Is Big Data the correct choice to improve Mobile App Development?

By Guest Contributor on January 7, 2019

Mobile Apps have been in trend since we’re indulged in the obsession of smartphones and convenience for everything around. Every brand in the market is turning digital with the best possible efforts to keep the customer’s interest intact, encouraging repeat sales along with profit margins on every spent.

With around 5 billion mobile users globally, huge is just a word and we’re all an integral part of the data-driven community who is actively participating in growing and encouraging brand businesses. In a community of billions of mobile applications available, how will you differentiate your app from the competitors? What are the factors which can let your app stay distinguished and appealing? Options seem simple, either find one or stay ready to get disappeared in the crowded apps network.

How can Big Data sort the App Game?

It’s the era of technology enhancement and all we can expect is an upgrade! We’re amidst greater possibilities where applications aren’t just according to our needs but, more about user-specific taste and customized requirements. People have been talking about big data, it’s the sensational way out to structure bulk data and fetch exactly what your customers need. The idea behind implementing big data for business is serving your customers the most accurate outcome from their searches.

Leaving an enormous impact on almost every industry, the importance of big data in mobile app development cannot be baffled. It allows the companies to know their customers better and strategizes the most suitable offers based on their purchasing pattern, online and store preferences, purchase history and location. The imperative reason why there’s a noticeable increase in big data companies in the USA is the usability and smoothness of implementing the technology for business purposes.

Big Data, Enormous Benefits

How satisfied are your customers with your mobile app? Do you think your app is good enough with the current trend? Get a step forward and start delivering an exceptional experience to the target users by letting them know that your brand values their contribution.

Boost Revenue

Mobile apps are constantly using big data to understand end user’s behavior which helps in closely analyzing user needs, likes, dislikes, usage timings, duration, expectation and the exact location from where the app is being used. The metrics provided ample information for strategizing offers and deals for the users making them bonded with the brand with relevant notifications on time, product displayed as per the needs and luring them to make a purchase. Better brand building leads to elevated purchase numbers resulting in revenue increase.

Data Accuracy

Tons of data is generated regularly, and each user is unique with absolutely different choices and expectations. Instead of presenting unlimited data on the go, big data only fetches the high-quality information, quick and relevant! It allows the companies to determine the usage of the cumulative data and get it used in the best way possible. Once you determine the buying motive of the user, you’re halfway there!

Creating Advanced Marketing Campaigns

Tracking performance data is smooth! Big data is superb when it comes to managing user-specific data to make the content strategy as per relevance, it holds a huge potential to predict the future trends and customize the marketing campaigns exactly how required. Having the relevant information and using it where necessary is dealing with your biggest challenge the smartest way.

Is Big Data having a purpose to Social Media?

Social media is the king! Being one of the most imperative sources of creating a customer base, it has a lot to do! Popular social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter have been generating enormous clicks and digital footfalls which indicates a lucrative opportunity to promote your brand in the form of advertisements and campaigns. Social sites have options to get you a place on their platform and get yourself promoted.

Your brand may be mentioned by people on social media and you may not receive the update without the help of big data, it allows the admin to identify folks and platforms who mentioned your brand name. Managing the unstructured data, it helps in making smarter business decisions. Use social media platforms to leverage your business outcomes and create positive customer experiences. Make sure you pay heed to the customers who value your brand as they may be the greatest asset to elevate brand building and increase your profit margins to a broader level!

Big data is changing the nature of app development by helping the developers improve their ROI and reach customers more effectively, soon it will be incredibly important for every brand willing to escalate their business possibilities to the next level! If you have an I phone app development company, get your technology expertise prior to competition.

We have reached an all-new digital age and sooner every business will be shifting their data to the cloud, use the phenomenal opportunity to connect, collaborate and deliver nothing but the best for your users.

Author Bio:- Aakash is a Marketing Analyst in Clavax, a leading IT firm offering Web, Mobile App Development, Blockchain Consulting, Big Data Consulting Services.

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