Latest Social Media Marketing Trends 2021

By James Tredwell on March 22, 2021

If you’re after the latest social media marketing trends, look no further than this listicle.

Here, we present to you some of the hottest trends of this year, and how to use them to your advantage.

As you read, consider how your small business can capitalise on the trending social media consumer behaviour to grow your brand in 2021.

1. Video livestreaming

According to Sprout Social research, 40% of customers want more livestreaming content from brands.

This statistic is something to take notice of, and it isn’t hard to see why.

Live streaming videos have been growing in popularity due to their spontaneous and authentic qualities, a form of reality entertainment that we just can’t get enough of.

When brands use livestreaming to their benefit, it also lends credibility to that brand through legitimate engagements that aren’t “staged”.

It’s possible that the COVID-19 crisis has tipped livestreaming towards all new heights of success, as so many people need their live engagements while trapped at home.

2. Instagram Stories

Since Instagram added their stories feature, the app has not only survived, it’s thrived.

As at 2021, the app has 500 million users that interact with the stories content feature every day.

Based on the same stats, video stories perform the best, and even branded stories have a nearly perfect completion rate.

Tap into the popularity of stories in 2021, especially as a better alternative to standard Instagram posts and photos, which get less engagement.

Despite their fun, interactive, and informal qualities, IG stories can still be planned and timed as part of your social media marketing campaigns, allowing your small businesses to get on with the day to day.

3. Inclusivity and diversity

In 2020, the Black Lives Matter movement put the spotlight on questions of accessibility and inclusivity towards diverse groups of people.

Social media users are looking to their favourite brands to demonstrate their inclusivity towards minority groups or people with disability.

In fact, social media users and consumers are even using their powers to boycott brands, companies or public figures who fail to show inclusive policies and marketing.    

In 2021, passivity will not be enough to fly under the radar. Your brand will need to be loud and proud in demonstrating diversity and inclusivity.

4. Niche social media platforms

While the big social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have large audiences, it might be worth focusing some of your marketing time and budget on the smaller platforms in 2021.

Increasingly, niche platforms like TikTok and Reddit are offering spaces where brands can make meaningful connections with their communities.

Reddit for instance, has been around for 15 years, but in 2019, its monthly active user base skyrocketed to 430 million.

Meanwhile, TikTok growth is also trending upward exponentially, and in 2019 it grew by 210%.

Smaller social media platforms also offer less competitive, and more economical, advertising opportunities, which are perfect for small businesses with smaller ad spend budgets.

5. Social media stores

While the uptake has been slow, social media is slowly developing better tools to allow users to shop in-app.

Many social media platforms now come with features to enable a smooth and organic shopping experience, from Instagram’s product tags to Facebook’s storefront tab.

Because social media is so key to brand and product awareness, it makes sense that the functionality is increasing for seamless shopping experiences that take users further along their buyers journeys.

Many users already use social media for their product research, so make life easier for them by adding social media storefronts and shoppable posts, allowing them to buy straight from their platforms.

6. VR

2020 was a long and isolating year, but unfortunately, social distancing will be with us for some time yet.

In 2021, users will be looking to virtual reality to replace what they used to look forward to in the big bad world. And naturally, they’ll do so on social media platforms.

But don’t take our word for it, let’s look at what Facebook has planned. 

This year, the social media mega platform will use the Oculus VR program to  create a space in which family and friends can connect over long distances and play games. It’s called Facebook Horizon.

7. Augmented reality

Augmented reality might just be the accessible little brother to VR for small businesses and users.

For example, anyone can use dynamic photo filters to enhance their looks (or make friends laugh) and readily available Snapchat filters provide users with hours of branded entertainment.

Augmented reality is trending because it is one of the most interactive technologies out there, giving users the ability to apply and personalise their entertainment.

It’s also highly memorable—who can forget McDonald’s Spice Zapper campaign?  

With this level of engagement potential, augmented reality will be hard to ignore in 2021.

8. Conscientious campaigns

From the covid-19 pandemic to climate change, our world in 2021 is rife with social and environment problems.

Social media users are becoming conscious of these issues and engaging with them. It’s no surprise that they expect the same from their favourite brands.

To demonstrate this point, let’s look at a study of Twitter users. 

3 out of 4 people on Twitter wanted brands to demonstrate acts of kindness.

