How Social Media Boosts Your Business Earnings

By James Tredwell on July 23, 2019

Is it absolutely necessary for you to create a social media account for your brand? Isn’t building a business website more than enough to make an online presence?

I used to think so too, until I realized how much I’m missing out by not going on social media.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that social media is a force to be reckoned with. It’s where everyone goes to connect, share, and discuss content. When I say everyone, I mean exactly that.

A lot of other businesses have jumped into social media once they realized the many perks that come with it―including its ability to boost their earnings.

How does social media do that? Here are the ways:

It enables genuine engagement.

Through social media, you can interact with your prospects on a one-on-one basis and learn exactly what they need from your brand.

Aside from promoting product or service deals on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, you can also post content that evokes a positive emotional response from your followers.

Doing this will help clients feel more connected to your brand, inspiring them to patronize you over other service providers. Over time, this builds customer loyalty.

It prioritizes customer service.

I’m aware of how social media can also easily ruin a brand with just a couple of posts from an angry client. But there are ways to counter that.

One of them is to prioritize customer service on your social media account. Try to reply to messages and queries within the next 12 hours and provide resolution.

That isn’t exactly a one-man job, so use of social media monitoring tools to make the job easier for you. Timely responses induce a positive experience for your client, which in turn prompts them to share about it through different social media platforms.

It modernizes campaigns.

Have you heard of the infamous hashtag? Back in the day, it was just one of the symbols you see on a keyboard. Now, it has evolved into a symbol for trending topics all over the world.

How can it help you propagate your business? Easy. You don’t even need to use sophisticated techniques to produce results. All you have to do is create a compelling post with great visuals. Then add a couple of trending hashtags to the mix.

Internet users who are interested in the hashtag will be able to see your post through the hashtags. If your content is eye-catching enough, it will automatically increase your conversion rate as well.

It reaches mobile users.

Not everyone owns a desktop or laptop, but I can confidently assume that almost everyone who exists in modern society has a smartphone. Sure, you can view business websites through a mobile device, but not a lot of people really do that.

What do people usually do on their phones then? Browse social media, of course. If your brand has a social media account, you get to introduce your products and/or services to more people.

It increases traffic.

Social media isn’t just built for show and tell. You can post links that direct clients to your business website.

Think of it this way. Your business website acts as the online representation of your physical office or shop. On the other hand, your social media account acts as your very own PR team.

With highly efficient yet easy-to-do advertising on various platforms, you can rest assured that your business website will never lack visitors.

So how do you maintain a positive presence on social media?

Getting into social media is easy. Just sign up for an account and you’re good.

The real challenge comes with establishing a presence online. It’s quite a competitive market out there! I have a couple of tips that should help you establish your brand’s foothold into the online community:

Set your goal.

Think about what you want to gain from publishing a post.

Choose your demographic.

Focus on a particular demographic to form a better connection with your clients.

Create your brand personality.

Personify your brand in a way that is relatable to your audience.

Follow your event calendar.

Post content that relates to the most trending topics as of late.

Monitor your activity.

Check which posts gain more positive feedback and continue making those.

Are you ready to jump into social media?

Yes, I know that the first step is usually the hardest. But once you get past the first obstacles and get a general feel of what social media is all about, you should be able to maneuver through it quite easily.

There’s no need to be intimidated of social media! If everyone else can do it, so can you.

Besides, establishing your brand on social media is not something you should pass up. With it, you can easily create and boost your brand authority. It even lets you promote business on the international market, where it will have a better chance of reaching clients.

The best part? Building your social media presence gives you access to an affordable yet highly efficient means of advertising.

Sounds too good to be true? Just try it and see for yourself!

This article is contributed by Louise Savoie — Digital Marketer at Proweaver.

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