenance cost for the Magento 2 site build using Magento Community edition could range from $0 to $250 per month. You can Hire Magento 2 Developers to get it done for you!

Cost of developing & maintaining Magento Enterprise Edition site

While developing eCommerce site using community edition is quite simple and straightforward, working with enterprise edition is a little tedious task to bring it out. Here, your annual license cost will be affected by your gross merchandise sales value.

Website development using Magento Enterprise edition could range from $50K to $250K and even more than that. Obviously, everyone wants extremely powerful and feature-packed eCommerce site but the more features you want, the more complex logic you will require to build it. Moreover, you may also require Custom Magento Extensions to get the work done for you, which means you have to pay additional costs.

Aside to the development, maintenance cost could also vary from partner to partner. However, many Magento 2 providers often ready to negotiate when it comes to finalizing the maintenance cost of the website. Starting from $100 per month, you may have to pay additional cost if you opt for hourly payment conditions with the partner.

The Technology Partner and Location — Could be a turning point!

The cost of service of Magento technology partner can vary drastically based on the location and credits of the agency. In case you opt for hiring the professional solution partners, including Global Elite Partner, Enterprise Partner, Professional Partner or Business Partner, you may have to consider bearing additional prices and charges from them.

The location of the agency/developer could be a crucial cost aspect. For example, if you hire services from Canada/US, you may have to pay $80 to $150 per hour. On the other hand, if you get help from the agencies located in Eastern Europe, it would cost around $20 to $40 per hour. Among all the locations, India is preferred by the majority of the startups and enterprises when it comes to eCommerce development due to significantly lower charges.

There is no denying that Magento is a great platform when it comes to eCommerce development. But when it comes to pricing of developing and maintaining an eCommerce website, you just need to decide on what your requirements are and which version fit into it to give you the best deal for your online storefront venture. Ensure you do enough homework before approaching the agency. Want to know how Magento 2 providers can help you with your eCommerce development and maintenance worries?

This article is contributed by Nishant Desai, Digital Marketing Strategist at Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

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