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By James Tredwell on November 27, 2019

In the world of tech, one of the swiftly growing fields is that of mobile app development. According to different sources, the economy of this field was reported to be approximately USD 58.7 billion in 2018. The more astounding fact is that there is still no halt or reduction in the pace with which this industry is growing. If anything, the field of mobile app development has been growing immensely with time.

It is also why we are seeing so many application design services penetrating this lucrative industry. There is no reason why you should not jump on the bandwagon either. However, you just need to know the right steps to develop an application. A lot of people don’t follow the right process and end up ruining a potentially great idea for a mobile application.

If you want to get it right and turn that perfect idea into a thriving mobile application, do not worry about the process. We have laid it down step by step for your ease and convenience. So, let’s get started.

#1: The idea

Before everything else, you need to have a practical idea. This idea should be engaging and real enough to be implemented and bring in the expected traffic. It could be something as simple as a game. Application design services across the globe today are following a reversed approach to determining which application would work best.

This approach states that you find out a problem that people are facing using a particular type of application. Once you know that there is a fixable problem, you can lay down plans on how to solve it and develop a new, better application, which would solve all those inconveniences for users.

#2: Do your research

After having the idea, you need to validate it by facts. In other words, you need to go ahead and do your market research in order to find out if the idea that you have is actually going to solve a problem, or provide something that users are actually looking for (you don’t want to waste your resourcing on developing something that the users don’t even want or need).

Here’s our suggestion: Do your market research, and see if the demand for your new app exists in the market. A great way to go about it is to read forums and use software to find out the keywords of your particular niche. They will give you a clear idea of the problem that users are facing in a particular area. If your solution addresses common problem users are searching for a solution, you’re good to go. Otherwise, go back to step one and slightly tweak your idea, ensuring it is what the users are looking for.

#3: Identify your approach

Now that you have a perfect idea, backed by research, you need to lay down a plan for the approach you will take. Professional application design services take their resources into account and opt for one of the three key approaches—native, web, and hybrid—to develop a mobile application. Each of these approaches brings a different challenge and sets of benefits for the user.

Opting for an approach mainly depends upon the time you have to develop an app and the costs you are willing to bear. For instance, the newly found hybrid approach allows developers to user pre-built web codes and add to them in order to augment the app and add more features. If you are low on budget and want to get the job done quickly, you can use web apps like CSS and HTML. Expert application design services, however, prefer developing native apps. They may be costly and time-taking, but they offer complete liberty in how user-friendly you want the application to become.

#4: Wireframing

After having finalized the approach you want to take to build your application, you need to define the wireframe of your application. A wireframe is a skeleton of your mobile app. It contains an overview of the features your app will hold and how a user will maneuver through it. This step is of utmost importance because it defines the ease and convenience of a user within the app.

There are a lot of different wireframing tools that you can use in order to develop your app. Just bear in mind the reason for building a wireframe – you want to make sure you have a clear picture of the entire layout of the application. Think of it as a roadmap of your application, or an equivalent of a storyboard in video-making.

#5: The development phase

Now that everything else is in place, you need to get on board with a development platform. It is essential to manage the back-end processes of your app. Application design services often get the job done on your behalf by setting up storage solutions.

In addition to the app development platform, you also need to be registered with the mobile app stores. Whether you’re developing an application for iOS or Android, you need to sign up as a developer onto the platforms. Furthermore, you will also be required to follow the guidelines stated by each platform. A lot of people prefer hiring expert application design services from here onwards for the coding.

#6: Run tests

Every application is launched initially in a beta version. In other words, a small selected group of users is given the mobile app to use it and report the goods and the bads of it. Keep in mind that several bugs will come forth in the beta version. You can fix those and ensure that your app doesn’t crash once a large influx of traffic comes in. The beta version will allow you to enjoy a bug-free final version of the app open to users.

In conclusion

Building your own application is a great idea, especially since the field is extremely lucrative. However, to make the most out of it, you need to follow the above-mentioned steps. Good luck!

About the author:- Elizabeth Diaz Full-time writer and tech enthusiast who stays on top of the emerging trends and breaks the news in tech and mobile application development. F1 fan, half British, going by the pseudonym, Likes to dabble in photography and pet dogs. She is currently looking after the application design services at 360appservices.

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