And the same study showed that nearly 80% of people said they felt more positively towards brands who made efforts to support their communities during the pandemic.

If you don’t have the budget for high-profile philanthropy, small gestures like cancelation fee waivers and discounts can go a long way.

Social media marketing in 2021

While reading the above trends and their impact on users and brands, you’ve probably thought back to your personal experiences on social media over the past couple of years.

And in that time, you’ve probably enjoyed stories, live streams, augmented realities. You’ve probably appreciated environmentally conscious messages from brands, or even pledged your personal support to a social cause online.

It’s now time to capitalise on these trends in your small business by producing social media marketing that taps into the zeitgeist in 2021.  

This article is contributed by George – is the CEO and Co-Founder of digital marketing agency Social Garden.

How Do You Analyze Direct Traffic from Social Media Campaign

By James Tredwell on March 15, 2021

Social media now has become imperative for all kinds of business acting as a great marketing tool as it helps connect business with the right audience. Thereby, it helps generate sales, profits, and mainly it creates brand awareness within a minimal budget.

It is possible to generate traffic from social media either through paid ads or unpaid sources such as post sharing or reviews. For a better result from the social media campaigns, it’s important to track and analyze the campaign data daily. Analyzing the daily report helps identify the metrics for a successful campaign and to drive in more traffic.

We can measure or analyze the direct traffic from social media campaigns with Google Analytics and UTM tracking codes.

What is direct traffic?

When visitors directly visit the website, mostly by entering a URL into the browser or by using a bookmark it’s called direct traffic. When Google Analytics cannot define another referring source or channels that’s when direct sessions occur. What distinguishes direct traffic from other default channels are Referrals, Social Media, Emails, and Paid ads. Nevertheless, direct traffic also occurs when visitors reach the site in other direct traffic cases like:

  • By visiting a site first from a secure (HTTPS) site to a non-secure (HTTP) site, secure sites won’t pass a referrer to the non-secure site, making this session direct traffic.
  • When users follow a missing or broken tracking code. For Example, you have forgotten to include the Google Analytics tracking code to your newly launched landing page template. Users landing on this page without tracking code defines it as direct traffic.
  • Redirects like JavaScript-based or Meta refreshes can wipe or replace referrer data, making this direct traffic.
  • When visitors click on links in slide decks, Microsoft Word documents, or PDFs, these links do not pass referrer data. They will appear as direct traffic in the reports.
  • When visitors visit a site by organic search, it can be reported as direct traffic due to browser issues. Research shows that around 60% of direct traffic may be from organic search

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google for analyzing the website and how users interact with a website.

Listed below are some of the important website details we can get from Google Analytics for free:

  1. Number of visitors to the website
  2. The source of your website traffic (Direct, Social Media, Referral, Email, etc.)
  3. Traffic to every page on the website
  4. Number of leads converted
  5. Source of the lead generated.
  6. Website users location details
  7. Traffic from desktop or mobile

From the google analytics report, we can identify details about the traffic sources of websites like direct traffic, social media traffic, Referral Traffic, Results from paid campaigns, etc.

Analyzing Direct traffic from social media with Google Analytics

By analyzing a Google Analytics report, one can easily identify the social media platforms or the campaign that drive more sales or traffic to the website.

How to get the report for analyzing social media traffic?

Open the Google Analytics account on your website, and then click on Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium.

This will generate the Google Analytics report for analyzing social media traffic.

How to analyze the report?

One can analyze the traffic and get the results from different social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. It’s easy to understand the social traffic on the website with the help of a pie chart report provided on Google Analytics. Social channels that send the most traffic to the website and low performing social channels for the website can be identified.

By Analysing the detailed report and destination URL, we can identify the social media platform, the type of ads, the result of the campaign, time spent by the visitors on our website, the count of new visitors, the location of the visitor, the landing page link, and the action taken by the user on the website. With these details, we can easily understand the marketing strategy that works well for the social media campaign.

Analyzing Direct traffic from social media with UTM tracking codes.

What is UTM?

UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) codes are shortcodes that can be added to the destination URL of different campaigns to track the result of each campaign. It is one of the essential ways used to track Inbound Marketing activities to the website.

What is the structure of the UTM Code?

