Laundry App Development: Must Have Features and Cost Estimation

By James Tredwell on February 13, 2019

In today’s world, everyone is busy with their workload and responsibilities and no one is having much time for time-consuming tasks like laundry. No doubt washing machines have made our laundry work a lot easier, but still, in order to use them, we need to spare a couple of hours from our daily routine which is not possible because of our hectic schedule.

That is where Laundry service comes into existence. On-demand Laundry services handle everything from collection clothes to washing and then delivering it back to our doorsteps.

If you own a laundry business, you can easily increase your customer base or expand your business with the help of Laundry app. A laundry app has a very bright future because people are getting busier each and every day. So a well-designed laundry app can really elevate your current business. In this article, I will tell you some of the must-have features of a laundry app and the estimated cost of app development. So let’s start.

Essential features of a Laundry App

Friendly user interface

A friendly user interface is absolutely necessary for a laundry app. This is because the app will be used by people of all age group including the older people. A complex interface will easily confuse your customer and they may not use your app in future. So keep things as simple as possible.

Order request and status

You must provide order viewing and management feature to your app. This allows them to conveniently check their order status and pending orders.

In-app assistance

In-app assistance is also a crucial feature of any modern app. It is also a very helpful feature which can solve the basic queries and confusions of your customers in a matter of seconds. So make sure you add this feature to your app.

Push notifications

Push notification keeps the users engaged and informed about the status of their order. Using push notifications you can also inform the users about the latest offers and discounts.
Split Payment

You can allow your customers to pay half of the amount of money at the time of placing the order and the remaining money at the time of delivery. This feature really encourages the user for using your app or service because they are not all bound to pay the entire money at the time of placing the order.

Other Features

Other important features of Laundry app includes GPS tracking, Discount coupons, order history, scheduling convenient pickup and delivery option, user reviews, promotional notifications, etc.

The estimated cost of app development

For a well-designed app which performs smoothly and gives a tough fight to its competitors, you need to hire a professional app development team. An experienced team of developers handles everything from designing the app interface to its functions, testing and more. But hiring a good team of app developers is never going to be cheap.
Not just that but you also need to pay for payment gateway, database management, navigation, delivery partner and other similar things.

Thus in order to make a robust laundry app which performs better than your expectations you need to spend anywhere between $10000 to $25000 depending upon your location.

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