Why B2B Businesses Need Delivery Tracking Software?

By James Tredwell on February 25, 2020

Not your customer-centric eCommerce, wherein all the processes are taken care of by the third-party. These are the times that have encouraged a number of eCommerce companies to build an in-house team of logistics expert rather than outsourcing these resources.

One, you can definitely enjoy the benefits of having an in-house logistics team, as you can communicate better with them. Even Amazon has its own fulfillment centres, and as companies are looking at the apparent pros of establishing warehouses, logistics operations are taken under control. However, along with the functions of the eCommerce and logistics businesses, the pressure to run every operation in a seamless manner is paramount.

Here, let’s ditch the eCommerce landscape for a while. Most of the restaurants and food giants are also thinking long-term and opt for handling the delivery on their own. To assist them in their venture, tools such as real-time delivery tracking software are turning integral in the business model.

What Can a Delivery Tracking Software Do?

Analysts of Future Market Insights have found staggering stats that point towards the increasing adoption of delivery management software. According to the report, sales of delivery tracking software is estimated to grow as much as 14% during the 10-year tenure of 2018-2028. This is because delivery tracking software can do much more than merely tracking your delivery.

a). A delivery tracking management software can connect stakeholders in one platform.

b).You do not need to be technologically-competent to use the platform.

c).The platform helps in sharing information and data to the stakeholders.

d).The delivery tracking solution offers an app to your customers, so they are in the known of where their order is.

Why Does Your Business Need a Delivery Tracking Management Solution?

Digital business has a lot of potential to scale in a short period of time. This is because your business is independent of geography. Below are some of the reasons that point at the need for the delivery tracking management system:

1. Dealing with the Complexity Becomes Much More Easier

B2B business orders are complicated than the B2C ones. This is because you can afford to lose customers, as the transaction is of small value. However, you cannot afford to lose clients, since they are your repeated buyers and they place bulk orders. Now, initially, you may find streamlined business operations, but once you begin to get more orders, the complexity increases.

You have to have separate teams for handling the data coming in for the order placement, inventory stacking, to order fulfilment and proof of delivery. In such a scenario, while employing a number of resources, the accuracy level decreases. In addition to this, the complexity of payroll and handling these resources add a new layer.

A simple way out is to integrate a real-time delivery tracking software into your business and let all your stakeholders receive updates from the same.

2. Eliminating Multiple Checkpoints

A typical scenario without a delivery tracking software starts with an individual placing an order. The customer service person then checks the inventory and confirms the order through the mail. Then the order fulfilment request is sent via mail or a call to the other resources. They plan the order delivery and dispatch it.

The client follows up through the mail, and the customer service person once again asks the team about the status of the deliverable and resorts to the mail for communicating with the client.

A mail is called snail mail for a purpose. While almost all the mid- and large-sized businesses are resorting to the digital modules for ease, your slow processing may frustrate your client and he may churn put.

A solution to this is to pass your requirement to your app developer and ask him to develop a delivery software application with the checkpoint you need for your business.

3. Increasing Customer Satisfaction in Digital World Comes at a Cost

Everybody is running to achieve their personal agendas. Nobody gotta time for anything. In such a scenario, if you are looking forward to serving your clients with the utmost convenience, the only solution that you must look for is the one that takes the least possible time.

Last-mile delivery solutions are occupying a prominent position in the online delivery businesses of today. Such a solution can help you look for the most feasible resources to allocate a task. Lesser the distance of the resource to the warehouse, lesser will be the time consumed on the delivery. This will, in turn, improve customer satisfaction rate.

Last-mile delivery software have been in the online delivery arena for quite some time now. So, the chances of making them a USP for your business is gone. Integrating the last-mile delivery application has become a need. Besides increasing the customer satisfaction rate, this also empowers the delivery men with a personalized app for them to manage their operations.

As a result, you are creating a WIN-WIN business model for all the stakeholders involved in your business.

4. Mind the Road

You can control your business and your resources. However, you cannot control the road and the traffic; these are the elements that determine how fast your deliverymen are going to fulfill the orders.

In such a case, you can leverage effective route-optimization software to help your deliverymen find the most relevant route to the destination. This can help them beat traffic and fulfill the orders faster. If there are any changes in the schedule, you can directly let your deliverymen know through the route planning application.

Besides this, when you are able to achieve deliveries faster, your resources are available for more deliverable. This means, your productivity increases and customer satisfaction knows no bound.

Why Only Care for Customers and Not the Deliverymen

The trend is to follow an on-demand delivery business model to cut down on the hassles of owning a fleet and managing them. However, this brings us to another concern—You now need to keep the morale of the deliverymen boosted, just like you encourage your customers to place more orders.

While the traditional businesses had little room for appreciating the deliverymen, the digital system makes it necessary to be as people-centric as possible. Delivery tracking software can help you achieve all-round business success.

You can offer your customers the feature of real-time delivery tracking and provide your deliverymen with route-optimization software. Overall, you have a portal for your team to communicate about the orders. All your processes are digital and your accountability on a single individual almost diminishes.

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Noman Shaikh is a Digital Marketing Head at Fixlastmile which is known for developing top-notch last mile delivery System. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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