How To Boost Your ROI With Video Ads

By James Tredwell on August 1, 2019

I’ll begin straight by stating an undeniable fact: Videos are powerful. And here is the research that proves it.

  • Product videos increase purchases by 144%.
  • Nearly 50% of the audience look for online product videos before buying it.
  • Approximately 52% of marketers consider videos generate the best ROI.
  • 70% of marketers claim that videos boost conversions.

These are the reasons that make videos powerful and the medium on which several marketers rely to drive conversions.

Research has also shown that 4 Billion videos are watched every day on YouTube. And 45% of people watch hour-long videos on social platforms like Facebook.

So, it is plausible to say that if we run video advertisements for such a massive audience, we can generate an impressive return on investment. But the problem is how to achieve it?

Well, that’s what this article is all about. It will tell you EXACTLY how you can leverage video ads to boost your ROI.

So, let’s begin.

1. What Do You Want To Achieve From Video Marketing?

Before planning the video, deciding upon your goal is crucial. In fact, for every plan or strategy to produce efficient results, it is necessary to have achievable goals.

Determining the goals can help you structure and process your motive adequately in the video. Your possible achievable goals can be:

  1. Increasing brand awareness
  2. Introducing a new product
  3. Generating leads, etc.

When you have a clear set of goals and deadlines, you know how hard you need to work and how to pursue that goal because you have a specific focus point.

2. Advertise On Numerous Social Media Platforms

As an online business, you should be active on nearly every social media platform there is and consistently engage users with your posts. But if you do not, then it is never too late to do the right thing, create your social media handles today.

Having a social media presence is necessary for every small and large scale business as nearly half of the world’s population is active on social media (3 billion).

Also, I have already laid the foundation that 45% of people watch hour-long videos on social platforms like Facebook. And 4 Billion people watch videos on YouTube every single day. This makes social media an essential part of experiencing the growth of the visual web.

Facebook, Instagram, are social media apps that support videos. You can advertise on such platforms. But the big player in this field is Snapchat because it is an all-visual medium of communication and over 10 billion videos are watched on Snapchat every day.

While you build your presence on all social media platform, you should create a list of platforms that your target audience uses actively. For instance, if your product caters to women, you should target Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, to hit higher success rates as these platforms are used by women majorly. But if your product focuses on men, then you should choose YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter, for video marketing.

3. Create Videos Based On The Platform

After shortlisting the platform, what should you do?

You should create videos according to the audience that a particular platform caters. For instance, you can post entertaining content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. But when it comes to LinkedIn, you need to create less entertaining and more informative videos so that whoever watches the video considers it a valuable use of their time.

Also, the time duration of the videos should mend according to the platforms. On Instagram, videos cannot be longer than 1 minute, but on Facebook, the limit is nearly 45 minutes.

However, studies show that social media videos should be 60 seconds maximum and 26 seconds on average. So, your advertisements should suffice in those 60 seconds.

To boost the ROI, you should conduct sufficient research to gauge what type of audience resides in which social media platform. And determine what kind of videos can do justice to your video advertising efforts.

4. Smartphones Are Still Going Strong

Nearly 63% of the world population has a smartphone. In addition to that, more than 50% of the videos are watched on mobile, making it a crucial medium for video advertising.

Now, you know that mobile is essential, but how should your videos be like when advertising on mobile for more conversions?

First of all, you need to create videos that can satisfy the viewer visually and conveys to him the purpose of the video ad. The reason for this is 85% of people watch videos without sound, so you should include captions as well.

Also, create vertical videos over horizontal ones because they bring in more engagement. Furthermore, their reach and click-through rate is surprisingly high.

5. Going Live Occasionally Can Be Helpful

Nowadays, every social media platform is heading towards including ‘live’ features in their offerings such as live broadcasts, videos, locations, etc. Therefore, live videos are a crucial part of every marketer’s marketing strategy.

When it comes to video advertising, one should not forget about going live on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, because going live generates higher engagement. Around 80% of people would prefer watching a brand’s live broadcasts then read a blog.

Apart from this, you can live broadcast a whole product launch event and make an announcement. Also, you can partner with celebrities and influencers who will promote your products in their live broadcasts.

Closing Thoughts:

Videos surely are an effective medium to generate a surprising return on investment. But you have to plan your every move and do your research about the advertising platform and your audience.

Factually, visual representations are engaging, but that does not mean that the videos you’ll create will earn the same engagement. You’ll have to convey a story. You’ll have to consider the visuals and texts as separate entities so that the one who sees the video on mute can get the same gist out of it when unmuted.

The pointers mentioned above can help you carry out an efficient video ad on different platforms to generate higher ROI. And if you think of any more ways to leverage video ads, comment below!

This article is contributed by Sahil is the CEO and Founder of Rankwatch -a platform, which helps companies and brands stay ahead with their SEO efforts in the ever growing internet landscape. 

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