12 Ways to Make Your eCommerce Site’s Design Look Attractive

By James Tredwell on May 22, 2020

Are you also thinking about making eCommerce sites design attractive looking? If the customers like the design of your website, then it then only it make your site to be browsed, and they love spending their time over it.

However, getting an attractive design for your site is not an easy task to avail of. It is important for you to take the right strategies into consideration.

Determining the same, here we are providing the details about the three most common strategies that help you out in making the design of your eCommerce site attractive.

#1. Start With Embracing A Simple Home Page

Nowadays, with the help of social media, search engines, and directories, it has become easier for people to go straight to the content pages without even visiting the homepage.

This fact has decreased the importance of the homepage. However, it does not mean that you should ignore the design.

Instead, if you are in the e-commerce business, then you shall always focus on a simple design that can be easily imprecise the important information without even getting overloaded with the unnecessary distractions to the customers.

#2. Always try to use the right color palette

The color palette and the background colors along with the dominant and ascent must be based upon what your brand is representing and which audience you are targeting.

If you are willing to represent luxury and elegance, then you can go for the black shades, and the energy and excitement related factors are associated with the white shades of red.

You can also use the online color scheme generator for this or can take advice from the expert Magento developer.

If the design of your site is sleek minimalist and clean, then it will minimize the destruction and let the customers focus on what they are exactly looking and clicking.

If you are selling the fashion apparels, then try to go for the white background color and highlight the “add to cart” call to action button.

It will not be wrong if you rely on the readymade themes for the e-commerce website. Even in Magento, there are some amazing readymade themes and extensions available that you can use for your e-commerce website.

However, if you think that you are capable of creating unique sites, then you can go for the platform that helps you to code your own theme. After creating your design, always take a review of other people at an initial level.

#3. Always use the best, honest product pictures

It is rightly stated that everyone likes things that are aesthetically pleasing—however, 90% of the information that is transmitted to our brain as usual.

Being an e-commerce website owner, it is important for you to determine the fact that you were product pictures look professional, there is proper lightning instead of looking like they have been taken from any front camera of the phone.

If your store is selling the drawings, then it is important that the product images have a certain depth. Try to capture the pictures from all the sensible angles and try to ensure that they can easily get zoomed in.

The more you provide the details, the more will be better. Always try to make your product picture relevant. Suppose you are selling a tea mug, then instead of a standalone mug, you can easily fill it with tea and put it on the table with other kitchen items. It will simply enhance its photography.

#4. Think the cinema-graph

Again we will state the same that the brain loves everything visual, then you should try giving it a surprise. Turnstile has conducted an experiment states that 20% of the conversion rate gets increases when the customers get presented with the subtle moving images.

The cinematography plays an important role in creating immediate engagement with the customers due to its power of making the customers looking again. If you are also thinking about increasing the conversion rate, then you can easily consider the cinema graphs.

#5. Think like A Website Visitor

If you are willing that your eCommerce web page design can connect with your audience then it is important for you to think just like them. There are some particular things that your potential customers will definitely look for into your site.

If you have structured the site according to the customer’s requirements then it will become easy for them to navigate and also your customers will be able to get a hassle-free shopping experience.

#6. Use Social Proof

Whenever you are structuring your eCommerce business website design inspiration then always search for the approaches that can easily demonstrate your potential customers the positive input that you have gotten from your other clients. Always try to include the evaluation segment where the individuals can easily rate your items.

#7. Must Make Product Categories

If you were site is easy to navigate then it will definitely attract more users. if the user is willing to get some things and the product is available just a few clicks away when it will definitely prove to be a positive sign for him

#8. Must Add The View Cart Button

Usually, the E-Commerce sites have a little shopping cart icon somewhere on any page that helps the users in getting details about the items that they have actually added to their cart.

It is one of the most important strategies that you must adopt if you are willing to make your eCommerce web design attractive. It is important for you to ensure that the icon is somewhere recognizable like the shopping cart for shopping bags.

#9. Along with photos and moving images, try to add videos

The more you use media for representing the products, the more it will attract the users. Yes, the pictures will show how the product looks but with the help of videos or short description videos the customers will be able to feel more connected to the product or service you are providing.

#10. Must Keep All The Things Organised

All the categories that you have given on your eCommerce website page must be organized in a perfect manner. It must be easy for the customers to find out the menu bar or shopping cart or any other tab. As we have stated that products must be categorized properly.

#11. Must add an out-of-stock tab

It is necessary for you to determine that if any of the stock is not available then it should be noted with the out of the stock tag. With the help of a scarcity tag you can easily play tricks with customer psychology. If the fear missing out on the product then they will impulsively purchase it.

#12. Must Use Attractive Grid Layouts

For the E-Commerce sites, the great style layouts are considered as the best options available. Whenever the users browse the products, it is best for them to get the products in particular rows or columns.

Additionally you should be careful that you are not trying too many different products in one row. Try to choose the products that will make your product catalog visibility appealing. To

An e-commerce site visual design is scientific. If you are willing to keep your customers’ stay on your site that always tries to focus on providing relevant content along with evoking the emotions, before starting, must conduct the whole research.

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