Importance of Creative UI/UX Web and App Design and How to Achieve That?

By James Tredwell on August 23, 2019

Great UI/ UX design is regarded to be the key to any successful web and mobile app design and development. Almost all great successful websites and mobile apps with a consistent conversion rate offer superb UI and smooth UX. By the same logic, most of the websites and mobile apps fail to engage the audience simply because of the dull User Interface (UI) or under-optimized User Experience (UX). 

This is why it is imperative for any mobile app development company to know the importance of the creative UI/UX design and how to design a beautiful UI and to engage UX. But before that, let us have a look at the definition of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). 

What is the User Interface (UI)?

The User Interface (UI) in the context of the website and the mobile app refers to the look and feel. While the look refers to the visual aesthetics and feel of the app refers to the ways it interacts with the users. Both the look and feel relies on the presentation of the app. The principal responsibility of the UI designer is to deliver a visually appealing and instantly engaging app.  

What is User Experience (UX)?

User Experience (UX) in the context of the web and mobile app refers to how it allows the users to fulfill its objectives. It is basically all about allowing the users optimum ease of use, less complexity and smooth interactions to fulfill the intended objectives for which the user visits the website or app. The role of the UX designer is to ensure all the elements that make users feel at ease while allowing them to get things done as easily as possible. 

Key Reasons to Prioritize Creative UI/UX design

Most app developers now give excessive importance to the Ul/UX design. Apart from the tried, tested, and widely prescribed UI/UX design principles, the developers now also need to stand apart from the competition through innovative design elements while conforming to the ground rules. 

Here we explain the key reasons to prioritize creative UI/UX design. 

Boosting business conversion 

After all, your website and mobile apps are nothing but business entities, and if you cannot monetize them, the entire design and development effort doesn’t have any meaning. A creatively designed UI and a smooth and effortless UX will compel users to feel attached to the brand and return to the app. This increased engagement will help your app get better business conversion over time. 

Understanding the audience 

A great Ul/UX with seamless interactions will help users stick to the app longer, and this will help you understand the user intent better. As users can easily interact with your app, you can have a better understanding of the user intent in various contexts. Understanding the audience always gives your business better competitive lead as you can address customer concerns and intent better.  

Establishing the brand identity 

Efficient and engaging Ul/UX design with unique creative elements always helps your business brand stand out from the rest. Moreover, increased audience engagement always ensures longer session duration and loyal audience that in the long run, further helps to build a community for your brand. Ultimately this helps your app and the website to enjoy an improved credibility and brand image.  

Helps saving cost and time

A website or a mobile app with a near-perfect Ul/UX design doesn’t require frequent updates and design changes like most other apps. This helps you save a lot of maintenance cost and developer time. With a great UI/UX design, you can reduce the maintenance tasks to a minimum and make your development process more productive. 

Important Tips for Creative UI/UX Design 

Now that the importance of the creative UI/UX design is already explained, we need to explain some time tested measures to achieve this. Based on the experience of the vast majority of websites and mobile apps here, we provide some useful tips for UI/UX design. 

Don’t do away with convention 

If you think creativity in UI/UX design amounts to doing away completely with the conventional design elements, you are completely mistaken. Actually, some well-established design conventions corresponding to the icons, buttons, symbols and color scheme are helpful to make people understand the app operation easily and effortlessly. So, don’t do away with the design convention. 

Ensure uniform design

Creativity is always welcome until it appears as consistent throughout the app without creating a visual bump for the users. This is why your UI/UX design should be uniform across all screens and windows. The uniformity in design will also help you maintain the brand-specific design elements. 

Ensure interactive design

The one-sided design communication is already backdated as it doesn’t offer much scope for the users to interact and get involved. On the other hand, most engaging apps always use interactive elements to make users very much part of the app. With interactions, users also feel more connected to the app. 

Simplicity and ease should be the priority 

A great app is easy to use the app. A superb website is the one that allows users to get things done in simple steps. So, simplicity and ease are two key design principles that invariably should guide your UI/UX design. Make sure your app fulfills the user objective in the least complicated and simplest manner. 

Keep focused on one or two things 

Finally, remember that any user will feel confused when facing an overwhelming number of choices. More choices will lead to more confusion and so keep your app focus on maximum one or two things. With a focus on limited things, your app helps users to engage better. 


Last but not the least of all UI/UX design considerations should be the speed and performance of the app. This is why, the however versatile and creative approach you have, make sure the UI/UX design doesn’t compromise with the loading speed and performance.

This article is contributed by Nathan Mckinley, business development manager at Cerdonis Technologies LLCMobile App Development Company in Chicago.

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