Social media marketing strategy: 10 ways to grow

By James Tredwell on June 11, 2019

The trend of social media marketing is growing rapidly. The social media platforms are helping marketers to raise brand awareness and grow businesses. According to the Hubspot, 92% of the marketers have confirmed that they have increased their brand awareness through social media and 80% of them have said that they have seen an increase in the traffic on their websites because of social media efforts.

Today we have so many social media channels through which we can connect with the target audience all over the world. And undoubtedly, they are serving users with distinctive features. Example, in every social media platform, there are different community groups to reach out to the target audience. We all have the provision to select the gender, age, and other demographics to have a worldwide presence. Therefore, building a social media marketing strategy for each platform will help in expanding the business. Let’s have a look at the top 10 ways to grow social media marketing strategy.

  • Define your goals and objectives:

A good starting point of every marketing strategy is to identify your goals and objectives for your social media marketing strategy. For example, if you are into B2B business, your goal would probably be lead generation or brand awareness or getting traffic on the website. Whatever is your goal, ensure that it should align with the broader objectives of the company. You can use S.M.A.R.T criteria to set a benchmark for success and determine the contributing factors to achieve these objectives.

  • Know your audience:

After having clarity on your goals and objectives, the next step is to know about the target audience. It is vital to collect information such as age, location, gender, tastes & preferences, income, etc. of your target audience. The more you know about your audience, the better the strategy you will be able to create. In order to have a deep understanding of demographics, behaviour, tastes & preferences of the target audience, one of the best ways is to create buyers persona. A buyer persona is a fictionalized characterization of the ideal customer on the basis of market research and the actual data about the existing customers. You can use Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analysis, etc. to know about buyers’ persona.

  • Set your budget:

Once you know about your goals and the target audience, it’s time to figure out how much money you want to invest in your social media marketing strategy. This decision of yours will depend on a lot of factors. If you think that you would be required a big budget, you may look out for potential investors to finance your business. Or you may want to go with a less budget just because you think that you are a small business. Whatever decision you will take, the breakdown of the budget will help you in understanding how much funds you would be required for your paid social promotions, community engagement, campaigns, etc.

  • Decide on the appropriate social channels for your business:

There are many businesses that create their accounts on all social media channels. They forget the fact that the channel that is appropriate for one business may not be appropriate for others. For instance, if you are into manufacturing Kiosk, then the most appropriate channel for your business would probably be LinkedIn. If you think of promoting it on Facebook or Instagram, then it would probably be a waste of both time and money. So before making any strategy, decide on the best social media channel for your business. To maintain consistency and win the trust of the audience, use the same avatar for every social media channel. You can choose to have your company’s logo design as an avatar on all the channels. This way people will be able to recognize your brand immediately.

  • Build your team:

Researchers have shown that while developing a social media strategy, small companies find it little hard to secure in-house resources to implement it. Therefore, it is vital to have a clear understanding of whether the in-house employees will head the strategy or outsource the work. You can choose to go with both the options as well. These days, it is easy to find freelancers for your work. If you want to hire freelance graphic designers for your work, the Designhill is the world’s no.1 freelance graphic design platform. The platform lets its users to get connected with thousands of professional graphic designers from all over the world.

  • Generating Content:

Any social media marketing strategy requires a mix of content to be successful. It is through content that your target audience will engage with your brand. Sharing only blogs or website links won’t help you in achieving your goals. Your competitors may also be doing the same thing. To get the attention of the audience, and leave a mark on the internet, you have to produce an interesting, meaningful, and unique content for every social media platform. In order to create a consistent flow of content and develop a unified tone, its best to create content calendars.

Tip: If you plan to run any campaign, then you can link your social media page or website by adding a QR code on your business cards.

  • Integrating with larger digital marketing strategy:

Social media marketing is all about raising awareness about the brand. Marketers are using social media to boost sales. That is why it is significant to integrate social media marketing strategy with other digital marketing strategies. By using tools such as Google Analytics, you can easily examine the web traffic and site behaviour of different marketing channels. The data will help you in making different strategies work together. Display advertising, email marketing, search engine marketing, PPC, etc. are some of the marketing strategies you may want to integrate.