There are 5 parameters to the destination URL:

UTM_SOURCE: We can add the advisor (the site in which we are advertising about our website)

UTM_MEDIUM: The marketing medium (Eg. post, video, banner)

UTM_CAMPAIGN: Unique Campaign Name

UTM_TERM: The keywords for the campaign

UTM_CONTENT: To identify the different version of the same campaign

The 3 important beings:

  • Campaign Source: The platform in which the ad is running
  • Campaign Medium: The type of campaign
  • Campaign Name: The unique name of the campaign

We can analyze the results from different campaigns on different social media sites with the help of UTM Tracking codes. Before running a social media campaign, we can add a UTM

parameter at the end of the campaign link. The identification marks on the URL helps to check the results of each campaign through google analytics.

For Example:

When we create a campaign for Facebook, we can change this link:

to this:

After running the campaign, we can check the google analytics report to find out the result of the campaign. By adding the campaign identification keyword to the destination URL of the social media campaign, It makes it easy to identify and analyze the relevance of the campaign and its results.

If you are running the same “Festive” campaign on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, use different URL parameters on each social media platform by adding parameters like FB, Insta, or Tweet on Destination URLs. By analyzing the destination URL on the Google Analytics report, we can easily identify the platform which generates more sales.

The same method can be used for analyzing the different types of campaigns like Video campaigns, Email Campaigns, and Social Media Campaigns. With the help of URL parameters, one can compare the results of each campaign, and thereby identify the most effective

How to Generate UTM parameter URL for your social media campaign?

We can generate UTM parameters manually or with the help of Campaign Url Builder. Campaign URL Builder allows you to add the UTM parameters to the URL to track the results of the campaign in Analytics.

The URL builder gives an option for entering the website URL along with the campaign parameters like campaign source, campaign medium, campaign name, campaign term, and campaign content. Once you fill out all the details, a URL with UTM parameters will be generated automatically.

5 Creative & Engaging Ideas for Facebook Post Design

By James Tredwell on February 16, 2021

Facebook is the new face of the digital marketing world. With over a billion active users, it is the largest social media platform. Having a functional Facebook page is a must for every reputable brand, or otherwise, they are presumed as outdated. 

However, you need a lot more than just having an account; in order to dominate social media, a brand needs to have a page decorated with aesthetically designed posts. Otherwise, it will perish due to its mediocrity. 

Facebook post design is crucial if you want to hook your audience. According to the stats, there are around 7 million advertisers on Facebook, and if you want your brand to outshine the rest, then you need to come up with creative and engaging posts for your Facebook page.

Why Is Design Important?

In this era of social media, consumers look forward to connecting with brands on a personal level. Social media is a visual medium. Brands that have beautifully designed posts do much better than the ones that rely on generic-looking creatives. 

As they say, the first impression is your last impression; therefore, it is necessary for you to maintain a clean timeline decorated with aesthetically pleasing posts. A well-designed post can easily convey the message of your brand to the customers. It can evoke emotions and can generate engagement, which is crucial for your brand’s popularity. 

The following are the reasons why design is important for your brand image:

  • Aesthetically designed posts create an everlasting impression. There are millions of posts that are uploaded on a daily basis. Therefore, if you want your brand to stand out, you need to have posts that can attract people.
  • Design hooks people and creates brand equity. People prefer brands that invest in their presentation. 
  • Facebook Posts that are designed properly make your brand look professional. There are millions of businesses that are trying their luck on social media, but only the ones that invest in the design are getting successful, while others just get lost in the digital clutter.

Creative Ideas To Boost Engagement Of Your Facebook Post Design

Choose Trending Topics And Go With The Flow!

Social media never sleeps and is always up to something. It is a place where trends change with every passing day. If you design a post around a trending topic, chances are, it will end up on news feeds of people. Furthermore, people will comment and share your post as well.

If you make it a regular practice, your brand might become popular among the digital audience. This popularity means high engagement and organic reach. As a social media manager, you need to take care that you don’t lose your brand persona while commenting on trending topics.

Tell Stories And Capture Hearts!

People use social media to consume content. If you want to connect with your audience, you need to communicate with them through storytelling. According to the stats, 90.4% of Millennials, 77.5% of Gen X, and 48.2% of Baby Boomers are active social media users. On average, each user spends about 3 hours daily on these online platforms.

Tell the story of your brand; let the world know about the journey you have faced as an organization. Try to connect with your audience so that they can find your posts relatable; otherwise, you are just wasting your time.

