Top 10 Online Video Platforms to Create Your Own Video Streaming Website

By James Tredwell on July 27, 2020

One video streaming over OTT platforms has gained a lot of traction in the last few years. It is because the technology to launch an OTT service has become more affordable, reliable, and efficient. Thanks to OTT, now consumption of information or entertainment is possible from anywhere and at any point in time.

Today, OTT platforms offer plug-and-play solutions to businesses who are looking to launch an online video streaming service. It is the most affordable, efficient, and reliable solution to launch an OTT service at scale.

However, with so many OTT platform providers available in the market, it is imperative to make an informed decision. To make your job easier, we have created the list of top 10 online video platforms to create your own video streaming website.

Let us have a look.

#1 Phando

Phando is one of the leading OTT platforms that offers end-to-end OTT streaming services. It offers a highly capable HTML5 player to render smooth delivery of videos on devices of any screen size. Phando’s transcoders are equipped with adaptive bitrate streaming technology to ensure buffer-free streaming of video even on devices with slow internet.

It also offers robust live streaming solutions to help you cover any event at scale. On Phando, you can easily upload, schedule, edit, or analyse your data according to your needs. You can also monetize your videos through subscription, pay-per-view, ad, and other monetization models.

#2 IBM Watson Media

IBM offers a highly reliable and scalable solution to kickstart a video streaming service. The OTT platform offers live streaming, video hosting, speech to text, transcoding, other features to help you run efficient OTT service.

You can leverage its analytics capabilities to gauge the performance of your content in real-time and track user engagement. To enable smoother delivery of videos on multiple devices, it offers multiple CDNs.

#3 VPlayed

VPlayed lets you have a completely customizable online video platform in order to independently grow in the line of the streaming industry. Mainly it supports content owners, or media publishers & other digital entrepreneurs to increase their revenue growth equipped with high-end streaming technologies.

Precisely, to self host video streaming services is turned effortless at VPlayed as content aggregators can have white labelling facility. Besides that, they facilitate on demand & live streaming videos/audios with end-to-end streaming feasibility. Additionally business owners can publish as much content as they like since they can acquire the solution with lifetime ownership value.

#4 Wowza

Wowza comes with its own CDN to facilitate efficient and secure delivery of video content. It is equipped with a patented solution for live streaming. You can leverage its modular architecture to render streaming at any scale.

Its on-premise video streaming server is a big USP for businesses who are worried about data security. Wowza also offers flexible deployment to help you easily scale up or down without any fuss.

#5 DaCast

DaCast offers a robust OTT SaaS solution to help launch an online video streaming website easily. You can leverage its solution to launch both VoD and live streaming service. It also offers China playback accessibility to help you stream your content in China.

DaCast also offers custom CDKs and APIs to enable developers to create highly customized OTT applications. You can also customize its video player to meet your branding requirements.

#6 Vimeo Livestream

Vimeo Livestream is arguably one of the most popular OTT platforms for live streaming solutions. It offers a robust centralized dashboard to help easily control, publish, manage, archive, and access videos. You can also keep all your data at a centralized location.

You can also easily customize your video channel through skins. The OTT platform promises to render live streams at 1080p without fail.

#7 Kaltura

Kaltura is a go to OTT platform for businesses who need live streaming and VoD for internal and other corporate purposes. Its OTT platform is built to promote collaboration, communication, training, sales, and marketing.

It offers multiple communication tools including virtual classrooms, podcasts, meeting, video messaging, and pitc videos among others. The platform is scalable to the tune that you can do virtual meetings with an infinite number of users.

#8 Brightcove

Brightcove is known to have video streaming capabilities at scale. It offers robust integration with third party apps and offers capable video CMS to help you easily manage all aspects of content.

It is also capable of managing ad-blockers to help you deliver more optimized video streaming. It offers SDKs and intelligent device detection features along with mobile-ready encoding to render flawless delivery of video streaming on mobile devices. You can use its Quick Publish feature to launch video clipping of live streaming instantly on different social media channels.

#9 Uscreen

Uscreen allows you to easily launch and manage OTT apps. It offers an average launch time of less than 60 days, to help you launch apps with a shorter time-to-market.

It is also capable of handing publishing of content and delivering regular updates to your viewers. The OTT platform comes equipped with several monetization options that you can embed on your Video on Demand (VoD) and live streaming services instantly. You can leverage its different pricing modules including subscription, freemium, bundles, and others to attract viewers with different requirements and pocket size.

#10 Panopto

Panopto uses a modern HTTP to help you deliver high-quality VoD efficiently. It offers minimal buffering to enable faster video time. It is equipped with a proprietary HLS streaming solution to enable scalability without any complications.

It also supports RTMP encoders to deliver live streaming seamlessly. Panopto also generates intuitive data reports to help you make decisions on actionable data of customers and their viewing behavior. You can also make live streams more engaging with its interactive HTML5 player.


That was all about the top 10 online video streaming platforms. All platforms offer some USPs and some basic capabilities. Hence, it is difficult to say which is the best among them.

Analyze your requirement to make a rational decision. For instance, if you need a scalable, secure, and reliable OTT platform on a minimal budget then you can go with Phando. But if budget is not a constraint then DaCast is a good option. Vimeo Livestream is a good choice for only live streaming requirements.

Think cautiously before making the final decision.

Author Bio :-   Colleen Sylvia is a technology enthusiast and an avid travel writer. Her work has been praised by various CXOs, CIOs of several technology giants and has also been a guest contributor to leading websites. She does her best writing on technology trends, OTT platform providers like Phando, entertainment, healthcare and travel beats.

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