  • Posting times:

Whenever the inexperienced marketers try to use social media platforms to promote the content, one of the biggest mistakes they do is that they post their content on irregular intervals. If you want to build credibility, increase more followers, and retain the existing customers, it is important to post content at an appropriate time. Every platform has an ideal day and time to post. Example, on Instagram, the ideal times to post content is 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm and the best day to post is on Friday.

  • Respond to all queries, concerns, or suggestions of the audience:

When customers are unhappy, they may turn to social media for their customer service requirements. There are a lot of statistics available online that shows that customers’ complaints are usually ignored on social media. Here are a few tips to respond to queries, concerns, or suggestions of the audience:

  • Try to reply in less than one business day
  • Be specific with your response
  • Avoid making repetitive apologies
  • Don’t make it personal
  • Solve for the customer, not for your support team

  • Tracking analysis:

After putting so much of efforts, you definitely want to know the results. It is where analytics comes in. No matter whichever way you choose to promote your business, analytics have become an inseparable part of the marketing strategies. It gives a detailed view of which strategy worked in your favour and which not. This way, you can make amendments in your strategies in the early stage.


There is no ‘perfect’ strategy that will work all through. It is a work-in-progress that changes when required. So, follow the above tips and start developing the strategies. Do you have any social media tips or tricks that have helped you in your business? Share your experience with us in the below comment section.

This article is contributed by Campbell Joef , graphic designer and blogger associated with — logo design company

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5 big and latest technology innovations of 2019

By James Tredwell on June 7, 2019

Like every year, 2019 also arrived with major technology innovations. The year has not only brought major upheaval in tech space but also in the culture and infrastructure around us.

The plans on which highly learned people were working on since long are finally on the list of the big and latest technology innovations of 2019. Have a look at some of the new technology inventions:

#1. Robot dexterity

When Bill Gates was asked about the inventions that would change the world in 2019, the number one on his list was robot dexterity.

Till date robots have been performing tasks like picking up a component on an assembly line with precision but on replacing the object with the other, the machine would fumble.

While robots could not yet be programmed the way human brain works, now it can learn to manipulate the objects on their own via virtual trial and error method.

Robot dexterity matters because if robots could learn to deal with the real world, it will be able to perform many more tasks as well.

#2. Predicting preemies

Not just the IT will benefit with the changes in technology but also the medical sector will experience the mind boggling innovations.

You will be surprised to know that a simple blood test can predict if a pregnant woman is at risk of giving birth prematurely or not.

A bioengineer at Stanford, Stephen Quake has found a way to tackle one of the most intractable medical problems of one in 10 babies born prematurely.

Unlike before when information was gathered by taking biopsy of a tumour or puncturing pregnant women’s belly for amniocentesis, free-floating DNA and RNA can help in yielding information.

#3. Custom cancer vaccines

This treatment would help in destroying one of the most deadly cells that are cancer cells. The vaccine will help in identifying mutations unique to each tumour.

Unlike chemotherapies that damage the healthy cells, this vaccine will limit the damage to healthy cells by using the body’s natural defences to kill only tumour cells.

Given that cancer kills around 600,000 people every year, such customised cancer vaccines would turn out to be the best technological invention of 2019.

#4. Artificial intelligence (AI) assistants

AI assistants like Siri, Alexa have simplified our lives but not to a larger extent as these can recognize only a narrow range of directives. But few advances in AI assistants will expand its repertoire.

For instance few months ago a team at Google had come up with a system called BERT that learned the prediction of missing words from millions of sentences. Also, in a multiple choice test, it did fairly well just as humans could have done.

Improvements of such kind will help us in moving ahead from just giving commands to having conversations with the AI assistants. Also AI assistants will be able to meet activities like searching information, shopping online and taking notes.

Some AI assistants like Google Duplex can pick up the calls and even schedule reservations at restaurants or make salon appointments. Although with all the above, AI assistants have got better in figuring out what a human want, it still cannot understand a sentence.

Every line has to be imbibed into the machines. Karen Hao says if this hurdle is also removed, maybe we will be able to see a teacher or a friend?

#5. CO2 catcher

To prevent the rise of carbon dioxide emission, the UN concluded that around 1 trillion tons of CO2 needs to be removed from the atmosphere in this century.

Even a Harvard climate scientist named David Keith said that through the direct air capture machines could pull this off for less than $100 a ton. But the issue is that even if you capture the carbon dioxide, what you would do with it.