High-Resolution Pictures Hook The Eyes!

Aesthetics catch attention and make the overall design look more appealing. If you are an online brand, you need to give the audience a lifelike experience, and the only way to do so is by posting crystal clear images of your offerings. 

People judge your business the way you represent your brand online. It is a natural instinct that people are attracted to aesthetically pleasing objects. According to the stats published in the book Management Decision by Satyendra Singh, people make up their minds within 90 seconds of their initial interaction with products or websites. Therefore, it is upto you how you attract your customer within the given time frame.

Inform Your Audience Through Infographics!

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, but an infographic is worth a million!

According to a study, the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. Moreover, around 90% of transmitted to the brain is visual. 

Therefore, it is wise to communicate your message through infographics. People like to share infographics as they are informative, appealing, and easy to share. If you are a brand that needs to put information out there, then infographics are the medium for you. 

Let The World Know About Your Persona!

The most important aspect of social media posting is that you should never forget about your brand persona. You need to post, keeping in mind that you are posting for an organization with a personality. Your every post should reflect the tone of the brand. 

Your colors, words, the tone should remain constant; otherwise, you will end up confusing your audience. Brands usually commit this mistake and post without keeping the tone consistent. The best way to overcome the confusion is to think of your brand as a character and predict how that character would react in certain situations; this will help you come up with relatable ideas.

Wrapping Up!

‘Brands that ignore social media marketing will be ignored by the people.’

Aesthetically pleasing Facebook post design can do wonders for your business. Design aesthetics have always been a fundamental aspect of digital marketing. If you want to sell them, you have to design them well; it is as simple as that. 

Facebook is a social platform where you can attract millions if you play your cards well. A well-designed post can help you get noticed in the digital world. You can easily create eye-pleasing posts if you follow the simple instructions given above.

In short, we recommend hiring professional social media agencies that can take care of your brand and ensure the progress of your brand.

This article is contributed by Saif Malik, is managing the digital content at Techxide

Facebook Messenger is not Just the App: It’s the Secret Weapon for Marketing

By James Tredwell on December 21, 2020

“Understand why and how your audience uses technology and then start trying to align your communications efforts.”

– Brian Reich & Dan Solomon, Authors of Media Rules

Today, marketing essentially deals with social media marketing. Entrepreneurs use different social media platforms to connect with their target audience and build their brand to drive website traffic and increase sales. Popular platforms on social media include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Marketing on social media involves posting content that leads to audience engagement by posing text and image updates, videos, or other graphics.

Researchers Maria Teresa Pinheiro and Jose Manuel, back in 2014, published an article emphasizing the crucial link between Digital Marketing and Social Media. The marketing managers have been keenly studying consumer behavior dynamics, and reworking the marketing strategies, focusing on the customer rather than the organization.

Messaging allows you to instantly connect with your target audience and build relationship-based interactions with them. It is important to understand the benefits and inhibitors of using the different social media strategies while you are in the transition phase from being a digital laggard to a digital leader. Salesforce reports that 69% of consumers prefer chatbots for communicating with brands for fast interaction.

Facebook for Business

Currently, there are more than 13 million people who are following Facebook for Business and connecting to a broader customer base through Facebook. Whether it is a large enterprise, having global clientele like Ericsson, Boston Scientific, Philips, etc., uses Facebook for Business to reach out to their clients locally and globally.

Since there are 2.45 billion monthly active users, designing an appropriate Facebook marketing strategy is crucial. SMBs and large enterprises have equal opportunities to market their products or services through a Facebook ad campaign and track your ads’ working.

Facebook Messenger is one of the most preferred communication methods and matches customers’ expectations during business conversations. Facebook for business and Facebook Ad Campaigns are mainly used to turn the target audience’s attention towards a brand. In a report published by Mordor Intelligence, “The chatbot market was valued at USD 17.17 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 102.29 billion by 2025, registering a CAGR of 34.75% over the forecast period, 2020 – 2025.”

Facebook messenger is one of the significant messaging applications used to establish a connection with customers to build a long-term relationship and earn revenues steadily. A study by Accenture Digital reports that 57% of businesses get higher ROI while making a minimal investment.

In this post, we see how firms are improving their digital marketing engagement by using different marketing strategies for Facebook for business.

