Advantages and Disadvantages of Python Web Development

By James Tredwell on July 3, 2020

Python is an interpreter, high-level language that is dynamically typed and allows general-purpose programming focusing on code readability. Founded in 1991 by the developer named Guido Van Rossum, the language supports Python developers in terms of coding, following just a few steps. As compared to other programming languages like Java and C++, it is easy and fun to code.

Within the last few years, the adoption of Python web development increased among the software development companies due to its unique features, pros and cons. And its ability of multiple programming paradigms with newly added features supports its rapid and positive growth in the development sector.

Here in this blog, you will get to know about the advantages and disadvantages of Python. Best of its use considering benefits and limitations and its preference among companies.

Why Do Companies Prefer Python?

Since its release in 1991, Python has witnessed drastic changes within the time duration of 29 years. It has covered a long journey from version Python 1.0 to Python 3.5. Thanks to newly added features that not only supported keeping the language on the top charts over other programming languages like C, C++ and Java within the last few years. But also increased its popularity among the developers.

The reason behind its major adoption among the software development companies is its versatile features and fewer programming codes. As per an estimate, around 14% of the Python developers use the language for several operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, UNIX and Linux. Let’s have a look at the characteristics and features which are the backbone of the Python programming language.

  • High level
  • Interpreted
  • Object-oriented
  • Interactive
  • Modular
  • Dynamic
  • Portable
  • Extensible in C++ & C

Diverse Applications of Python in the Software Development Companies

Python is an advanced programming language that lets the development of different high-level applications. Therefore its application has a wider base as compared to other programming languages. Let’s have a look at its application in the software development companies.

Game Development: Python is a widely accepted programming language in game development. Other than this, Python developers can design GUI using libraries like PyGame.​

Prototyping: It lets the quick development of the prototype so that you can showcase it as soon as possible to your clients.

Web Server Programming: Python libraries like Django and Flask simplifies server-side programming for the developers.

Data Science and Machine Learning: Python offers proactive community support and a wide range of libraries that makes it the best available programming language for Data Science and Machine Learning. The libraries available in its basket for several functionalities like data visualization, data manipulation, data cleaning and others makes it best suited for application development in the field of data science.

Key Advantages of Python

Following are the key advantages of Python which make software development companies and developers choose it over other programming languages available in the market.

Easy to Read and Learn

The Python programming language is easy to read and learn. Since it uses simple syntax as compared to other high-level programming languages like C and C++. Not even this, while working on this scripting language developers can think more clearly and focus on logic building.

Low Maintenance Cost

As Python is quite simple to any other programming languages. Neither the coding nor maintenance requires much resources and time. So automatically, the maintenance cost reduces to a great extent.

No Harms for the Software Bugs

It is one of the most preferred programming languages as it does not allow a code bug impact a whole section of code in the application.

Memory Management:

Other than vast library support, Python offers memory management capabilities. Including a private heap that is a collection of different Python objects and data structures. While the availability of a built-in memory manager lets you maintain this private heap.

Integration with Other Languages

Python allows integration with other languages like C, C++ and Java using libraries Cython and Jython so that you can easily develop cross-platform applications. Sometimes it is impossible to take advantage of different language functionalities using a single language. In such requirements, this feature of Python integration with other languages gives it an edge over programming languages.

Enterprise Application Integration

If you are looking for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Python is the best solution available in the development sector. Using this language, you can simplify web application development, enable direct calling to and from C, C++, and Java and invoke COM or COBRA components. Other than this, you can process several markup languages like XML on advanced operating systems using similar byte code.

Primary Disadvantages of Python

After knowing the advantages of Python, it’s important to have a look at its disadvantages and associated restrictions.

Slow Execution Speed

As mentioned earlier, Python is an interpreted language that means it uses an interpreter instead of a compiler for the execution of code. Consequently, code written in Python executes relatively slower than the other languages like C, C++ and Java.

Large Memory Consumption

If you have limited memory storage, the language is not suitable for development since its structure requires more memory space.

Weak in Mobile Computing

You have already witnessed the use of Python in desktop and server-side development. However, the language would not be suggested from any of the Python developers for mobile app development and game development. Since it consumes more memory and quite slower in terms of execution of code as compared to other programming languages.

Run-time Errors

Python is a dynamic programming language which means programmers would face several design restrictions. Other than this, when the applications are run finally, errors pop up in big numbers which require more testing time to resolve such issues.

Database Access

When it comes to database access, Python is considered riskier in terms of security. Since its database access layer is found little underdeveloped and primitive. So if you are looking for a smooth interaction of complex legacy data, Python is not considered as a suitable option.

So these are significant restrictions and limitations with Python, which needed to be considered before opting for Python as a programming language for development.


Python is one of the most preferred and trusted programming languages when it comes to desktop and server-side development. Other than this, it is majorly used for data science and machine learning as well. But the language is not suitable for mobile app development and game development since it consumes more space and comparatively slower in execution speed than other high-level programming languages available in the market.

Still, if you are looking for Python web development, it is crucial to go through the mentioned advantages and disadvantages of this high-level interpreted language before choosing this platform for development. It will be much better if the project is initially consulted with the experienced Python developer to give you a wider view of your project. Hope this blog will prove helpful concerning your requirements.

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