The Canadian start up Keith co-founded in 2009, plans to expand its plant to increase production of synthetic fuels by using the captured carbon dioxide as a main ingredient.

So, above are some of the new technology inventions of 2019. Such inventions are not just bringing a revolution in the tech world but also helping in solving some of the grave issues that the world is combating today.

This article is contributed by Pallvi Gautam, Sr. Marketing Executive at Volumetree — Mobile and Web app development compan

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Top 10 Mobile Marketing Strategy

By James Tredwell on May 9, 2019

Mobile phones have captured our everyday life strategies focusing on digital marketing trends introducing within short span of time. Mostly, people are reliant on mobile phones for almost every task of their daily routine.

The researches indicate that almost 95% of people are dependent on mobile phones significantly they perform their daily life tasks such as payment of business transactions, purchasing goods and commodities and promoting brand awareness via traditional and digital marketing aspects.

Significantly, Mobile Marketing is the form of digital marketing that targets potential clients through mobile devices. Previously in 2018, over 75% of digital advertising campaigns were brought into competition to promote social media channel via effective strategies and the more is expected in 2019.

Thus, in this article we have discussed about top 10 mobile marketing strategy that cultivates people to experience improved performance and strategic decision-making skills.

#1. Devise Your Goals

Always begin your mobile marketing strategy with goal-oriented mindset. Moreover, these goals should be correlated with your overall business strategies. Some of the business goals are:

  • Increased sales of products and services.
  • Enhancing your brand’s awareness.
  • Getting more traffic and leads.
  • Providing customer support services.

Moreover, you’ll be required to determine some goal-oriented techniques and initiating brainstorming terms and conditions with your team members about these goals.

#2. Explore Market Trends

Similar to other marketing campaigns, your sole purpose would be to look after the right target audience. As, you will be able to perceive your market elements of your business venture when you get the right target audience.

For Instance, Marketers in UAE can possibly assure that approximately 90% of individuals are having access of mobile devices. Hence, this means that mobile marketing strategies in UAE is a good choice for digital marketers.

#3. Perform Modifications for every website

Eventually, if you own a website without any social media profiles, then you can customize it for mobile optimization. Always ensure that your website performance is quick and responsive, and can be operated on every mobile device.

Moreover, responsive cascading style sheets (CSS) provides accessibility to permit quickly on mobile. You can also implement engaging content ensuring it to be specific and always explore the right target audience.

#4. Develop Progressive Web & Mobile Apps

It would be a recommended option to develop progressive web apps & mobile apps which caters the requirements of your business. Significantly, you’ll also have to consider KPIs measurements prior to the production phase, always ensure that your apps respond and load faster than others, gather more customers and navigate properly.

Also, you can offer users a free variant of your app in exchange for your email IDs and social media accounts and you can also perform email marketing campaigns via using email IDs and Social Media Accounts to promote your business via video streaming and other digital marketing services.

#5. Get Engaged With Geo Location Solutions

With the continuous use of smartphones and other handheld gadgets comprises of a freely available geo location features to send distributed marketing messages. Moreover, GPS and Google Trends can assist you to fulfill the needs of users around your location. In this scenario, google mobile business listings gathers local clients closer to local businesses via using geo-location feature.

#6. Run SMS Marketing Campaigns

In simple terms, SMS is regarded as texting. Moreover, Marketers rely on using SMS to send text messages to customers with various offerings and relevant information and news. Certainly, SMS Marketing is a part of mobile marketing, you can execute this simple approach which executes on various mobile devices.

SMS sent via smartphones can also possess clickable links. This pertains to be a mobile marketing service provider which is predicated to reach 100% of the mobile market target audience campaigns.

#7. Experience Features Of Latest Technologies

Synonymously, you should always equip yourself towards using latest technologies in the form of progressive web apps, mobile apps and relevant Artificial Intelligence driven futuristic technologies just like snapchat which drives user into completely different world of virtual & augmented reality-based technologies via using camera in real time environment.

Moreover, you can also use unique device features to send messages pertaining to marketing messages. Market Leaders such as Nissan and JetBlue have already initiated to execute successful campaigns via utilizing these features including touchscreen, camera, widescreen, and flash are all device features which are possessed in a mobile marketing campaign.