Facebook Business Page offers businesses a free opportunity to increase brand awareness and generate sales on Facebook. A Facebook Business Page can be created by merely logging into the personal Facebook account and clicking on the “Create a Page” from the drop-down menu. Users can follow the steps mentioned on the page – Facebook for Business to create their business profile.

Facebook Messenger

Launched in 2008, Facebook Messenger is a free instant messaging platform allowing users to share multiple files, including photos, audio, video, files, and interact to begin one-to-one or group chats. Commonly known as Messenger, it is one of the Best 2020 App Store winners and most downloaded apps of the year, declared by Apple.

According to Statista, Facebook has over 2.7 billion monthly active users and is the biggest social network worldwide. Also, it was the first social network to surpass one billion users, in 2012.

Benefits of Facebook Messenger Marketing

The above stats and reports are impressive enough to choose Facebook, and it’s time to revamp your marketing strategies and leverage the business benefits of Facebook messenger marketing. Entrepreneurs are widely using it for the following reasons:

  • Increased customer engagement
  • Better user experience
  • More sales
  • Lesser cost per purchase
  • Increased deal value
  • Quicker conversion from lead to a deal
  • Higher NPS (Net Promoter Scores)

Innovative Ways to Use Facebook Messenger for Business

To start off, the first step is to create a Facebook Business Page that gives your target customer a basic understanding of your business. Once you have created an attractive and exciting page, there are ample chances that your target audience will be keen to understand more about your business and get in touch with you through the messenger.

Here are some of the creative ways to build rewarding conversions and convert leads to customers:

  1. Understanding customer queries

Everyone wants quick answers to their queries from the respective domain experts. Messenger allows connecting with the customers with just a few clicks and messages. As most users are already on Facebook, entrepreneurs use platforms like a Facebook messenger to improve response efficiency. For example, airline agencies can instantly use this portal to answer user and boarding details instantly. Customers also feel secure sharing their flight details and personal details on the messenger and saving time. In fact, some customers are delighted to receive their boarding passes through Messenger and save boarding time at the airport.

  1. Reducing Overheads

Faster response times are crucial if you want your customers to remain glued to your business. Facebook messenger proves to be way ahead of traditional platforms. Also, manual intervention is reduced due to automation using AI-enabled chatbots. The marketing teams and customer support teams are free enough to work on other challenging domains. Also, at times, their intervention is necessary to make adjustments and send replies via the same platform. It will increase the volume of incoming messages and make the process faster with chatbots.

  1. Convert potential customers

The main element to enhance the customer experience is to serve a frictionless customer journey. Facebook ad campaigns provide a streamlined shopping experience through chatbots. Businesses can improve conversations by guiding the audience through detailed e-commerce catalogs, offer gifts, share rewards, festive discounts, etc. The best moment is to capture customer attention when they have a maximum interest in your product. Like Lego, many companies got more than 3 times the return on their expenditure on Facebook Messenger.

  1. Encourage two-way engagement

Chatbots help in building great relationships as it allows the customer to be a part of the conversation. The traditional approach is mostly, a one-way sales pitch and customers usually lose interest in the conversation and the salesperson, due to long one-sided chats. Chatbots encourage two-way engagement, where the brand speaks about itself to the target audience.

  1. Drive brand affinity

Real-time chatting helps in positioning brands in a much better way. Being accessible is a welcomed characteristic that reinforces a positive image. Chatbots can drive brand affinity by aligning the bot’s personality with your brand’s identity. Customized and relatable bots, give a personalized feeling to audience, and help in creating a better and more relatable brand image.

  1. Filter out relevant content


Bots can help in filtering out the relevant content and saving time for your audience. Relevant content to the audience gives them a streamlined experience. On the other side, a large amount of content can confuse the audience and lead to frustration, driving them to navigate away from your business. Facebook messenger is an ideal platform to reduce noise and quickly find relevant answers to the audience’s queries. Responsiveness helps in creating positive and meaningful messaging experiences.

  1. Increased awareness 

It is a powerful and effective way to increase awareness amongst people about physical and mental health. At times, people feel uncomfortable to open up and share their problems on a person face-to-face platform. In fact, an automated response from the chatbots is accurate enough to capture the mood and feel of the target audience.

