10 Tips for Landing Page Optimization in 2020

By James Tredwell on May 22, 2020

A research carried out by Hubspot stated that the average landing page has a conversion rate of five to fifteen percent as opposed to optimized landing pages with a conversion rate of thirty percent. It is, therefore, essential as the owner of a website to make sure your landing page is well optimized to achieve your company/business goal. In this article, we will be discussing ten tips that will help achieve the aim of optimizing your landing page.

Tip 1:The Page Should Encourage Conversation.

One of the essential tips for an optimized landing page is to make sure the page promotes dialogue. A landing page optimized for conversation attracts traffic to your site and also helps visitors spend time on the site.

One of the first steps to take to optimize conversation is having a Call-to-Action button. This CTA button should be obvious and clear. All the text on the landing page should point visitors towards the need to click and participate in the CTA.

A brand that has a very compelling CTA is Dropbox. With their minimal design and effective use of space, they can make their CTA stand out. The CTA has the same color as their name, which helps create a connection in the mind of those signifying up for their service.

Tip 2: Get straight to the point

Getting straight to the point entails removing unnecessary clutter from your landing page. Most of the time, a simple landing page is more beneficial because it eliminates distractions from the visitor’s experience. Your goal when designing the landing page should be clarity. Visitors should be able to easily locate and read the essential information without having to go through a lot of text.

An excellent example of a company with a clear landing page is Uber. Uber clearly highlights the reasons to use their service. The visuals used are also legible and nice looking, and the copy on the page is straight to the point and clear.

Tip 3: Should Be Secure And Private

Privacy and security are a huge concern among the majority of internet users today, especially with the proliferation of spam and virus/worm-infested websites. A vital feature your page should have is the https:// URL prefix. This prefix helps your visitors know that your page is secure, encrypted, and can be trusted.

Users want to know that their information will not be stolen or tracked from your website. Some browsers like Google Chrome, sometimes redirect visitors from a website if it believes it is not secure. Therefore, making sure your page is secure is essential.

Tip 4: Use the Scarcity Effect

Humans tend to place a higher value on a service or product if they perceive it is scarce. Our brains are wired to attach luxury, exclusivity, and positive value to anything seen as rare. Scarcity creates and heightens the desire for a product and service. Therefore, using this effect to your advantage will compel your visitors to take immediate action on your landing page.

An example of popular phrases used to create the scarcity effect include “only four left in stock,” “limited offer expires soon,” “20% off until 5/12”, and so much more. If you notice, a lot of popular websites like Amazon, Alibaba, and so on actively use some of these phrases on their landing page.

Tip 5: Use Tools

The role of tools to help optimize landing pages cannot be overemphasized. Optimization tools were designed to help boost traffic to your landing page and make sure visitors carry out the desired action. A lot of processes such as Search Engine Optimization and Conversion rate Optimization can be made easier with the use of tools.

Website owners use tools to stay ahead of the competition. Therefore, it is vital to use tools to optimize your landing page if you plan to maintain your competitive edge. Some of the best tools to help optimize your landing page include:

  • Unbounce
  • Hello Bar
  • Launch rock
  • UserTesting
  • Visual Website Optimizer
  • Optimizely

Tip 6: Test and Experiment

There are many practices available in books or online that give tips on optimizing your landing page. However, to get the best results, it is advised that you test/experiment with different types of media. Depending on the type of landing page, making use of videos to optimize the landing page as opposed to text can prove more efficient.

However, no matter what type of media you use, it is always best to make sure it is of the highest quality. This is because this speaks volumes about your website and brand.

Tip 7: Offer Incentive

Offering an incentive to visitors or customers to make a purchase or carry out action can help optimize your landing page. If, for example, your customers are required to take a survey, or to provide personal data on the landing page, Value should be given in return.

This value can range anywhere from a coupon code, a useful link, and so on. A lot of people will be persuaded to carry out an action/purchase if they will be receiving something free in return.

Tip 8: Use Testimonials

Humans are social animals; we look at the behaviors of others to help influence our course of action. Equipped with this fact, it is no surprise that testimonials, either positive or negative, greatly influence the behavior of visitors on your landing page. Testimonials can attract new customers/visitors, increase conversions/sales, and help restore/build customer loyalty. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to add positive testimonials about your product/service on your landing page.

Tip 9: Restrict Navigation

When designing your landing page, you must note that you are not trying to give out the entire website experience. A lot of navigational buttons can be very distracting and deter from the landing page experience. The number of exits from your landing page must be kept to a bare minimum.

Tip 10: Place Vital Information Above The Fold

Knowing the origin of the phrase “Above the Fold” gives an insight into this term’s meaning. Newspapers regularly place(d) the more important and exciting news above the fold on the front cover of a newspaper. This practice was done to catch the customer’s eye to entice them to purchase a paper.

When designing your landing page, placing the most important information above the fold gives the visitor an immediate idea of your product/service. Several companies like MySpace, Amazon, Walmart etc. use this tip.


When designing your website’s landing page, it is essential to be consistent and apply the required changes based on analytics and facts. Even if you want the landing page in other languages, using quality localization services is vital as it ensures quality, and Implementing the above tips is critical for the user to have a quality experience.

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