#8. Combining Diverse Forms Of Advertising

However, the importance of your mobile marketing tactics can be further improved when you combine various forms of traditional and online advertising campaigns. If you are intending to experience website banner advertisements and integrate it with social media channels, email marketing and SMS marketing campaigns etc. Similarly, it will ensure that visitor is the part of your social media activities and campaigns from source to destination.

#9. Provide Incentive Rewarding Programs

It must be kept into consideration that to try out something unique you’ll have to acquire proper incentives and finances. Precisely, you should provide your users with various incentives when reaching out with your mobile application or significant valuable assets.

An incentive can be offered in the form of promo codes, discounts, or a membership form. Likewise, customers experience valuable brand identity such as Dropbox provides its users with free cloud storage services with diversified incentive free programs.

#10. Provide Flexible Way To Resolve Issues

Even if you want to unsubscribe from your services, always provide them a conducive and flexible ways to do so, in order to resolve these issues. Eventually, some websites make it complicated to unsubscribe them, this leads them to more frustration from the user’s side.

Make it simpler for them to opt-out from your services with a single click of a button. Hence, if you give them bad user experience, they will always rate your brand with worst user experience. So, always be flexible to provide all your provident digital features on your mobile device.

This article is contributed by Stephen Brian, digital content strategist at Logo Experts — logo design company

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Understanding the Impact of Machine Learning on Business Performance

By James Tredwell on March 25, 2019

Machine learning is a robust technology that gives systems the ability to learn and optimize user experience without being explicitly programmed.

The advent of machine learning has significantly transformed the face of business marketing. Its ever-growing impact has made it evident that the future of marketing will encompass savvy marketers working together with machine learning-based automation entities to create tailored and effective business strategies.

The Expanding Force

Machine Learning focuses on identifying and interpreting both, structured and unstructured data and enables companies to use the gathered knowledge and insights to plan and build strategies. Knowing what the customers want and delivering the same is the only way to sustain in this highly competitive marketplace.

Machine learning assists companies to identify the customers’ changing demand and develop a plan to efficiently respond to these dynamic behaviours. Evidently, businesses across the globe are increasingly adopting ML technologies and obtaining its benefits.

Automated Data Visualization

90% of the world’s data was collected in the last two years. The potential to visualize relevant relationships between data not only helps companies make profitable decisions, but also boosts the credibility of their processes.

With advancements in machine learning, the business landscape can expect the invention of more user-centric data automated visualization platforms and widgets. This will allow real-time analysis and interpretation of data, thereby offering a wealth of valuable insights and increased productivity.

Content Management and Analysis

Ensuring a strong connection with the targeted audience is one of the constructive ways to generate brand loyalty, drive engagement, and build long lasting customer relationships.

With companies trying to engage in valuable conversation with their customers, machine learning plays a critical role in analyzing specific words, phrase, sentences, idioms, etc., that resonate with their audience members.

For instance, Pinterest processes 150 million images each month and it has leveraged ML to filter out content that aligns with the users’ needs, preferences, and behaviours. Evidently, machine learning is encouraging lexical analysis that allows marketers to customize their content to improve engagement.

Paving Way for Better Future Prospects

With the potentials it holds, machine learning is creating a serious momentum. It is the responsibility of company executives to ensure each member of the team understands the benefits of ML for the organization.

It is an innovative technology that helps the company become more productive, predictive, intelligent, and efficient.

And the advantages are not just restricted to the companies; machine learning is equally beneficial for employees as well. ML is in great demand in the market, therefore, acquiring a deep understanding and knowledge of ML can significantly boost career opportunities for a lot of job seekers in the market.

Obtaining a masters in machine learning can help them gain all the relevant and practical knowledge of this innovative technology, thereby providing a competitive edge in the market over their peers.

Machine Learning — Leading to the Future

Presently, we are heading towards a world where people and technology are working together to connect and market products and services in a more comprehensive, efficient, and personal manner than ever before.

By harnessing the powerful potentials of ML and helping the team incorporate it effectively, companies stand a chance to develop an influential position for themselves in the marketplace.

This article is contributed by Sid Rawat, Marketing Manager of TalentEdge — Advance Machine Learning Online Course Company.

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7 Mistakes to avoid while backlinking for SEO

By James Tredwell on March 10, 2019

Those who are somehow related to the digital world, know about SEO. Well, for a quick reminder, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a marketing plan which is focused on growing visibility or appearing in the right search results in organic (non-paid) search engine.