  1. Grow marketing databases

Businesses can grow their database by getting the email ids through Facebook ad campaigns. In case you want to start your small business or get your brand to reach maximum inboxes, or increase the marketing open rate, then Facebook messenger helps is the key tool. You can grow your contact list and turn them into subscribers and finally a customer. One of the ways is to gather emails and subscriptions through competitions.

  1. Lead generation

Ads on Facebook Messenger, especially during festivals can surely attract a major target audience, Catchy images, jingles, graphics and special deals and offers more attractive means to impress the customers. Facebook for business marketing tactic proves to be more powerful, and better results than the traditional approach.

  1. Enhance experiences

Entrepreneurs always strive to impress their customers and go above and beyond. It can be done by exceeding the audiences’ visual expectations in messaging through an augmented reality experience or through illusionary graphics. Today, branded AR camera effects are embedded in the Facebook Messenger platform. It helps to drive awareness, consider purchases, etc. It is really useful in online shopping where the user essentially needs to see the product clearly.

Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned ways are used by proficient digital marketing teams while using Facebook Messenger for marketing. This post provides in-depth knowledge on using Facebook messenger for business and aligning the same with a wider strategy. It’s important to choose the best digital marketing agency to effectively use trending marketing strategies and gain maximum ROI. Some of the prominent companies that use Facebook for business are Uber, SnapTravel, HealthTap, Whole Foods, KLM, Pizza Hut, Lego, Nike’s Jordon, The Wall Street Journal, etc.

If you too want to join the league of successful entrepreneurs, it is the right time to invest in Facebook Messenger marketing strategies and gain a competitive edge.

Talk to a digital marketing expert now to launch your Facebook ad campaign and see your business growth accelerate with unlimited dimensions.

This article is contributed by Liza Kosh –a senior content developer and a blogger at Seasia Infotech, a Digital Marketing Company

Trends and Strategies Shaping Social Media Marketing

By James Tredwell on November 14, 2020

Undeniably, marketing is always a crucial part of any business. No matter, you have small scale business or a large scale one, marketing is something which nobody should ignore.

Marketing is something that lets you introduce your business to the customers and keep them with you. Successful marketing helps to drive more users and grow business drastically. Basically, there are a lot of marketing types available which you can avail of such as content marketing, Email marketing, PPC, social media, and much more. Among them, one of the most popular and best ways of marketing can be social media.

As the number of users in every social media platform is increasing every day. It becomes one of the best ways to keep engaging with people across the globe. And this benefit must be observed by the brand owner to expand their business.

It’s never easy to do a successful marketing campaign, they must know how they achieve the desired result from that. Even to stay with the current time, marketers need to follow the latest approach to drive more user traffic. This article will discuss some of the trends and strategies that are shaping social media marketing.

Trends in social media marketing

01. Advanced social ads

One of the most recent changes we have observed in social media is the advancement in social media ads. Companies are investing a lot in advertising to keep the user engaged with their products and services.

Even the customers like to visit the store when they come across many of such ads. They have accepted this new way of advertising and are comfortable with it. As the ads are becoming advanced therefore for brands it becomes much easier to drive more user traffic.

Every social media platform has its own personalized ad experience to give a better user experience of ads. The format, customization is advanced to keep users engaged with you. Hence, this new way of advertisement eases the task of capturing attention.

02. Video content continues to rise

Another popular aspect of social media marketing. Videos are a much more effective option than writing one. It creates your social media profile more engaging and interesting to visit.

Rather than reading the text, watching videos is a priority for almost every user. Even you can easily convey the message to the users. In marketing the way you impress the customer, importance of video content has a huge impact and due to that videos can be the best solution. Written texts are not much more effective.

Moreover, the videos are a much better choice than the images also. Videos are always much more impactful. However, the way you represent the content matters a lot. You need to be very clever in incorporating every information effectively. Thus, make sure you emphasize more video content while doing social media marketing.

03. Evaluate what matters the most

It’s important to keep evaluating where you are getting the most productive result. You are following a lot of approaches to get users to the website and which one is the most effective one should be followed.

Social media is a big platform, businesses must have their own set of methods which let them towards the right solution. Whether your comments, sharing, interaction with users, retweets are giving you more benefits. Find the easiest way to reach the user and engage them with your brand.

Your approaches must be as per the audience you want to target. Understanding their choice matters a lot. Market analysis is necessary to know what strategy would be more impactful.

