5 Questions to Determine if You’ve Outgrown your Web Hosting

By Guest Contributor on March 11, 2020

Choosing a web hosting service for your website has become very easy now. You just have to decide the limit of bandwidth and disk space required. But as soon as your business expands, your needs will grow too. There is a wide range of web hosting providers available in the market, providing excellent services.

You must find a web hosting service which is reputable. You will need one which can fulfill all your needs in terms of creativity and speed. You should ask yourself five questions which will help you determine how outgrown your web hosting is.

1. What Is Your Site Load Times?

Load time is the rapidity at which your site loads. Different sites can be used to measure the speed of your website. Load time is crucial for every site due to several reasons. If the load speed of your site is fast, then it would provide others with a better experience, and they would visit the website again and again. Practically every person hates slow web pages.

Increasing the speed of your site can get costly and timely. But if you choose the best web hosting, you won’t face any issues. By selecting an upgraded Solid State Drive (SSD) hosting or a Virtual Private Server (VPS), you can intensely increase your load time.

2. What Rate Are You Paying for The Services?

If the server you choose is offering a common disk space and bandwidth in a couple of bucks, then others will also utilize it around you. Due to too much of crowd on the same server, the performance will go down. The lesser your web hosting charges, the extra possible it is that other individuals will also take benefit of the same service. The expected consequence is a disadvantageous effect on the resources obtainable to you. Now and then giving a little extra money is an actually enhanced choice. Also, you can consult a leading digital marketing agency to get the best rates and services.

3. What’s the IP Status?

The better the reputation of your IP there more expensive it will be. But the better status would keep you on top of security problems. If your hosting service is found sending spam and malware, then your IP may get blacklisted. This will eventually lead to a bad search ranking of your site.

There are many software’s that can help you observe your server’s IP standing to check whether it will get blacklisted or not. The leading causes of getting blacklisted is that other users on the server may be using uncertain applications or out-dated software. People may not be doing it purposely; however, it can be done due to the lack of understanding.

In order to take care of this problem, you can regularly observe and monitor the software sending out emails using different tools.

4. Do the Performance Change During Peak Times?

If you have chosen a shared server along with a busy site, then you may face slow performance at peak times. The shared service would try to fulfill the need of the majority. That clearly means that all the essential resources would be divided evenly. You’ll have to wait to get the best performance. The slow speed and performance would also give a bad user experience. If you choose a better package with increased prices, you can scale up the resources needed. The level of power will increase along with the amount of RAM and CPU.

5. Is Non-standard Software Allowed?

At times you may need software that isn’t on a shared service. There are a few resources you may need in certain situations. If your service provider cannot offer you a personalized program, then it is time you look for a new web hosting provider.

Best Web Hosting Services

There are many web hosting services available in the market, but very few are worth getting. To help you, we have tested and prepared a list of the best ones.

• HostGator

• SiteGround

• A2 Hosting

• DreamHost

• BlueHost

• WP Engine

• InMotion Hosting

• IPage

• Site5

Tips for Choosing a Good Web Hosting Service

There are a couple of things you may keep in mind when choosing your web hosting provider. After reviewing and testing different services, we know well what makes a good web host. The below tips should be in your mind when selecting your web host:

• Go for the best deal, not the cheapest

• Beware of hidden prices

• Know how much reliable and trustworthy you provider is

• Decide your limits and needs


All things should be kept in mind when choosing a reliable web hosting service. Whether it’s slow load times, bad reputation or performance change during peak times, this all would harm your site. If you are paying for a service, then you should beware of all the pros and cons. Decide your limits and needs and according to that, choose a plan. If you are paying a bit extra for something good, then never regret that decision. More charges would usually lead to better results and higher sales.

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