Why Schools Should Invest in Admission Management Software?

By James Tredwell on July 31, 2019

With the advent of time, technology has rapidly integrated into major parts of our lives. This is true for all facets of our life. Technology has made our lives simpler, and in the process, has also improved the way we do things significantly.

Hence, it’s obvious that all sectors, be it business or education, have to be up to date with technology. The education sector has to keep up with technological improvements so that it can provide its students with the best learning environment possible. It’s no secret then that technology has a huge role to play in our classrooms and schools.

Before the start of every academic year, most schools have to go through the hassle of conducting a long and stressful admission process to admit students in their school. Given the complexities of this long process, it’s no surprise that it consumes a lot of time and effort of the school.

Add to that the pressure of getting everything right when doing all the tasks manually. These tedious tasks can stress any sane person and leave him too tired to focus on any tasks that could potentially improve teaching quality. Better teaching quality is known to improve the effectiveness of student learning outcomes and improve student performances.

The manual process of admissions can consume a lot of school resources that could otherwise be used in more productive tasks or to improve education standards. In other words, this tenuous process eats up a lot of resources which distracts the schools from their main purpose, which is to provide students with a better learning environment and to inculcate better values.  These manual tasks can easily be delegated to technology. There are now admission management software that allow you to automate the admission process to a great degree.

This in turn allows schools to focus on the education of the students. There are plenty of advantages for a school to opt for school management software. Below we discuss some reasons in detail so that you can get a better idea as to why your school should invest in admission management software.

A Paper-Free Solution

The whole admissions process consumes a lot of paper in the form of brochures, pamphlets, admission forms, and receipts and so on. Using soft digital copies for each of these things can be very convenient and efficient. It reduces the need for paper to a great degree and significantly reduces your printing expenses. Handling digital copies instead of paper is not only simpler but also easier and less time-consuming.

The use of document management software can also make your life very simple. Such software makes it very easy for anyone to edit, track, organize and compile the soft copies instead of wasting time on the hard copies. For example, online admission forms, made using the software, can be uploaded on the school website so that parents can fill in the required information themselves from the comfort of their homes. The reduction of paperwork simplifies life for both parents and schools.

Significant Reduction in Effort

With the introduction of the management software in schools, the effort required to carry out the admissions process is greatly reduced. Before the software, all tasks used to be done manually by the staff. These tasks would include everything—registering students, collecting and organizing student information, answering parents’ queries in person, and managing appointments.

All these tasks would overwhelm the staff and the teachers, leaving them with no energy to invest time into improving their teaching quality. Now the software handles most of these tasks and significantly reduces the manual work that is required.

Reduces or Eliminates Long Queues

Automating the admissions process eliminates the long queues that schools and parents witness during the admissions process. The complex nature of the process, which further increased the waiting time for people standing in the lines, can be reduced if schools opt for admission software.

In this day and age, when every parent is busy and can’t afford a day off to wait in lines, it becomes crucial for schools to install management software so that these queues are greatly reduced. This is done by allowing parents to complete the process from homes and pay the fees online.

Reduce Time Wastage

One of the obvious advantages of using a software for the admissions process is that it saves time. Time is the most valuable resource that anyone has because once it’s wasted, you can’t get it back. Not to mention that some things are very time sensitive. So, for example, the admissions process only occurs for a certain period every year after which the academic year begins, so the school has a time limit till which it has to finish the process.

If time is saved using the software, it can greatly reduce the resources used up by the school. These resources can then be redirected towards the students and teachers. Also, when time is not wasted during the manual process, it can be used to prepare for lectures and school improvement projects that would otherwise keep getting sidetracked.

Reduction of Temporary Staff

For the admission season, the schools have to hire more temporary workers to handle the large inflow of parents. This is because there is a lot of work to be done during this period.

The manual process requires running multiple counters to cater to parents that come to the schools. If the process is automated, the need for these workers is eliminated as most of the work can be done by the software. This allows the school to save money that would otherwise be spent on employee wages.

These savings will likely outweigh the costs of installing these management software and make the school more efficient.

These reasons should be enough to convince every school owner to implement changes in their respective schools so that they can take advantage of this management software.

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