How to Hire the Best Magento Developer for Your E-commerce Store Development?

By James Tredwell on August 23, 2019

As a secure and versatile platform, Magento is mostly the first choice of many store owners and developers. But with its numerous features, it has become a bit complicated and requires regular coding. In simple terms, non-technical persons who are unaware of the coding may find it tough to manage the E-commerce store developed in Magento. There, professional Magento developers can definitely help.

It is a complicated job to find the perfect Magento developer as several freelancers and development companies provide Magento related development services. You have to discuss multiple things while hiring the perfect developers for your project. Here is a detailed discussion regarding how to hire perfect Magento developers. Before taking any step in regard to hiring a developer. It is important to know why you need Magento developers?

Why Hire Magento Developers?

Here are some major benefits of hiring developers –

1. Save Time

Whether you know to code or not, it requires a lot of time investment. When you hire developers, they can do complex coding and handle the functionality of the store. They have the experience to deal with a complex situation, and in the end, they can simply manage the development work while meeting the deadlines. This saves a lot of time and you can pay attention to other important work like branding, sales, and inventory management.

2. Technical Guidance

Experienced Magento developers can guide you in availing the benefits of Magento platform for your online store. They can help you in handling PSD or HTML and customization to meet the necessary requirements of your business. In short, you can enjoy technical assistance for any sort of modification or customization of your store.

3. Boost Performance

This is one of the biggest advantages of hiring skilled Magento developers. Even if you don’t have any sort of technical insight, your store can stay appealing for the shoppers, all because of these developers. They can easily handle the issues regarding performance and features while providing speed and security to your shopping website.

How to Hire Magento Developer?

Here are some tips to hire developers –

1. Requirement Gathering

The E-commerce store development work begins with the requirement gathering. You have to make it clear regarding requirements on the market trends and competitors’ activities. Your website should provide something unique to the buyers that are unaddressed by your rivals.

  • Ask the following questions to gather information:

  • Are you looking for the front-end, back-end or full-stack developers?

  • Budget for your website

  • Features to integrate into the website

  • Time frame

  • Are you looking for high-end functionality or looking for a basic store

2. Type of Developers

After analyzing the requirements of E-commerce store development, another crucial decision needs to be made. It is about selecting between a freelancer or a developer from a reputed Magento development company. Though this selection depends on multiple factors like the budget, workflow, features, deadline, and customization. It is recommended to hire developers from a company because of multiple reasons.

  • Project is in the secure hands

  • Right resources for multiple tasks under one roof

  • Your project gets done in the specific deadline

  • Simple customization of the website during the development period

  • Support and maintenance services

3. Portfolio

Portfolio of Magento web developers can assure you about their selection for the development work. The portfolio, whether in the physical or digital form, can provide you an idea regarding a number of completed projects, expertise, and knowledge to complete the similar project you are looking to develop. You can also check whether they have good knowledge of every aspect of Magento store development and a problem-solving technique to make the store up and running.

4. Reviews & Ratings

Reviews and ratings can definitely help you in getting a clear picture regarding the skills of the Magento developers. The testimonials and feedback from the client can give you a small idea about the developer’s approach, skills, professionalism, and overall performance. You can check the review and ratings on different online review websites. You can also visit the company and meet the developers personally. In addition to that, you can contact the old clients for references and discuss with them about the developer’s working approach.

5. Quality vs Cost

Everyone has a specific budget for the E-commerce website. Going beyond a set budget is not possible, for several reasons. But, this doesn’t mean the quality is compromised for price. It is suggested to prefer quality over costs and never compromise by sacrificing the functionality.

You should hire Magento developer after a complete evaluation, to ensure that you get exceptional service for the best price. You should carefully analyze what the development company is proposing in the quote. Ensure all the features that you want in your e-commerce store is included in that proposal.

Wrapping Up:

If you are planning to start an online business? If yes, then an organized online store is required that will grow your business. There is multiple options present, but Magento is the key to the E-commerce business. It is the most popular, versatile, and easily accessible platform, in the internet world. Selecting a dedicated Magento developer for your Magento project is a tough job. Your project plays a vital role where the budget and quality of work matters the most. Hire Magento developers that have the expertise and offer support, to transform your idea into a successfully running E-commerce business.

This article is contributed by Elina Reddy, Sr Magento Developer in MagentoStoreMagento eCommerce development company.

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