SEO covers both technical and creative basics which are definitely required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines results.

So, those who are striving hard to create a digital presence identifies SEO.

But this is not enough, you need to know everything about SEO. This includes the mistakes which are common in the organic search results. These mistakes are so grave that they can lead to getting the site penalized.

Most of the mistakes are related to back-linking.

Back-linking is complicated and with the new Google updates every year it is getting tougher.

Google updates are frequent and the worst part is, they are secret. Google never discloses it, and the SEO managers do the nerve ranking job of understanding or decoding it.

So, instead of doing blunders and getting completely erased from the search results, you need to work hard, and figure out the complicated mistakes while doing back-linking for SEO.

We here present some of the common yet grave mistakes

#1. Too Much Emphasis on The Anchor Text

Over-stressing on the anchor text do spoil the back-links for SEO and is a grave mistake. Though the anchor text has an important place in SEO, yet too much stress on it reduces and dilutes the effect.

Over optimizing shows that the site is desperate and wants to appear in the search results which means manipulating the results.

This should never be done and avoided at any cost.

SEO experts should know the right emphasis they need to give on the anchor text.

#2. No Tracks of The Back-links

There will be plenty of back-links which you have created in the past. You need to keep track of those as they are quite important for you. They tell you what works for your site and what fails.

They also inform if any competitor is trying to manipulate it or tamper it.

Always keep a track of these back-links as they are very crucial for your site. It also helps to replicate the link that is working the best.

#3. The Content Is Poor in Quality

Content is the lifeline of SEO. But poor content is suicidal for a site. The quality and quantity cannot be compromised as Google is always looking for a site which is providing quality content. Back-links with poor content always fail as they are not approved by the Google algorithms.

People come to your landing page to find a solution or help and if you fail to do so, they will immediately shift to another site. The bounce rate will increase and you find not your spot in the search results. This is a competitive age and you need to give them information-rich content which is full of relevant information.

Thin and useless content is a very bad mistake.

Try to start giving the information answering all the “why”, “where”, “when”, “how” and even “if”.

#4. Too Many Back-links in The Short Period of Time

In the excitement to gets early results, the SEO guys prepare too many links for the site. So, every now and then if Google crawlers find themselves linking back to the same page, they understand it is manipulating their results.

Anything natural and not offensive is never highlighted with the crawlers, so stay sober and be limited with generating the back-links for your site. Do not overdo the process and take your own good time for it. It is a safe and precautionary method.

#5. Vouching for Paid Links

The paid links are always grey for google- neither approved nor disapproved.

But, in general,Google does not approve paid links. Money invested to get the desired search results is always a strict no-no.

In fact, earlier those people who used to pay money to create the back-links are now removing the old ones. It is so as Google find sit offensive and penalize them for getting their site affected by it.

#6. Free Directories Submission

There are directories which offer back-links and some are mostly spammers. So do not enter the trouble zone and take the route to get the directories for free submission.

Furthermore, your website may get penalized as Google has an aggressive approach with low-quality SEO tactics. These tactics can include free directory submissions, which does and mostly impacts your site in search ranking. In fact, 50% of the free directory submission websites are no longer there and are really wiped off.

So, the smart SEO expert knows that it is better to avoid such low-quality tactics or submit your website only on trusted directories.

#7. Auto Back-link Generator Tool

Tools are to bring ease to your work and you cannot give the entire work on the tool. This is a mistake which is actually very tough on the quality of the site and back-link. They actually spam the back-link which is very bad for google rating.

As google quality ratings hate spamming, the newbies’ sites get penalized for this. Try to avoid using this tool at any cost.

Word of Caution

Back-links are like playing with fire, everything has to be carefully planned and programmed or else it will backfire you.

Anything overdone or less effort will not generate the desired results.

To make things safer and better, research and deep study are always recommended and it is helpful in the long run as well.

The digital world is complicated, the search engines have their updated frequently and regularly. The worst part is that there is never any notification for the same. It is the expertise of the digital marketer to figure it out and work upon it.

Back-links are very sensitive, and so they need to be created, used and implemented very carefully.

This article is contributed by Brij Bhushan Singh, Professional Blogger and Content writer at Ranking by seo.

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