7 Strategies to Speed Up Your Software Development Process

By James Tredwell on February 16, 2022

A swift software development process is essential for any Software Development Company to get more time to market for the products developed. Businesses that want the advantage of being the first launcher of any software need to launch their software solutions faster than their competitors. Henceforth, the rate of software development is a significant factor in understanding the depth of competitive advantage in the software development industry.

Software development enterprises need to meet the dynamic requirements of their clients and the market. One of the significant challenges they face is failing to quickly launch new products and releases to serve users and the market.

So, software development companies need to speed up the software development process without burning out terms for the development. And for this, one can follow the following strategies and get the software product launch within the decided time.

Hire quality members to develop software

The right team with quality members is always better than being a one-man-army while developing software products. Moreover, a good rule for faster software development is to focus more on finding quality people rather than growing and managing a vast team.

Hiring proficient software developers is one of the most critical investments you can make in your software development enterprise though it is not that straightforward. Your company cannot get overnight success without an excellent product and quality software developers.

In simple words, a developer with excellence and expertise will do more work in less time with fewer resources.

Focus on the most important to develop the right product

Setting your focus on critical things is essential to develop a software product swiftly. If you do not focus on the most important things, you might waste time and effort trying to do everything at once but could not do anything well.

You will manage to do the most important things even before starting the development process if you find a way to focus your relevant efforts and address a significant concern of your audience. Moreover, you can find the most important things to focus on by answering these questions; What problem are you trying to solve by developing this solution? Who is having this problem?

Now that you know the problem and who has it, it becomes easy and quick to develop solutions using preferred software development principles.

Have a small and supportive team

With large teams, it takes time to make a decision and implement it. The software development process is complicated enough that passing things to a larger group of people makes it time-consuming and more complex every time you need to make a move.

That is why keeping your team small, supportive and autonomous is favorable for quicker software development. Small groups are easy to manage and can make decisions quickly, which faster software development. Moreover, a small team with quality members delivers higher quality work because of only a few bottlenecks or second-guessing themselves.

Large teams often face delays or overlooked details because of miscommunications, whereas in small groups, the communication becomes error-free.

Embrace DevOps & Agile Methodology

Software development companies that use DevOps and Agile have a competitive advantage in today’s software industry. These techniques help achieve continuous delivery of high-quality software products within a given time, leading to better customer satisfaction and increased company revenues.

Moreover, companies that practice DevOps/Agile often outperform their competitors. The success of companies embracing and using Agile & DevOps is a range of these factors:

  • Low development time.
  • The capability of meeting business goals on time.
  • Automation to reduce errors and time.

Your company can also acquire all these benefits and see a significant boost in productivity and software development.

Moreover, companies with DevOps/Agile techniques get faster time-to-market by reducing development cycles, shorter delivery deadlines, and better communication with stakeholders.

Adopt test-driven development

Test-driven development is a process of iteratively writing tests for your code while developing a software product. You can confidently develop the software if the tests are in place because you will know that you are not breaking functionality even unknowingly. Test-driven software development is ideal for speeding up the software development process as there is so much initial up-front work with TDD.

If you want to bring it to use in your software development cycle, start with small steps; try adding Test Driven Development to small sections of your software. If that works well for you, integrate it gradually into your workflow.

You might not find anything as simple as using a testing framework as it pays off quickly and dramatically to enhance productivity and fix bugs in early software development cycles.

Choose the right tool for development

There are quite enough that your company uses appropriate software development, but how much attention do you give to specific development tools or software tools that might best suit your software development requirements.

For this, identify which tools or software significantly impact your day-to-day development work, such as platforms for managing projects, customer relationships, time tracking, and finance. Then, find out whether you prefer to use desktop or online tools in your software development process.

And now, if you require something full-featured with advanced capabilities and more specific functions, consider a system that your team is comfortable with. Because getting the right tools can help your team enhance productivity and save them from unnecessary frustration later on.

Use Automation to save cost and time

Try to put your effort into automating your software development processes as much as possible. No rule is there that you need to reinvent everything. Moreover, you use your efforts, time, and money to develop new features or improvements rather than reinvent existing ones. Around 90% of costs associated with the software development process go toward maintenance and enhancement of product rather than initial development. Automation tends to provide the most productivity as it requires limited human resources to be focused, and it is more efficient on specific tasks with higher profit.


Software development is a complex process; having the proper guidelines and following correct techniques can help you succeed in your development process within less time. Moreover, staying responsive and flexible in a quickly changing environment, constantly learning new technologies, and implementing successful strategies can reduce your software development time.

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