What are chatbots and how it works?

By James Tredwell on March 12, 2020

The latest trend in the digital world which is catching the eye of the majority of the tech industry is without a doubt chatbots. These chatbots are proving the best for the business and work as the human. Chatbots demand is high in the market because every businessman understands how important a role they are playing. People avail the SEO Services for driving the traffic on their website but these chatbots are helping a lot to make the visitors stay longer on your website.

Chabot: It is a computer program that simulates the natural human conversation. People can communicate with it via chat interface or voice. When you would chat with bot, you would feel like that you are talking to a real person. A chatbot is highly admired among the people for its instant reply. And, a chatbot is made with the important layers such as application layer, APIs, conversational user interface (CUI) and database.

Chatbots are mainly of 3 types-
1. Rule-based chatbots
2. AI-powered chatbots
3. Intellectually independent chatbots

Rule-based chatbots:

It is the simplest kind of chatbot where people interact with it just clicking on buttons and use the pre-defined options. For the best answer, this kind of chatbot asks people to select a particular section among the many. It is considered the slowest chatbot and to get the answer to their queries people have to connect with a chatbot for a longer time. This type of chatbot is best for qualifying your leads, ask questions and other related activities.

AI-powered chatbots:

These chatbots are a combination of rule-based and intellectually independent. Al-powered chatbots have the ability to understand the free language and remember the context of the conversation and customer’s preferences. They are the best for addressing the random user request at any moment. Al-powered chatbots use natural language processing and machine learning along with AI.

Intellectually independent chatbots

Use machine learning that helps these chatbots to learn from user’s inputs and requests. These chatbots are trained to understand particular keywords as well as phrases.

How Chatbots work:

Chatbots work on the two processes i.e. Natural language understanding and Natural language generation

Now understanding what these two important terms-

Natural Language Understanding: It is an ability of chatbot for understanding a human by converting text into the structured data for a machine to understand.

Natural Language Generation: In this process, structured data is transformed into the text.
When a user asks questions to the chatbot, then it divided the question into the two-part i.e. Intent and entity. The intent is a request or an action the user wants to get and the entity is a detail that compliments intent.

Main Chatbot benefits-

• Enhance better customer engagement

Chatbots are the best for the online business because they help to increase customer engagement. And, for the success of any online business, this is one of the most important things. Chatbot helps to provide a better user experience. When a user has the best experience, then he/she would love to visit this kind of site again and again. And, engagement on such a website increase and it is the best sign for the growth of any business.

• Uplift the sales and lead qualification

Uplifting the sales and lead qualification of your business, chatbots work as a blessing. This is the reason businessmen opt for enrolling in the chatbot facility on their website. For businessmen, nothing is as important as sales. The ultimate purpose of any kind of business is to gain profit and it comes only on when the number of sales increases on the website. So, the chatbot is great that contribute to increasing the sales.

• Right time to ask for feedback

Apart from this, chatbots help for giving feedback at the right time. Also, it offers quick response for the customers and turns their overall experience into the best one.

• Reduce bounce rate

When a customer gets a satisfactory answer for its query, then he/she must visit that website and stay for the length on that particular website. Chatbots do a great job of reducing the bounce rate on any website.

The reason why any website bounces rate increases because customers don’t find that particular website less relevant and they move to another website in search of getting the best thing that matches their search query.

So, let’s reduce the bounce rate on your website with the right chatbot facility and satisfy your customers’ queries.

Prime 5 steps in NLP mechanism-

1. Tokenization
2. Part of speech tagging
3. Stemming
4. Named entity recognition
5. Sentiment analysis

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