7 Ways Using Social Media With Paid Traffic Can Help Your Chiropractor Clinic.

By James Tredwell on June 19, 2021

For any chiropractic clinic to thrive, new patients need to be brought inconsistently. After all, you can never have too many patients. Chiropractors do not have time to research and try out new ways of advertising to potential patients. A trial and error approach is useful but can require a ton of patience. Do not go blind into your marketing and advertising efforts. This guide will give chiropractors some useful tips that take the guesswork out of driving paid traffic to your clinic. Thankfully, with the use of digital advertising, the ability to find these desirable potential patients has never been easier. Capitalizing on the tips in this list will give chiropractors a leg up on their local competition. That is what is most important in this business. How can your chiropractic clinic stand out amongst the local competition? Continue reading this guide to find out how.  

1. Facebook Ads

Facebook is the best social media platform for chiropractic advertising. Their ad manager is not only user-friendly, but also extremely useful. Being able to generate leads and traffic from your ideal patients is a breeze if you spend a little time setting up your ads. Facebook’s ad manager will allow you to find your ideal audience using demographic, geographic, behavioral, and interest targeting. This allows you to really narrow down and try out audiences that you think will convert into patients for your chiropractic clinic. Facebook also provides a dozen formats for your ad to display. Match up the content you want to show off with whichever ad format looks best. Use these ads to show off and promote services that make your chiropractic clinic money. Brand awareness is useful, but paying for awareness that does not immediately offer paying customers looking for your services is risky. Facebook allows you to track the effectiveness of each new ad you create within your overall campaign. Use this data to improve each ad and better target potential new patients.

2. Don’t Boost Posts on Facebook

Facebook provides much better targeting options to promote your posts if you use their ad manager tool instead of just boosting your current posts. Boosting your posts is much easier to do, which is purposely done by Facebook. If you take a little more time to fill out the more detailed targeting information through the ad manager, your posts have a better chance to convert traffic to your chiropractic website. When you are able to precisely track and target a specific audience on Facebook, you can find which audience is best for your chiropractic clinic. If you are simply boosting posts, you will never be able to narrow down exactly who is a potential new patient. Boosting limits you to advertising to one audience at a time, which is a big waste of time. You will be stuck waiting on each audience targeting results to come in before you can even move on to targeting a new audience. Also, boosting posts does not even allow you to choose device targeting, which means you are missing out on focusing on mobile users specifically. People are more likely to convert when they are using their mobile devices because desktops are primarily used for working. Do not waste your money on people who will not convert. 

3. Instagram Advertising

Similar to Facebook, Instagram is also very useful to advertise on. That is because Instagram shares the same advertising tools as Facebook. If you are now familiar with Facebook advertising, Instagram will be a breeze. Similar to the above tip, you will also want to avoid boosting your Instagram posts. Creating new posts for ads is the way to go on Instagram. Utilizing the advertising features on Instagram Stories is an excellent way to guarantee your ad is seen. Both Instagram and Facebook offer numerous ad formats to use, so play around with what works best for your Instagram audience. However, the biggest difference in the two sites is the age demographics to consider. Facebook has a much older age range of users and Instagram has a much younger audience. Consider this when targeting and creating ads for each platform. It is still useful to target the younger working professionals on Instagram, so do not skip this social media when deciding on what platforms you want to advertise on. 

4. Create visually appealing Pinterest ads

Pinterest is commonly used by an audience who is seeking inspiration and advice or are looking to purchase. This creates a unique advertising opportunity that is more streamlined to bring your ad to the most appropriate audience. For instance, someone may be searching for “back pain relief” on Pinterest, and the results will show varied but related results. These results can include recommended stretches, equipment that aids in relieving back tension, and even an advertisement for your chiropractor clinic. Pinterest ads are displayed as results to search queries, so you will be more likely to reach your target audience as they are actively searching for related solutions or services. Pinterest is an extremely visual medium, so using an attention-grabbing image is the first priority to showcase your clinic. As with the other major providers for digital advertising, you can customize your budget, target audience, and other ad features, and eventually review your ad’s analytics.

5. Advertise on Linkedin

Another major social platform, primarily targeted towards working professionals, is LinkedIn. There are four types of ads that you can choose from on LinkedIn: Sponsored Content, Message Ads, Dynamic Ads, and Text Ads. Sponsored ds are displayed naturally in the LinkedIn feed just like other posts. Message Ads are shown in LinkedIn messaging. Dynamic Ads personalize the ad to a LinkedIn user’s profile data such as photo, company, and job title. Text Ads are simple PPC or CPM (cost-per-impression) ads. Just like the other advertising platforms, you will be prompted to define the objective of your marketing campaign. Some objectives to choose from are brand awareness, consideration (website views and engagement), and conversions. Again, you will be asked to select your targeting criteria which essentially filter down to your target audience. You can also set your budget and the schedule for your ads and be able to view your campaign analytics to optimize the performance of your ads.

6. Hire influencers to promote your services

Influencer marketing is a growing form of digital advertising. Influencers are people who have a dedicated online following who trust their opinions and values. This is especially beneficial in reaching a younger audience. Many influencers can be found on Instagram and TikTok. Basically, you pay them to mention or show your chiropractor clinic in their posts as promotional content. They will be explicit that it is a sponsored advertisement, and they will describe the benefits of your services to their audience, often based on personal experience. Marketing this way is also very mobile-friendly since most influencers post digital content that is most easily consumed through phone apps. Do your research to find influencers who discuss topics within your industry and find the most influential individuals. The budget for this type of marketing varies greatly depending on the influencer’s expected compensation which often depends on the follower count and views of their posts. Sometimes the influencers will even be represented by a talent agency who you will need to contact. Once you have determined your budget, you will need to determine your goals and messaging. You will provide the influencers with basic talking points to accentuate what you want them to emphasize. Typically, influencer marketing is more hands-on than the other automated advertising options, so be prepared to have conversations with your chosen influencers to make sure that your agreement is fully understood and to make sure that they stay on schedule and on message.

7. Boost your reach with Twitter ads

Twitter is a main form of social media for many people, including potential new patients for your chiropractor clinic. The most beneficial result of advertising on Twitter is that your ad will promote your desired message. This is often used in publicizing a specific service or introducing your practice to potential patients near you geographically. You are in control of your message, budget, and certain audience options. To reach your target audience, you can refine based on geography interests, similar followers, or various other filters. This method of advertising is popular for boosting exposure for your chiropractor clinic, gaining new followers who can become potential customers, and reviewing the results of your ads with the analytics features.


To recap this guide, social media marketing and advertising offer several ways to drive traffic to your chiropractic clinic. Finding new ways to stand out from the local competition is extremely important in such a competitive market. Utilizing social media as a part of your digital marketing efforts is a great way to find potential new patients. Advertising on social media platforms can be especially beneficial in reaching your target audience based on features such as location or topics of interest. Make sure you are reviewing and tracking the results of your social media advertising campaigns. Adjustments will be necessary and can help you further find new patients. This guide can be a great start to your digital marketing efforts, and should help chiropractors use paid traffic for their chiropractic clinic.

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