Why You Should Add WhatsApp on Your Website?

By James Tredwell on July 11, 2019

Do you remember the last hilarious article you read and wanted to share with someone else? You must have thought that sharing it publicly on Facebook may not really reach that person hence you may have decided to forward the link on messaging apps like WhatsApp instead.

This is a perfect example of why you should make it a point to add WhatsApp sharing along with other social sharing icons on your website.

Recently trends have made it clear that such chat apps are a great help in generating a good amount of relevant traffic and improves conversions.

I have listed below a few more reasons that will easily convince you to add WhatsApp to your website;

Fast Content Sharing:

I am an avid reader and read multiple articles on the net, this makes me want to share relevant information with my family and friends as well but if I do not find sharing buttons on the site, I move on to the next site without wasting further time.

If a reader wishes to share your content with someone else on messaging apps, they will have to copy the link of the website and paste it on messaging apps. This procedure seems to be too long and we are aware that most readers would not bother spending that much time in just sharing content if you do not make it easy.

Adding a quick WhatsApp sharing icon can make the sharing process super quick for the readers. Adding floating WhatsApp button below the content will make it much faster for the readers to share it with others in seconds.

Personalized Content Sharing:

If a friend of mine sends me a link on my chat app, I definitely go through it as I am sure it must be something which would interest me or else why would he or she send me that?

Sharing on social media may not encourage many to open up your content link but when someone sends a link on WhatsApp, people tend to definitely go through the links as they are personalized. If you measure the engagement rate through web analytics, you will realize that it can really be high if you add WhatsApp sharing on your website.

Reminds Readers to Share:

I try to share as much relevant content possible in my social feed or directly with friends but many times it has happened that I loved an article and forgot to share it with others.

Your readers may be loving your content but not guiding them on what to do next may be a reason why your content is not reaching a lot of audiences. People are so busy juggling multiple responsibilities that they forget to share content if they are not asked to. Adding sharing icons can remind them that if they liked the content, others may like it too. If you only add social sharing icons, they may just share the content publicly whereas if you also add a WhatsApp sharing button, there are higher chances that your readers will share your content with other interested readers.

Reaching the Right Audience:

My friends forward me links for sale and shopping and most likely I end up at least considering investing in them.

Readers sharing your content on social media will help in reaching many others but are they the right audience for your content? People only share content on WhatsApp to someone else if they feel that the other person will be interested in such content. This means that WhatsApp helps in reaching out to your target audience and in reality, only that matters.

Harnessing the Benefits of Popularity of Smartphones:

Ok, this may sound repetitive, but I do read a lot and most of it is on my phone as I find it difficult and feel lazy to open my laptop for any activity.

More than 60% of users access contents on their smartphone hence adding WhatsApp sharing can automatically work in your favor. The number is rising continuously hence you can harness this to your advantage by just using the right tactics.

Almost Everyone Uses WhatsApp:

Anyone who uses a smartphone will definitely have WhatsApp installed as it has become the most popular messaging app. We can’t say the same about other social media apps. Though adding social sharing icons is good for SEO but the results may not be as great as adding WhatsApp sharing which may bring in targeted traffic to your website.

WhatsApp is an Ever-Green App:

Initially, I was crazed about using Facebook and used to browse it multiple times a day, then I came across Twitter and found it really quirky and interesting but that did not last long too. Recently I have shifted to Instagram as I find it really creative.

Most people do not use many all the social media options available but the majority of them use the WhatsApp messaging app hence your social media sharing icons may not be of any use to them but WhatsApp sharing icon may encourage them to share the content with others.

Can be Used by all Age People:

My parents have smartphones, but they just use it to call people, chat and browse the google. The only app they use the maximum is WhatsApp as they find it really convenient to stay in touch with the family all the time.

Though the older generations have shifted to the smartphone, they are not as active on social media as the younger generations. Most of them may not even have a social media account. Whereas every generation uses WhatsApp hence putting up a WhatsApp sharing button will make sure that you are focusing on the readers from all the age group.

There is no doubt about the fact that adding WhatsApp to your website is great for getting better conversions and the best part is that a simple free plugin can be used to add such sharing icons on your site within a matter of minutes.

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