Latest WordPress SEO Tips for 2019

By James Tredwell on May 28, 2019

We live in the era of digitalization where online businesses are becoming quite popular and the website plays a crucial role in the marketing of any organization. Therefore, marketers try to enhance the quality and quantity of website traffic through search engine optimization. You want as many eyes as possible on your website with the objective of selling products, goods or making people aware of your brand.

The question arises that how can you attract a number of users to your website! There are a plethora of ways in which we can increase the traffic but one of the most vital methods is through search engine optimization.

There are various free and open-source content management systems that can be used for enhancing the rankings of various websites. WordPress is considered to be SEO friendly and one of the most popular website designing platforms. There are various types of blogs and company websites that can run effectively on WordPress. The simplicity of WordPress makes it user-friendly.

We are very well aware of the fact that optimizing WordPress SEO can be quite intimidating for any beginner.

But do you know why it is necessary to optimize the website for WordPress?

To commence with if you have a WordPress site running, you have to realize that it is vital to optimizing WordPress. The aesthetics of WordPress website design doesn’t matter instead it is vital to make the website SEO friendly.

How great it would be if you search for something and it appears on the priority list! Therefore, creating the SEO friendly website is the ultimate solution to increase the chances of attracting more users.

Let us dive into some of the basic SEO tips that can boost traffic to your WordPress powered website.

SEO friendly URLs

Permalinks can be generally described as the URLs of website pages and posts. In simple language, permalinks are what users use in their address bars to view the relevant site or page. They can be also used by various search engines to link to your website.

Generally, there is a default permalink setting that allows you to change according to the convenience of users. These settings are generally found in settings -> permalinks. However, it is always recommended to change the default setting to post name i.e. /%postname%/ because of it, it becomes more convenient to get indexed by various search engines and is also easy to remember.

Creation Of XML Sitemap

There are thousands of pages on your website and in order to get the pages of your website indexed, it is vital to tell Google your website structure. Are you thinking that the creation of a sitemap is cumbersome? Certainly not, it is quite an easy and simple task. There are various plugins that can be used. One of the most useful plugins offered by WordPress is called Google XML sitemaps which automatically generated a sitemap of your website and will help search engines to rank higher.

An XML sitemap is used to list every single page on the website which makes it quite easy and convenient for search engines to find all of your content. Moreover, adding an XML sitemap not only boosts your site’s search rankings but it also helps the engines find the pages quickly and start ranking them.

Site’s Speed And Performance Optimization

A slow website is merely a turn off for various customers. The users decide whether they want to leave or stay on the page within a few seconds. Therefore, it is mandatory for the website owner to grasp the attention of the targeted users in just a few seconds. Moreover, google rank high-speed websites on the top of the priority list than the slow-loading website.

Use Google Analytics

There is a popular analytics tool offered by Google known as Google Analytics. It is quite an effective tool which is free of cost and helps you to keep track of the website traffic. This way you can better reach your target audience by google analytics as it helps you to know about traffic source, behavior, and other important attributes.

Search Engine Optimized Themes

WordPress offers a myriad of themes that gives your website a strong foundation. An SEO optimized theme focuses on speed and code by the correct use of meta title tags and heading as well as the correct use of the canonical URL meta tag.

Seo-Friendly Plugins

WordPress is different from other web development tools that offer many SEO plugins including and encourage you to add Meta title, Meta description, Meta tags, keywords and more. Further, the plugins are also used to enhance the website’s on-page SEO by the display of a Google Search Result Snippet preview. So, making the use of SEO-friendly plugins let you create the user-friendly content further increasing your chances of ranking at the top of SERPs.

Blog Post Optimization

Some people might think that installing an SEO plugin is enough but SEO is an ongoing process so we need to make use of blogs section to target the potential audience and increase the traffic on site. Engaging content is responsible for driving more traffic to your website. Therefore, quality content is an inevitable part of SEO optimization along with the insertion of target keywords. So, in this way, blog creation is a pivotal part of business promotion.

Social Media Optimization

Media is indispensable of any website which can either ruin or improve your SEO efforts. The proper tags are most likely to significantly improve the chances of being ranked higher in image searches. So, other than promoting content, commenting on blog posts, sharing other blogs, participating in different social media events are also a great way to perform social media optimization.

Make Content Shareable

We are very well aware of the fact that Social Media has gained huge popularity in recent years. Nowadays, almost everyone uses the web and is active on various social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Moreover, when we share the content, it allows the targeted users to share it across different social networks while driving huge traffic to your site and enhancing the number of customers.

This article is contributed by Ravi Sharma, Co-Founder & CEO of WordPress Web Design agency named Webomaze Technologies.

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