9 Web Design Dos and Don’ts You need to Know About

By James Tredwell on January 24, 2022

In this contemporary business ecosystem, website and web designing have become the most powerful tools. Nowadays, this website design has become the most ideal and powerful marketing tool. But the web design is the trickiest subject. Lots of things are there which you must consider while creating a website.

Website is all about speed. Along with speed, you must consider how fast the page loads and whether users can gather the information they are searching for on the websites. 

While preparing a website, you must be thorough with the Dos and Don’ts of Web Design. Every web designer should take this into account. These principles are very simple; anyone can follow these principles to create a website lucidly. Anyone can create a better website with mobile responsive templates and seamless drag and drop unlimited customization. 

If you plan to design websites, you must consider making the design enjoyable and useful. Even anyone has the world’s best web design software at their fingertips; it still can become an overwhelming task for those who have just begun to create websites. 

Here are the 10 Dos and Don’ts of Web Design that you must follow before creating the websites.

1. Keeping your interface consistent

 is the top principle of web designing to keep the interface consistent throughout the entire product. It would help if you were consistent with the overall look and the feel of the website across all the website pages. To have a positive impact on usability, the websites must be consistent in navigation, typefaces, style of writing, and color schemes. 

Here is some practical tip which you might consider- 1st of all, make the design usable. If the website is not properly designed, there is no value in making the other parts consistent. So 1st of all, make the design usable, then go for making it consistent. 

2. Design easy-to-use navigation

Proper navigation is the cornerstone of the usability of the website. Keep in mind that if the user is unable to find their way around the websites, then there is no value in having a good website. So it would help if you were well sounded in making the navigation simple, clear, and consistent. 

Simple navigation means the websites should have the simplest structures, and the clearness in the navigation means it must be self-evident for the visitors. Consistent navigation suggests that the navigation system must be the same for every page, including the homepage. 

Navigation must be designed so that the visitors can easily go wherever they wish with the least amount of clicks, and they can still easily scan and locate the places where they wish to go.

3. Change the color of visited links.

Every web designer must be aware that the links play the most vital role in the navigation process. The links must change their colors more often when you visit the website; otherwise, the user will be unintentionally revisiting the same WebPages repeatedly. 

The user must know its past and present locations to make it easier for them to decide which link they need to visit. 

4. Make it easy to scan your pages.

After visiting the website, the user will first scan the whole screen of the website. Then, if the visitor wishes to find the content, they will scan the whole screen of the website until they find where they need to go. 

Web design principles Checklist suggests the web designer help the designer by designing a good visual hierarchy. It just means the arrangement of all the elements in such a way that implies the importance. 

5. Take content seriously

Along with the good design of the website, importance must also be given to the good content on the web page. Websites can only be considered good ones when the website is designed beautifully and with good content. Therefore, every designer must ensure that the design aids and complements the content. 

You must ensure that the text present on the website is relevant. Irrelevant texts will not bring any value for the users, and it will confuse them. So try to indulge that content on the website, which could be valuable for the visitors.

6. Check your website for errors.

As you all might be aware that a small piece of error can tarnish the whole great work. Website designing company Mumbai suggests being aware of the common problems such as:

  • Watching out for the dead links- Visitors can become frustrated when they click on the website link and find 404 error pages in the response. So be aware of this type of issue.
  • Check the websites for any typos.
  • You must make sure that all the media content uploaded on the web page is loading correctly without any broken images and videos.

7. Minimize the number of choices

You must minimize the number of choices. The more the number of choices lesser the action the visitors will take. Presenting the user with too many choices can impact the decision-making. So, to increase the chances of interaction with the visitors, it’s always advised to minimize the number of choices. 

8. Engage users to scroll

Scrolling plays a major role in the promotion of the business. When the customers scroll a lot on the web page, they will invest more time in the experience; they can go deeper into the pages. All this may lead them to convert them into the preferable client and thrust them to buy something, sign up for the newsletter, or may contact you. 

Visitors start scrolling down as soon as the web page loads, but the content at the top is very important. Top content will only set the impression and the expectation of the quality for the visitors. 

9. Label buttons according to what they do

The Label buttons always tie back to what they will do for the user. The visitors will make themselves comfortable if they understand what action the label button will trigger. Unfortunately, vague labels such as the “submit” don’t provide much information about the action. 


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