Why Your Startup (Or Business) Needs A Mobile App

By Guest Contributor on September 15, 2018

Mobile apps are no longer just limited to corporations or businesses in specific industries. Startups and small businesses are now also joining the fray as entrepreneurs are starting to realize that having a general website is no longer enough to create and establish an online presence. A mobile app can be advantageous for businesses, regardless of its size or industry.

Here are a few reasons why your business needs a mobile app.

Enhances visibility

Data derived in 2016 showed that on average, Americans spend approximately an hour and a half on their mobile devices on a daily basis. Although users normally make use of only a few applications a day, they will come across each app on a daily basis as they still have to scroll and scan through the list before accessing one. Increasing exposure time, however small and subtle, can make it easier for customers to remember a brand.

Advertises products and services

Business mobile apps make it easier for businesses to provide leads and potential customers with the information they need to make a decision. This includes basic information about the company, the latest news, search services, access to user accounts, and messaging options. If you own an online store, you can use the app to showcase all the products and services that your business offers and their respective prices. Push notifications can also be designed to let people know about upcoming deals or promotions.

Builds the brand

There are no strict guidelines when it comes to creating a mobile app. Think of it as your company’s business card. The information on it, how it looks, and how the app works all create a lasting impression. If you already have a website, your app can strengthen your brand’s image. You can make the app look trendy, serious or in a style that is consistent with the brand’s image.

Improves interaction with consumers

Brands can use their apps to develop a relationship with their target market. This includes promoting the brand, selling the product, handling after-sales concerns, and even providing rewards to loyal customers.

Both your brand and your market can benefit from using an app. Consumers can use the app’s built-in messenger or chat feature to quickly send a message to the company. No need for them to write a detailed email or call the hotline to find answers to their questions.

Apps offer consumers a direct line to your business. They can let you know what your business is doing right and which areas you need to improve on. Any positive feedback can be used as a testimonial for your site. With negative feedback, you can use the app to quickly deal with the issue before the dissatisfied individual goes public with his or her complaint.

Helps acquire market data

App users can provide entrepreneurs with information that can be beneficial for the business. The data can provide more information on the demographics of your market. It can also help entrepreneurs identify what the strengths and weaknesses of the business and the app are, and what your customers’ needs are, and identify other potential business opportunities.

Broadens your brand’s reach

The mobile user market is a sector that cannot be ignored. Approximately 95 percent of Americans own a cellphone or a mobile device. Although a large percentage of users are using their devices to learn more about a brand, an increasing number of consumers are also expecting businesses to develop apps that will make the experience of purchasing online more convenient. Integrating your business app with an online marketing strategy and social media profiles will allow your brand to broaden its reach, especially when it comes to the younger market.

Boosts traffic

Google and Apple app stores receive millions of visits on a daily basis.  Well-designed apps with links to your website can help generate additional traffic. Plus, from an SEO standpoint, developing a mobile app for your business is a way to get backlinks from reputable sites.

Generates revenue

Developing apps can also be used to generate additional revenue for the business. There are two ways of doing this. One is by allowing ads inside the app – businesses can earn whenever the ad is clicked. Another way is to create a free and a paid version of the app. The paid version could include premium content or features. They can also be designed to be free of ads.

There are many advantages to having an app developed. An app can help broaden your business’s reach, develop relationships with your customers, and increase sales. They are relatively inexpensive to try out and can bring the brand closer to its target market.

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Ayham Gorani

Director, Alpha-Apps FZ LLC

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