Social Selling: The Future Of Today’s E-commerce Brands

By James Tredwell on May 30, 2021

The marketing process starts with lead generation, which means attracting potential customers. But for that, you need to target the audience who might be the potential customer in the near future, and for that, you need to promote your product or services through different means. Social selling is one of the best and easiest ways to promote products or services through various social media channels. 

What Is Social Selling? 

Social selling is the modernized way to find, attract, and nurture sales prospects from the highly competitive market and is also used to maintain good relations with customers. Marketing people can sell the product or services through various social channels like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and can easily promote their products overseas. 

What Are The Top 3 Reasons For Choosing Social Selling?

In this paperless era, almost every marketer follows online selling. Hence, the following are the reasons for choosing social selling as a first priority; 

Build Real Relationship 

Social selling helps the marketers to build good relations through various social media channels, and the targeted audience shares their feedback and suggestions through commenting on your post. That is the primary reason for using social selling is to continuously get in touch with customers and improve the product and services according to their needs and demand. Below listed are some tips for building a good relationship with potential customers through social media selling

  • You can create customer care or customer service posts on your social media page so that they can directly contact you when they need anything. 
  • You can use social listening as one of the most trusted tools to measure brand perception through conversation and feedback. 
  • Always prioritize the feedback of your targeted audience. 
  • Offering them rewards through social media in terms of different price variations also attracts them.

Clients Become Advanced 

As time passes with the company, customers also become more advanced in terms of researching the product and services than buying the same. In this modern time, social selling is one of the best ways to feed your advanced client’s needs and wants.  

Gaining Competitive Advantage 

Through the various platforms of social channels, you can easily get the information of your customers, which helps you to make a decision related to price and customer preferences. 

What Are The Benefits Of Social Selling?

We can say that there is not a single disadvantage of social selling. Some pros of online selling are as follows;  

An Advantage To The Company 

The benefits of social selling affect the business as a whole. The following are the advantage of selling through an online platform in the context of the company; 

Excellent Brand Visibility 

If you have a small business or a giant firm, you are appointed more than fifty employees for different work. If all your employees create a social profile and add a clickable link to the company in their profile, you will get an extra delighted result. Moreover, while posting any ad on the page, the company can tag all the employees so that the followers of staff members are also aware of the same. 

Qualitative Lead Generation 

It is a psychology of the people, whatever they need or want to buy, they first check the brand image and company profile on google and social media. So we can get organic leads from the social selling who are actually interested in purchasing. 

Increases Traffic On A Website 

Through social media selling, you might know about the Google business, but you can increase traffic on your website by posting clickable links with each post. These are how you can get two benefits from a single post; firstly, you target the audience by posting, and secondly, you can attract traffic to your website.   

Boost Sales 

The primary purpose of creating a page on the different social media platforms is to update the target market niche, which ultimately boosts sales. 

An Advantage To The Employee

It is natural that if you have more employees, you will get more benefits. Social media selling is excellent for both personal and professional contexts.

Build Personal Brand 

These days, everyone has their personal profile on social media. You just need to add your current profession with a clickable link to the company’s website, which increases your personal brand as well as attracts traffic to the website. 


The market leaders tag their personal accounts while they are posting on the company’s page, which increases their personal goodwill as leaders. 

Career Opportunity

Social sellers have a wide network of people, which is suitable for their future career opportunities. Active social seller’s profile notice by everyone which is beneficial for his/her personal growth.   

Vast Contribution To Company Success 

Social sellers mention the company’s name and link on his/her profile which contributes a valuable part to the success of the business. 

Which Are The Main Platform To Start With? 

At the beginning stage, you can start social selling with the following three platforms;


Linkedin is the most formal way to engage with customers, especially for B2B buyers. The following are the primary three steps to generate leads with LinkedIn and do effective social selling;

Boost Credibility 

We are getting almost fifty percent of social traffic on our website through Linkedin. Also, you can manage good relations with your customers or inquirers through such a platform professionally, and you can also analyze the traffic. 

Expand Network 

You can enlarge your business overseas through Linkedin. Like the saying, “Network is net worth,” so by using such platforms to expand the personal network. 

Group Benefits 

You can create a group of interested audiences and send any details in that group to inform them about the new launching of a product or service, change in policy or anything, etc. 


Generally, we all use Twitter to get notifications from well-known personalities about what they are doing in their personal lives. But trust me, that is not the proper use of Twitter if you are a business person. You can create a post list and monitor the same for a specific group of people to target them. The following are the primary three keys of doing social selling on Twitter;

Existing Customers 

With the help of social platforms like Twitter, you can handle your existing users. You can also analyze their needs and preferences through such social media. 

Lead Generation 

You can capture the potential audience through social media platforms and also analyze their needs and preferences. 


As I said earlier, we are using Twitter to get an idea about what others are doing in their lives; so you can know what your competitors are doing, and also you can use that strategy for making a decision regarding the prices of products.  


We all are aware of Facebook and its uses. You can create a Facebook business page and post there the latest news of your organization and inform your existing and potential users about the same. 

Engage With Rivals 

Almost all marketers have a business page on Facebook for their business so that you can check their activities also. 

Engage With Followers 

You can also engage with your followers through the Facebook page. They also comment on your post and tell you their requirements. 

How To Start Social Selling: The Basic Idea

There is a small process of starting online selling, which is beneficial for both employees and the company. The following are the steps for the same; 

Select The Best Social Platform To Start With 

The first step is to choose the best online platform for your promotion and create a professional profile for the same. You can select Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc., which best suits you for promoting the product of your company. 

Follow The Target Audience 

After making a profile on social sites, you need to classify the targeted audience and analyze their needs and preferences and also follow them to know more about them. 

Make A List Of The Rivals And Follow Them 

After that, you need to find the profile of your rivals and also need to follow them to know their daily activities for making better decisions related to pricing policy, promotion policy, discount tactics, etc., because it is essential to have up to the date information of your rivals. 

Allow Instant Notification Of Each Platform 

This is something you are not allowed to neglect if you want to win the market. You need to allow the notifications of social media applications to get the updated news of your followings, ultimately, your existing and potential users and rivals. 

Make A Group Of Interested People 

If you want to make a group of interested people, then you can create it and update your users there also. If any of them missed the post, they could get information from the group message. 

Share Valuable Content Daily 

Daily activeness on social media is essential to remind your potential leads about your brand and your business. 


We know that each thing has two sides, i.e., negative and positive. But trust me! Social selling has not a single negative side. I must say this is not late yet if you want to implement a social selling strategy to expand your business overseas. 

This article is contributed by Sweta – is an experienced content strategist at FactoHR

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