How a Branded Mobile App Can Fuel Growth For Your Startup

By James Tredwell on July 10, 2019

Your businesses needs to have various channels for customers to interact and engage with your brand.

Developing a mobile app creates a consistent and successful method to reach customers on a regular basis.

Today, having a mobile-friendly web presence is no longer enough for a business. Most users prefer mobile apps to mobile sites — according to Nielsen, 89% of consumer mobile media time is spent in mobile apps.

Many startups and small businesses shy away from developing a mobile app because of the time, expense, and expertise needed to create an effective mobile product.

Today, however, tools such as DIY app-building platforms and app developers cater to startups and small businesses and make it easier than ever for your startup company to develop and launch a mobile app.

The main key to success for a mobile app, however, is proper branding. Brand perception is valuable in the digital space. Even the smallest and newest of companies can look like a “big player” in the market with a properly branded mobile app.

Your startup needs take the time and care to ensure that every element of your app — visuals, messaging, functionality, etc. — supports your company’s goals and vision.

Developing a well-branded mobile app can have several benefits for you startup, namely:

  • Attract new customers
  • Increase sales through loyalty
  • Improve brand perception

Use this article to review the branding and engagement benefits of developing an app for your startup.

Mobile Apps Can Develop New Business for Your Company

For a startup, finding new customers can be difficult. Mobile apps are a viable method for your business to develop its sales pipeline.

There are several ways a mobile app can generate new business for your startup:

A). Simplify Purchasing: Including the option to purchase in your app streamlines people’s transactions, which can help boost sales and create positive purchasing experiences.

B). Encourage loyalty and retention: Integrating your rewards programs and offering special offers on your mobile app incentivizes downloads and keep customers engaged with your company.

C). Improve marketing: Push notifications and social sharing tools make it easier for users to receive and share information about your company.

Creating a properly branded mobile app opens business development opportunities that can fuel your startups growth.

Mobile Apps Can Encourage Repeat Business to Your Website

There is a lot of marketing “noise” available to customers these days, which means that your startup needs to create an impression that makes your company stand out.

Use your mobile app to build a true and sincere connection with customers.

For example, communication tools available through the mobile app can make users aware of special promotions, which helps increase sales and awareness.

Make sure that your app has multiple ways to alert customers about updates, discounts, or news from your business.

Offering continuous and new value to users incentivizes people to check your app frequently, which increases engagement and smoothens the path to conversion.

Mobile Apps Can Improve Your Customer Service and Brand Perception

Research shows that customers perceive companies with mobile apps more positively than those that don’t.Apps act as customer portals that never close: they provide constant access to your company and services for the customer.

This allows consumers to communicate directly with your company through with feedback about issues with your company or product. Constant feedback may be tough to swallow sometimes, but it allows for your customers to feel heard.

The better your customer service, the better customers will perceive your brand, which positively contributes to your startup’s growth.

Ensure Your Mobile App Is Worth the Expense

When it comes to developing a mobile app, your startup business doesn’t necessarily need to subscribe to the “go big or go home” theory, at least when it comes to the development costs.

However you approach building your app, your startup should focus on proper branding. Professional app developers and branding agencies are great resources to learn more about branding best practices when developing an app.

Use your app to provide a positive experience that engages users, keeps them coming back for more, and encourages them to spread the word.

If you can properly brand and format your app to increase customer engagement, you can facilitate your startup’s growth.

This article is contributed by Emily Clark, Content Writer for Clutch.

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