04. Stories will be crucial

No matter which platform you use, it will surely have a story option that exists for a few hours. But it has a significant impact. The short video clip popularizes your brand more effectively than anything else.

Story features in social media completely changed the scenario. It has many other in-depth options that make it interesting like a filter, editing, and much more. That’s the reason users like to post a story rather than regular posts. Thus, due to this reason companies also should target the story as their primary way of communication for marketing purposes.

Strategies of social media marketing

01. Set a goal

One of the basic things which you need to keep in mind while making a strategy is to have a clear goal in mind. It gives you direction and lets you plan accordingly.

The goal for any business can be to increase brand awareness, get more users, enhance sales, and much more. However, the goal may vary from business to business. A company can have all of its goals or some of them. So, to get the expected result having a specific goal is necessary.

02. Have some research

Research tells you how the market works and what the audience demands from you. Rather than assuming things, research is a better option and leads you to the right solution.

There are many ways to do research like surveys, social media analytics tools, and much more. Find the most appropriate information and follow it to grow your business. You can find that YouTube is considered to be the best way of marketing as there is a lot of availability to place the ads. So, this is how you can come across some of the fruitful details after research.

03. Know the competitors

Knowing your competitors is one of the most important parts of the social media marketing strategy. For business, the primary goal is to stay ahead of the competitors at any cost. And when you know what they are doing and then try to present something extraordinary.

You can get some useful insight from the analysis tool about their social media presence. Make sure that the idea should not be to copy their strategy, it won’t serve the purpose.

Your competition will be with the brands from the same industry, so your target should compete with them. Therefore, make sure you know competitors and what they are doing.

04. Keep assessing the strategy

After implementing the various approaches of social media marketing, it’s also necessary to keep observing the result.

An unobserved strategy can not give you expected results. Without keep analyzing the efforts, you will never know which one would give the best result. You may require to keep changing the plan as time progresses.

There are a lot of analysis tools available that keep telling you the right solution and can generate reports. Therefore, make sure you periodically refer to the result and modify the strategy if needed.

Why is social media marketing beneficial?

In this digital world, if you want to get noticed most easily then social media is the best option. Due to active users in each platform, companies are focused on various social media platforms for marketing purposes. It brings a lot of benefits. So, let’s discuss those.

01. Increase brand awareness

As we know every day the number of users is increasing in social media. It is the best place to reach maximum people and grow your business.

Since you are engaging with a large number of users, your business will reach more people. You need to be active on social media by keeping posting on it so that users can engage with you.

02. Enhance brand loyalty

One of the primary aims of any company is to create brand loyalty. Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty are crucial and relate to each other. You must create a professional image among people and make a positive impression. Whenever people see the logo of the company they must purchase the product without looking at anything.

03. Cost-effective

Social media is one of the cheapest marketing comparatively. Specifically, for the small scale business, this is the best way of introducing business to the people. They are always lacking in finance and investing in it is never easy for them.

It’s always beneficial because brands can get a higher return in minimum return. If you opt for the paid advertisement then also it’s cheaper than any other way of marketing. Just need to create an account on all of the platforms and keep posting in it about your business regularly.

04. Higher inbound traffic

Another great benefit of social media marketing. It lets more users know about your users if you have a social media presence.

Without it, you will only get users who are aware of your business. But with the help of social media more users will come to know about your business and generate higher revenue. You can put a website link in it to get more users.  Thus, this is how your presence on social media let you increase inbound traffic.

05. Stay alive

Generally, people would visit the social media site more frequently every day. At least any least active user also opens it once a day. That means you have a great chance of keeping yourself in the mind of users.

You need to keep your posts interesting and informative to convert those visitors into buying customers. Impress them with the quality content and they will surely trust you. Thus, this way you stay alive in the user’s mind that will help you for a long time.

Wrapping up

While living in this modern world, it’s hard to find anyone not using social media platforms. Brand owners should get the benefit of this popularity to expand the business and reach maximum people. They must have a strong strategy by following that they can attract more customers.

The above-mentioned trends and strategy can be followed by the companies to make their marketing campaign successful.

Author Bio:- Nidhi Dave is working as a content and brand strategist at ProDesigns – a logo design company, recommending strategies to meet customers’ goals and deliver a superior user experience.

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